Thigh Day, Friday the 13th—Richard Armitage Style, January 13, 2017  Gratiana Lovelace (Post #1029)

Everyone has their good days and their bad days.  But today, Friday the 13th is shrouded (pun intended) in mystery and superstition.  Today, you don’t want to have a black cat cross your path, walk under a ladder, break a mirror, etc.

I can’t claim any black cat’s walking in front of me—except years ago my late Aunt’s adorable black kitten whom she rescued,.  Nor am I so short to be able to walk under ladders—almost, but not quite.  However I did unintentionally break a fancy hand mirror once—a lovely large 8 inch in diameter round brass hand mirror, with a beveled mirror edge, that my grandmother had given me.   That thing was heavy!  So it seemed solidly travel worthy.   That’s right.  You guessed it!  I had packed the hand mirror in a suitcase, only to discover it shattered upon my arrival at my aunt’s home in another town.  Broken mirrors are supposed to give you 7 years of back luck.  I can’t quite remember the timing of the shattered mirror. But my high school and early college years were probably my penance.  Ha!

Though I am not particularly superstitious—spit three times, turn around, and spit three more times—I wholeheartedly will avail myself of antidotes to bad luck, such as good luck charmsdibley-2006-harry-collage-ofrichardarmitage_aug2816viaarmangels_grati-crop-sized

Especially if the good luck charm is in the form of the exquisitely
talented British actor Richard Armitage.  Well, the man [right as Harry Kennedy in The Vicar of Dibley, 2006; via Armitage Archangels, Thanks!] certainly has charm—and he’s better than rubbing a rabbit’s foot in my pocket.  *wink*

In fact, I think I still have a rabbit’s foot on a key chain somewhere in a drawer—I saw it thumper-disney_jan1217wikionly a few months ago.  But my adult self finds it a tad ghoulish to have a dead animals foot—dyed pink, no less.  Thumper [right] needs his foot. And obviously, the rabbit’s foot wasn’t that lucky for the rabbit in question.

And I wonder if some future generation going through my tchotchke trinkets drawer—when I no longer have need of it–finds my rabbit’s foot lucky charm within, will they think that I was into taxidermy?  Or even will they know what the rabbit’s foot is?  *shudders*

Yet when Richard Armitage diplays his muscles for a role [purrrrr!; below as John Porter in 2010’s Strike Back, epi6HD-pix04], he looks so fine that he must be a good luck charm.  And I am prone to sighhhhhhing.  Or in today’s case, thighhhhhhing in admiration and RegArd.


So below are a few images or gifs that I found to share with for you to consider adopting/adapting for your own Richard Armitage thighhhhhhing good luck charms.

1) When ill for a few days, one RA fan named Cyn (Thanks!) shared this gif on January 11th, and within one day, she was feeling better.  I would, too.  Thighhhh!


2) And though I haven’t heard of any wet lucky charms—unless you count holy water—the Spooks tv show scene with wet jeans on the character of Lucas North (portrayed by Richard Armitage, right), makes a convincing argument for a wet lucky charm variety.

3) Richard Armitage handsomely  encased in a tux with straining trousers (via JuliaK, Thanks!; below, from Esquire UK, 2013 photospread):



4) and 5) And since it is Friday—as in Guy Day Friday–maybe we can slip in a little Richard Armitage with Medieval leather chaps on Sir Guy of Gisborne thighhhhhing: (below left, shared by Fabo, Thanks!) and then as Sir Guy wearing neck to toe leather (below right, shared by Isabelle, Thanks!):

sirguy-rh3-guy-pointing-sword-wkate-held-prisoner-behind-him_jan0617viafabo   sirguy-rh2-richardarmitage-assirguy-inleather-sitting-onchair-atdunkinglake_nov1116viaisabelle


So with gorgeous Richard Armitage images such as those above, I could break a few mirrors, cross paths with a few black cats, crawl under a few ladders, and still count myself lucky.  Sighhhhhh!  Or, thighhhhh!

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  1. January 13 & 15, 2017–Thanks for liking/starring this post! I’m glad that you enjoyed it! Cheers! Grati ;->

    discovermarche, Hariclea, Carolyn, & Esther


  2. Andrea Númellóte says:

    Oh, yes! Thighs! My eyes are really grateful for your post, Grati! :D

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  3. January 14, 2017–And to those for whom Richard Armitage’s facial follicle fuzz leaves them in a lather, a gift from Katie C:


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