Groundhog Day at Bag End–Will the Dwarves see his Shadow?  February 02, 2017 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #1037)

It’s Groundhog Day in the U.S.—it’s a kind of folk tradition that occurs every February 2nd.  Supposedly, if the ground hog—such a Pennsylvania’s Punxsutawney Phil–sees his shadow, then we have 6 more weeks of Winter. If he doesn’t see his shadow, then it is only 4 more weeks of Winter–thus ushering in an early Spring.

Silly, I know. But it made me think of the Dwarves of JRR Tolkien’s The Hobbit popping into Bag End and then overrunning poor Bilbo as we enjoyed so spectacularly near the beginning of the first film in the trilogy, The Hobbit:  An Unexpected Journey (see video below, by alvin castellano):


So it was the groundhog in reverse at Bag End—with the Dwarves piling in.  And in essence, preventing homebody Bilbo from stepping out his front door. And ending with Bilbo joining their quest—him very much stepping out his door to new lands that he had never seen before. In the above analogy, Bilbo is the Groundhog.  We could call him Philbo!  Ha!

Can it all really be 4.25 years ago that the first of The Hobbit films was released? Sighhh! I found this video clip (below, by sniper mage) of Thorin’s entrance at Bag End! Enjoy!


It’s not the greatest sound or video quality, but we can clearly see that the exquisitely talented British actor Richard Armitage  certainly knows how to build suspense with Thorin’s debonair body turn and his face expressing a feigned ennui (below) about the plan to recruit the Hobbit Bilbo, when having the Hobbit join them was essential.

However,  it seemed at the outset that Thorin was the only essential element to the quest. The quest was the agency through which it was Thorin’s legacy to claim—in order to reclaim their home land.

Richard Armitage as himself (channeling Thorin’s fierceness) in the 2011 for the Project Magazine article and photospread, as The Hobbit press buildup was starting, at right.


42-the-hobbit-auj-banner-dwarves_feb0117viaranet2012hobbitposterdwarves-poster-pix36_feb0117viaranetYet, as with many things, it takes a village—or a band of individuals in this case (above).  So The Hobbit story has thirteen Dwarves (right), one Wizard, and one Hobbit setting out on their quest to reclaim Erebor.


And though having Bilbo tag along on the quest as being essential was not readily apparent at the outset by Thorin—except for Bilbo having a well stocked larder giving the Dwarves a good send off and Gandalf’s say so about Hobbits being stealthy–Bilbo’s worth and valor were proved later on in each of the films.

So whether you are a Groundhog, a Hobbit, a Wizard, a Dwarven warrior, etc., I hope that you have a gReAt day!   And watch out for those groundhogs!  Ha!  Cheers! Grati ;->


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