Richard Armitage’s new film “Sleepwalker” Debuts at the SBIFF,  February 04, 2017  Gratiana Lovelace (Post #1038)


Today, the exquisitely talented British actor Richard Armitage’s new film “Sleepwalker” debuts at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival.  The films also stars Ahna O’Reilly  (right) and is directed by Elliot Lester.


The “Sleepwalker: plot synopsis from IMDB:

Troubled by bouts of sleepwalking and disturbing nightmares, graduate student Sarah Foster goes to her university sleep research center for help. But when she wakes up after her first night of being monitored, the world she lives in seems to have changed in subtle, Twilight-Zone-esque ways.”


Some stills from the film (Thanks to Isabelle, Perry, etc.):
sleepwalker-4_t479-ahnaoreillys-char-walking-in-streets_feb0117viasbindep_grati-crop  sleepwalker-2016x-richardarmitage-inbts-scene-as-doctor-at-bedside_aug3116viaisabellam  sleepwalker-film-richardarmitage-asdr-sitting-wwomanstanding-byelliottlester-27oct2014_apr2216viaagonistes_grati-crop-sized



The “Sleepwalker”  movie poster:


The SBIFF “Sleepwalker” film viewing schedule:

Saturday, February 04
5:20 pm – 6:48 pm
Metro 4 Theatre 2

Monday, February 06
3:00 pm – 4:28 pm
Metro 4 Theatre 4


I can’t wait to see this film!  The plot sounds very film noir, Hitchcockian—sort of like, “Spellbound” crossed with “Dreamscape”.raportrait-2011-richardarmitage-imdb-profile-page-pix_feb0317imdb
So will Richard Armitage’s (right)  character Dr. Scott White in “Sleepwalker” , be mentoring or menacing toward his patient Sarah Foster, played by Ahna O’Reilly?  Hmmm.
Fingers crossed that “Sleepwalker” is released widely in the U.S. and elsewhere!




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  2. February 04, 2017–Thanks to Violet Dutchblogger for pointing me to ChrissyInwim’s Twitter post (Thanks!) about Richard Armitage listed as participating in a Q & A at the SBIFF:



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