Too Hottt 2 Handle Tuesday!  Richard Armitage Smoulders in “Winter Magic” Wallpaper by Ann Boudreau, February 07, 2017 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #1039)

Fangurling about the exquisitely talented British actor Richard Armitage is such fun!  He is kind hearted, gorgeous, and talented!  His storytelling as an actor and as a narrator immerses you in the story and its characters.  And there is a wonderful warm and friendly sharing among his global fans/admirers back and forth.  The warmth and wonder of meeting and engaging with his fellow fans/admirers around the world is truly amazing!   Go Global Team Armitage!  Ha!

One of my Richard Armitage Fangurl friends is the creative, talented, and prolific Ann Boudreau, whose latest and quite smouldering Richard Armitage wallpaper that she titled “Winter Magic” appears below on Twitter and on Facebook!


What I especially like about this and other Ann’s wallpaper designs—focusing upon Richard Armitage and other actors—is that she creatively blends the individual’s image with the absolute perfect background.  Notice that the wallpaper background in the image above complements the dark grey of Richard Armitage’s “Berlin Station” character Daniel Miller’s overcoat with the darkening night sky—such that the color in Richard Armitage’s face pops out in contrast.  And I do love those blue eyes of Richard’s!  Sighhh!

Second, Ann always distills the person’s image to a very high detail.  For example, in the portrait above, the precise and pristine  mask that she executed of Richard’s image has delicate shadings on the edges of his portrait–which almost gives this wallpaper a 3D effect.  I bow to her superior artistic and graphic design skills!

To see and enjoy more of Ann Boudreau’s FANN Art, visit her Facebook page, here—with her Richard Armitage images in her FB photo album here.


P.S.   Ooh! And thanks to Ann for kind comment to me!  If I recall correctly, I had color corrected the untouched original image a few weeks back and Ann had indicated then that she would create a wallpaper with it. This is such a treat!  Thanks again, Ann! ;)


So for comparison’s sake, below left is the original unretouched screencap (via Cyn Dainty, Thanks!).   It seems like the DP’s on Richard Armitage’s spy themed tv shows—including Spooks, and Strike Back Origins–really love to use a blue filter for lighting him.  Ha!  And then below right was my color correction of Cyn’s cap.  Though my color corrected version gave the skin a more peachy glow, the color correction was a bit reddish on the coat—since I had applied the color correction to the overall image, rather than to only the skin tones.  And Ann further color corrected the image to retain the truer bluish grey tones of the jacket while finessing the skin tone for her wallpaper.

berlinstation-2016-danielmiller-epi5-sitting-incar-westherkrug-isrichardarmitage-cls-profile_nov1616viacyn    berlinstation-2016-danielmiller-epi5-isrichardarmitage-cls-profile_nov1616viacyn_grati-sized-clr


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