AdmiRAtion Saturday:  Richard Armitage’s Hands, February 25, 2017  Gratiana Lovelace (Post #1047)

The exquisitely talented British actor Richard Armitage has many qualities to admire.  But today, I am focusing upon his hands.

Richard looks so fierce as Thorin Oakenshield wielding a sword (below: gorgeous edit by RAFrance, Thanks!)—his hand is out of frame, but the strong thrust of Orcrist toward the enemy is palpable and illustrative of intent—to harm, to strike fear, to fight, etc.thorin-2013x-thorin-worcrist-wallpaper-ofrichardarmitage_feb2317byrafrance

and Richard Armitage also looks so manly wielding a pen below in his real life (Getty images viaDinny’sChild and RAC, Thanks!):

He holds each implement with firmness, gallantry, poise, and grace.  And in this image of him autographing a wall (above, October 10, 2016 at AOL Build Series), we also get a glimpse of … his muscular digits.  Sighhh!

  1. A man’s hands in action or at rest are also a telling feature to his character, or his sense of mood. And Richard’s hand movements are purposeful, complementary, and natural. Though sometimes—for a role—he can illustrate the charming innocence of a character through exhibiting unabashed glee, as shown in his role of John Standring in 2002’s Spark House, with his thumbs up gesture in the image below (via Grati):

And then again, Richard has even used this gesture in real life below (2015?, by Audible via Valentina Ancelotti Thanks!):

And whereas the character John Standring’s thumbs up glee seems tempered and reserved by the close nature of his hands.  And by contrast, Richard Armitage’s far apart thumbs up hands during the Audible interview seem more open.  Though notice, the character John Standring is looking up, whereas Richard Armitage is not looking up.  So there seems to be a counterbalance for displaying the emotion of glee/joy via gesture, size of gesture, and whether or not eye contact is involved.

  1. As a contrast to the above open handed gestures, the closed hand gestures below by Richard Armitage with his hands clasped tightly while covering his mouth as Sir Guy in Robin Hood (2009), conveys the character’s brooding and desperation to me:

Though I also rather like Richard’s hands reaching for his cheeks because he is laughing quite mirthfully and joyfully in the image below (from Audible again, viaTerri):

His face is only partially covered and he is clearly laughing in the above image.  So that subtle shift from his hands hiding his mouth in the Sir Guy image to him lightly cupping his cheeks in mirth are worlds apart in conveying mood and emotions.

I could go on and on with examples of his hands—such as when Richard Armitage touches or caresses another.  But that is a post for another day.  And I’ll stop myself here—at one page, 470 words, 8pt font.  Ha!

What are your favorite Richard Armitage hand gestures?


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  1. Guylty says:

    Nice post, Grati. I really like Richard’s hand gestures when he is trying to fill a moment of deliberation or embarrassment – a finger scratching his nose, or the hand scratching his beard/chin while searching for words… Seems very human, an involuntary give-away of what he is feeling at that particular moment…

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    • Hi Guylty, Thanks for your very kind note and your comments. Love the great examples of Richard’s unconscious–and perhaps, self conscious–self touching gestures. In that way, we do see a little glimpse of ourselves in him. When my hair was longer and over my shoulders about 5 inches, the soft curls would hang down in front and I used to flick it out of the way now and again. Ha!

      And Richard’s nose and beard scratching gestures are also favorites of mine. Interestingly or not, I haven’t noticed either of those unconscious gestures in my hubby. I’ll have to watch my hubby more closely. But my hubby does have a “tell” when he is teasing me–the corner of his mouth quirks upward, ever so slightly. Ha! Thanks & Cheers! Grati ;->


  2. February 25, 2017–Thanks for starring/liking my post! I’m glad that you enjoyed it! Hope you have a lovely day! Cheers! Grati ;->

    Carolyn, Esther, discovermarche, & ania- zrysiowana ja


  3. Ania says:

    I have a special weakness to his hand, oh yes, I could look at them for hours.:-) And I love it when he uses them during interviews highlighting (strengthening) spoken words. Like here and here

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