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I don’t normally watch many videos, and we have long since stopped watching tv—for years.  In fact we finally cancelled our cable service a few weeks ago—stopping throwing good money after bad.  We stream on our computers if we want to watch something, PBS and “Victoria” mostly.

And after receiving various endorsements about Netflix online, I tried them out and I’m hooked!  I wanted to watch then new Queen Elizabeth II biopic, The Crown.  And then I started watching a few other shows.

And being keen on historical dramas, royalty dramas, and mature love dramas—love the settings, costumes, period societies, and reframing of history–I hit the jackpot when I started binge watching the CW original series “Reign” (right) a few weekends ago.

“Reign” is not for everyone.  The plots play a bit fast and loose with some of the historical facts now and again–poor party Princess Claude must be twirling in her grave.  In today’s world, she would have her own reality show.  And the first season’s seeming inability to have period appropriate costumes on the younger women was jarring, and they seemed to have fixed that by Season 2.  But “Reign” has solid and compelling storytelling.  And the actors give it their all—and they and their characters work together well as a large ensemble acting group, interweaving story arcs that bind their characters together cohesively.

The show is ostensibly about the young Mary Queen of Scots married to Francis  the Dauphin, who later becomes King Francis II of France—and I do like the young actors playing the, Adelaide Kane, and Toby Regbo, respectively (below).

However, it’s the scenes between the over 40 actors that really get my attention.  I’m 40 plus.  Heck!  I’m 50 plus.  And I find that though “young love” is sweet, I just can’t put myself in that picture anymore.  I find myself wanting to coach the young ones about the give and take of relationships, etc.  And besides, we older women are just as lusty as when we were younger–maybe more.  So Hollywood, start working on more of those plotlines.  Ha!

In that mature woman love interest vein, on “Reign” one of my favorite actresses is playing Queen Catherine, as in de Medici—yes, those de Medici’s —Megan Follows as Queen Catherine (right).  And 32 years after her spectacular rising star debut in the 1985 mini-series “Anne of Green Gables”,  Ms. Follows is a force of nature on “Reign”.     And she has been nominated for several acting awards for “Reign”, but she is still waiting to win one.

In particular in “Reign”, Megan Follows plays such  a Machiavellian Queen Catherine that she ends up in the dungeon (below) a few times after one of her many scheming plots turns out badly.  And I alternatively think that Queen Catherine deserves to rot in jail, and then wondering when are they going to get her out of there so she can create more mayhem?

And given Queen Catherine’s tendency to betray others whenever it is expedient, I really want her character to become more ethical.  But of course, would she be as fun then?  However, I’m still in the early episodes of “Reign” season 3 and Queen Catherine had a life altering moment (no spoilers) and she gives us glimpses of a more moral (however fleeting) Queen Catherine.

But Queen Catherine in “Reign’s” incarnation is also a lusty Queen.   And the real treat is that the 40 plus Megan Follows as Queen Catherine beds at least three and a half men—the “half” is because one of the men is no longer corporeal, as in he is a ghost–in the first three seasons:  her estranged unfaithful husband King Henry II portrayed by Alan Van Strung (below left), some younger courtier, and the equally Machiavellian Lord Stefan Narcisse portrayed with evil relish by Craig Parker (below right), and a ghost (no spoilers).  Love these King Henry II and Lord Narcisse images below. You may recall how fond I am of … neckage on men.  Purrrr!

Both of the older men—King Henry II (Van Sprang) and Lord Narcisse (Parker)—also have lusty and romantic romps in various royal bed chambers with Queen Catherine—and alternatively other women.  I would show some screen stills, but I fear they would be too steamy—yet still within PG-13.  They keep their naughty bits covered, by sheets or the other person.  And it is very romantic.  So filmmakers should take heart.  Less naughty bits skin showing in love scenes, is “more”.  Which I prefer.


And I find myself rooting for Queen Catherine to find a lasting, fulfilling, and corporeal romantic relationship.  But so far, no luck there.  Yet there is still time—through the rest of Season 3 and Season 4.  And interestingly, a few sites indicated that Megan Follows is dating one of her on screen love interests, Alan Van Sprang (King Henry II).  Well done, girl friend!


So 40 plus love is in the air on and off the set of “Reign”.  Sighhh!  And Megan Follows as Queen Catherine is definitely a key  linchpin of the show “Reign”.  Long may she reign!


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