Table Manners Tuesday!  Richard Armitage’s Thorin Hands, May 16, 2017  Gratiana Lovelace (Post #1062)

 Facebook Friend Teresa Armitage’s post of a Thorin figurine (below) with a startlingly realistic Richard Armitage as Thorin visage was breathtaking in its beautiful details.


And seeing Richard Armitage as Thorin again reminded me again of that oft told amusing interview quip of Richard Armitage about his large prosthetic Thorin Oakenshield hands being “so disappointing” when he needed to take a potty break while filming. LOL!


And I just Monday evening came across this THDofS Prancing Pony image of Thorin eating with his hands on closeup display (below).


Now, I see what Richard means about his Thorin hands. Poor guy.   And Thorin eating with his hands might be a necessity, versus using cutlery.  So Thorin  drinking out of a dainty demitasse cup is definitely out for him.


However Thorin’s Dwarven hands are massive and do grip and swing their swords and axes very well.  So there are trade offs for the fearsome warrior.


And because they probably didn’t want to damage the prosthetic hands, perhaps they couldn’t use their prosthetic hands too harshly between filming scenes, or they would have to be redone.  Kind of like Richard’s Lucas character’s tattoos being easily rubbed off his skin via friction—either via his costume or his love scene partner’s movements.


I can certainly liken Thorin’s/Richard’s adaptation difficulties to when I had broken my arm in two places just above my left wrist several years ago from a bathroom fall.  So the doctors put me in a very annoying right angle cast—bent at the elbow–from my hand to my shoulder, for 8 weeks.  Happily, I am right handed for writing and such.  But how do you put on and take off your clothes with only one working arm and hand, when you are used to having both?  So I took a thin stick and had my hubby make a notch in one end—for hooking onto clothing to push them down—and then the other end of the stick had a pinch clip to grasp onto and pull things up.  I should have patented it.  Ha!


So surely the Mighty Dwarves of Durin would have come up with their own adaptation solution for using their large hands in daily life.  Though given the delicacy of the topic, we might never know.


But hey, if anyone has a The Hobbit renaissance fair weekend sometime– with authentic Dwarven costumes and prosthetic hands—please do pass along any wisdom you gain on the matter.  *wink*


Hope you have a gReAt day! Cheers! Grati ;->


P.S. And thanks to Terri for sharing the Thorin eating at the Prancing Pony image by the Arkenstone Tumblr!

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  1. May 16, 17, & 19, 2017–Thanks for liking/starring Post #1062! I’m glad that you enjoyed it! Cheers! Grati ;->

    discovermarche, Esther, & Violet


  2. Violet says:

    I hope they sent Richard one of those toys; I mean, figurines! ;D

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    • Hi Violet, Thanks for your comment and vote! I think you have something there. Your suggestion gave me an image of the Thorin body cast in hard plastic, with various warrior accoutrements available in molded rubber that could be put on Thorin in various arrangements. With or without pelt or crown, etc. Kind of a Middle Earth GI Thorin. *wink* Cheers! Grati ;->

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