THTHT—Richard Armitage Sizzles as the Grill Man Dad in “Brain on Fire”, June 06, 2017 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #1066)

First off, my hubby has been bugging me for us to get a new gas grill.  Our old one conked out at the end of last Summer—and developed a wasp’s nest through disuse.  So out it went to the curb.  Ouch!  And since he has been such a wonderful hubby during my convalescence, how could I say no?

So he purchased a discontinued gas grill model on clearance for under $90.  Woo hoo!  He put it together on Sunday and we might have our first cookout next weekend, if the weather outside is cooler than 89 degrees F.  And we already had the gas canister.  So we’re ready to barbecue.

And my hubby is quite the Grill Man—very tasty, the food.  From meats to fish to vegetables.  Though he does get a little distracted at times—and he does like his meat well done.  So I do have to remind him now and again that I like medium rare beef, and my chicken fully cooked without my dinner looking like it is burnt to a cinder.  And though he tried grilling some of my vegetarian meat substitutes last Summer for me, it just wasn’t the same.  So this Summer my dietary restrictions are few and far between.

And when I saw this Brain on Fire image of Richard Armitage as the Grill Man Dad (below from Isabella Misceo), I just had to share.  Richard is already smoulderingly Hottt in so many ways.  Sighhh!  To bring liquid propane into the volatile mix, makes this image positively sizzling!

I love how Richard multi-tasks in the above Brain on Fire scene still—grilling out (see the mitt) and drinking beer at the same time.  Though a disclaimer for the young (or old) and foolish, don’t drink (too much) and grill—your food should be singed, not you.

And Richard as Grill Man’s sartorial splendor looks smoking hot with his open pale green shirt over his thin t-shirt underneath.  And this style choice is one that I predict will catch on with sizzle minded husband’s everywhere—with wives/girlfriends who are Richard Armitage fans.  *wink*

And like in the picture above, our home’s backyard deck is a large one (12’ x 24’) and also made of wood.  So Richard?  You’re welcome to fly over the pond anytime and test your grill skills against my hubby. Ha!

I hope that you have a lovely day—on Too Hottt to Handle Tuesday—and a much cooler day than we’re having here in the Midwest.  Cheers!  Grati  ;->

P.S.  Thanks again to Teresa A.​ for sharing the Isabella Misceo instagram link with the picture above and other Brain on Fire stills!

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  1. ladysableh says:

    Yum. Thanks Grati  Wendy


  2. SHeRA says:

    I love the combo of hotttt yet domesticated!! <3 <3 Love a hot man sweating over a hot grill! Cheers ;)

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  3. June 07 & 10, 2017–Thanks for voting/starring Post #1066! I’m glad that you enjoyed it! Cheers! Grati ;->

    discovermarche, SHeRA, & Esther


  4. June 07, 2017–My hubby grilled out for dinner tonight on his new gas grill. And the steak tasted great–not overcooked! Ha! He even grilled the yellow squash. Yummm!


  5. June 11, 2017–Esther at her blog Book of Esther shares her critique of the film “Brain on Fire”. And she also has dozens of screencaps that she also shares! Thanks!


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