Too Hottt to Handle Tuesday!  Wicked Thoughts about John Porter,  June 27, 2017  Gratiana Lovelace (Post #1071)

One Richard Armitage tv/film project trivia item in joke is that his characters seem to get tied up a lot. Especially, a certain Guy.  Ha!

And yet, something as simple as RA’s character John Porter–in 2010’s original Strike Back series (below, thanks to Maire McNamara)—putting his hands behind his head evokes stirring, and yes, wicked, feelings–in me, any way. Ha!

What draws my attention to Richard Armitage portraying John Porter in the image above?  The exposed heels of Porter’s palms, his wrists alternatively encased in silver/platinum and leather, his smouldering gaze that alone begets wicked musings, that soft looking desert scarf coupled with his greenish khaki jacket turning his steel blue eyes to a sea glass green (below, thanks to RA France, Grati crop), the mere hint of his powerful muscular shoulders, and those sensuous pursed lips surrounded by manly stubble on his chiseled jaw.  Sighhh!

I could chalk up my wickedly unsettled feelings—let’s call it what it is, lust, admiRAtion—to the romantic constraints imposed upon anyone who is recovering from a significant bodily surgery.

But then again, Richard Armitage portraying John Porter, and his many other incarnations—as well as himself (below, thanks to @RCArmitage)–stirs the soul 24-7-365.  Sighhhh!   Have a gReAt day!

P.S.  And on my surgery recovery project, I’m working on graduating to using a rolling walker (from using a wheelchair) as I try to put more weight on my healing leg/foot/ankle–the rolling walker is the kind with its own seat for when you need to rest as you’re walking with it.  And my rolling walke is much lighter weight than my 45 pound wheelchair, and it folds up like a dream—fitting easily into the trunk of our car.  Then again, my arms are strong like Wonder Woman now, and I can propel myself pretty quickly in my wheelchair on smooth surfaces, such as vinyl or tile, wood, and other non-carpeted floors.  Ha!


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