Spy Day Friday:  Richard Armitage’s character Daniel Miller in Focus for Season 2 of Berlin Station,  September 07, 2017  Gratiana Lovelace (Post #1095)

The end of Season 1 of Berlin Station in 2016 left me wondering what Richard Armitage’s spy agent character Daniel Miller would do in Season 2—not to mention what the rest of the characters would be up to.

They had found out who the Thomas Shaw leak was—and it was one of them, Rhys Ifans character Hector de Jean.

Well, the just released teaser trailer for Berlin Station Season 2 was released yesterday and  it tantalizes.  Especially about Richard Armitage’s character of Daniel Miller:

“Berlin Station S2: Sizzle I EPIX” by EPIX


So friends,  it looks like Season 1’s mantra of “Who is Thomas Shaw?” has turned into “Who is Daniel Miller?” for Season 2.  Works for me!


And thanks to Isabella M. for sharing the link to Cyn Dainty’s lovely Richard Armitage as Daniel Miller collage:

Richard Armitage’s whole look as Daniel Miller in Berlin Station—hair and makeup, costuming, and demeanor, etc.– have changed dramatically from Season 1 to Season 2.  So let’s explore that a bit:

1. Hair and Makeup—whereas Daniel Miller was a young looking man in his prime in Season 1—with a seeming age of late thirties in an almost clean shaven stubbly way (below left and below right).

In Season 2 Daniel seems to have aged 10 to 15 years—with his beard and stern face–parking him into an early fifties age bracket (below).  So are we talking time jump for Berlin Station?


2)  And for costume and demeanor, Season 1 Daniel Miller was divine in business attire of suits and ties (below):



Or sans apparel when working from home (below).


Daniel looks chilly to me—or he has the heat cranked up in his apartment.  Are utilities cheaper in Germany?  Ha!   Either way, I’m grateful.  Those shoulders!  Sighhhh!  *wink*  *THUD*


Whereas Season 2 Daniel Miller really looks the part of a late fifties dad/guy, recently divorced, and unattached in that casual sport shirt and stance (below).

And Daniel comes across as an unamused senior executive after hours in the jacket with no tie (below bottom, again).


Though Daniel Season 2 does seem to retain the ability to charm (Esther Krug portrayed by Mina Tander, below) when he smiles and wears younger looking casual attire.  He definitely looks early fifties below.

Oh, to be the beer bottle.  Sighhh!  *THUD*


And to the aging look in Berlin Station Season 2 of Daniel Miller—portrayed by Richard Armitage—I say Bravo!  He is aging well, like fine wine—full bodied and sexier than ever.


P.S.  Image thanks to (in order of first appearance):  Cyn Dainty (viaIsabellaM), Cinzia N., DinnysChild, TeresaA, TeresaA, Sueli, Ultra Veloce, TeresaA, & TeresaA.

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11 Responses to Spy Day Friday:  Richard Armitage’s character Daniel Miller in Focus for Season 2 of Berlin Station,  September 07, 2017  Gratiana Lovelace (Post #1095)

  1. How about a slow mo gif shared by Angelika of that sensuous scene in the Season 2 trailer with Daniel in bed with his lover?

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  2. Teuchter says:

    It may just be the perspective but these don’t look like Daniel/Richard’s hands to me. His fingers and thumb don’t look long enough. But I’m willing to be proved wrong – only because he seems to be running his hand over someone’s long dark hair on a naked? back! Mind you the bicep just out of focus doesn’t look half bad whoever it belongs to! I’ll be interested to see who the lady is. ;)

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    • Hi Teuchter, You could very well be correct! I vascillated on this one, and used POE–process of elimination.

      The hands looked too big to be Leland Orser’s hand, and that bicep (Ha!) seemed too muscular to be Rhys Ifans.

      And I don’t recall seeing Rhys Ifans in the trailer, so maybe his part is dispensed with after the first episode or two. Too bad, I liked the dynamic between Hector and Daniel.

      So that leaves us with a mystery man’s hand. Ha! Or, maybe it was Sir Guy’s hand, making a cameo (*wink*)–with his pronounced finger knuckles:

      Thanks for visiting and commenting! Cheers! Grati ;->


  3. Andrea Númellóte says:

    I really, really, really can’t wait s2 to start. But I do not think the age gap is big. I guess it’s just look for some kind of undercover or fitting in. The pic where he is in suit difers from the ones on s1 just because of the beard and mustache. Yet, I could be wrong. We will have to wait and see. :D

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    • Hi Andrea, I’m eager to see Berlin Station Season 2 as well! When EPIX leaked that Rhys Ifans and Richard Armitage talking by a river–with Richard having shorter hair and grey–I also wondered then if Daniel might be undercover, versus having a time jump in the series. Though with so many pictures of Daniel from the trailer showing him with others in public–especially Esther Krug, with Daniel drinking beer–he couldn’t be too undercover if he’s out in public with known German Intelligence agency spies. Hmmm. As you say, we’ll have to wait and see. Thanks for visiting and commenting! Cheers! Grati ;->


      • Andrea Númellóte says:

        Maybe some scenes are meant to be the earlier ones, and later he gets this look? past vs present? Either way, they got us wondering :D

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        • Interesting thought that the writers might use a broken time line again.

          You’ll recall that season one began with the ending of Daniel being shot, leaving us all wondering all season long about his fate.

          It worked then, so why not again. Ha!


  4. SueBC says:

    Fifties? I don’t know about that… Maybe 46? 😊 The pic in the golf shirt has light that makes his hair look greyer and is face look more haggard, though.

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    • Hi SueBC, Haggard was definitely one of the descriptors on my mind. And I just attended our 40th high school reunion last July. And I thought the polo/golf shirt that Daniel wore would have fit right in. Ha! Thanks for visiting and commenting! Cheers! Grati ;->

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  5. September 08 & 10, 2017–Thanks for voting/starring Post #1095 about RA’s character of Daniel Miller looking different in S2 vs. S1! Cheers! Grati

    discovermarche, SueBC, & Esther


  6. Deadline.com briefly (5 sentences?) comments about the nature of the villainy in Berlin Station season 2–hate groups rising in Germany again–and the two newest cast members, Ashley Judd as the new Station Chief brought in to “fix” Berlin Station and Keke Palmer as a new field agent looking to shine.



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