Richard Armitage Ushers in a Daniel Miller Evolution in Berlin Station series 2, September 28, 2017  Gratiana Lovelace (Post #1101)

Series 2—Trailer 1


Series 2—Trailer 2


Series 2—Teaser


As I was watching more of the Berlin Station series 2 t(in 2017) trailers and teaser video (see above), it occurred to me that not only did Richard Armitage’s character Daniel Miller seem more mature (greying hair and beard) and edgy (scowling with short hair)  in series 2, but that  the character of Daniel Miller has suddenly taken charge of his life and his spy work.


Daniel is going deep undercover and in disguise–his short grey hair, his nonstop scowling 24/7/365, his greying beard, and no suits or even dressy casual—in order to monitor and thwart an ultra right wing fascist plot in Germany.  Daniel Miller’s mission is to infiltrate a fascist group, to monitor their activities from within, and to neutralize and thwart any large scale terrorist violence.  Daniel Miller’s mission and attitude in Series 2 of Berlin Station betokens a proactive approach to spy work—and as they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.


Whereas when we first met Daniel Miller (below) as a supposed green Langley desk analyst sent into the field in Berlin Station series 1 in 2016, he and his colleagues were forced to react to the Thomas Shaw intelligence leaks.  They were always one step behind their adversary.  And as it turned out, their adversary in Thomas Shaw was their own colleague Hector de Jean.  They didn’t see that one coming—betrayal by one of their own.  And even though shot in the back and in incredible pain, Daniel could still turn on a sarcastic smile.



So there are some exciting possibilities in Series 2 of Berlin Station in 2017 for Richard Armitage’s Daniel Miller character to really shine and save the day.  And along the way, we will get some timely geopolitical analogies made, no doubt, with able help from his spy colleague cast mates.


P.S.  Special thanks to TeresaA for pointing me to the Series 2 trailer 2, and the cast teaser videos.  The source for the images above are embedded in their file name.

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