Good bye 2017!   Hellooo 2018!  January 04, 2018  Gratiana Lovelace (Post #1133)

I was going to be reflective on January 1st, but I was still finishing my 2017 original contemporary romance “Somerset:  A Time to Love”.  Ha!   Then I came down with food poisoning Tuesday, from some fruit, so I felt too nausea to do anything more than read stories on my Kindle.  And today I was racing around tackling many administrative projects at the office.  So here goes for my New Year 2018 reflections.


Top 3 reasons Grati is glad to say good bye to 2017 (I couldn’t think of 5):
1) Most of 2017 (from December 2016 to August 1st 2017, I was consumed by my painful torn achilles tendon diagnosis (which was finally figured out), reattachment surgery that required two tendon grafts, 6 months further of convalescence (see below for my LoveLoveLove cast design), and grueling physical therapy.  And it helped that I was working from home—which was a great distraction for me.  But on the bright side of the 8 months of it all—I can walk again!  I’m still working on building up my endurance, but I have graduated to a rolling walker that allows me to sit on it in the stores to rest as needed.  And, I lost an additional 35 pounds throught the whole process—must have been from the strain in maneuvering from couch to wheelchair to bathroom and back. Snap!

2)  My dear hubby had to have surgery, too, to amputate an infected toe in August.  Happily, I was mobile enough by then that I could tend to him during his convalescence at home for 3 weeks, my having to individually walk the dogs and lunch and dinner time (with my rolling walker)—since my hubby had normally walked them in the early am and when he got home after work—they don’t want to poo in their own yard. So fastidious!  So my hubby and my roles were reversed, and I was playing nursemaid to him, while I was also working full time back at the office.  Whew!

3)  Lots of medical expenses to be added to the usual ones.  But, thank god for my health insurance plan through the university!

Top 5 reasons Grati is Happy to say Hellooo to 2018:
1)  I continue to enjoy blogging here on Something About Love–and writing and sharing my romance stories with you  here and on my Wattpad site.  It is always interesting to me which stories and/or blog posts seem to really captivate my readers.  And this past year, my original historical fiction Regency romance story “Encouragement” (below left) that now just past the 35,000 reads mark with about 1,200 votes on Wattpad.  And my readers all time favorite story on my Wattpad site and here on my blog is still “N&S: John Thornton, Love Lessons” (below right) that is approaching 100,000 reads on Wattpad alone—with only a little less 2,000 reads to go to hit that milestone—and with over 1,400 votes on my Wattpad site. I also like to switch around the genre type of my stories that I share—since I truly enjoy reading and writing stories in the restrained Regency Period.  And since my most recent story that I shared “Somerset:  A Time to Love” was a contemporary romance, a period drama from me might be what I serialize next.  And of course, I enjoy sharing my admiration for the talented British actor Richard Armitage with other fans on Facebook and Twitter (and occasionally on my long neglected Tumblr site), as well as my enjoying his storytelling!


2)  My career continues to keep me involved and engaged.  And I really enjoy the vitality of working with young people as they navigate their university experiences to give them a foundation upon which to build their personal and professional careers.  And there is also all the budget management and monitoring that I have to do with the business manager hat that I also wear.  Ha!  But with my finally having an able assistant—inner cheers!—the budget stuff is less burdensome and allows me to truly develop more of our social media outreach to our Alumni, Students, and Friends of our department, etc.  And we are most fortunate in our department’s leader—in that he promotes an inclusive and mentoring work environment.

3)  My husband is always on my list of good things.  And now that we are both on the mend—though each of us are still building up our endurance for walking with assistance—we hope to get out more and do things.  We like to visit our State Parks—which I am pleased to say have many accommodations for those with mobility issues.  We also like to window shopping and antiquing—but we don’t buy much any more.  We don’t want to have to dust it.  Ha!

4)  And this Spring, my hubby and I do hope to update our great room by rearranging furniture to make the space flow better for how we currently use the space, removing the tv (we stream), and replacing our 23 year old couch, love seat and my hubby’s chair (none of which match—but the couch and chair have matching covers.  Ha!).  We/I hope to move the bookshelves and such to the outer walls and create an inner island seating area cozily facing our fireplace (see sample below)–with adjacent net hookups and wifi for our computers to have them at hand when we need them, but easily stored away when we want to unplug and chat and/or cuddle together on the new couch.  Right now, our Great Room furniture placement for the computers has necessitated a no man’s land table between our seating areas of computer cables and routers, printers, etc.  The new couches purchase will happen gradually over time because the new furniture will cost us something—but it will hopefully last another 23 years.  Ha!  And I kinda wonder who will be freaked out more by the new furniture arrangement I have planned—my husband, or the dogs?  Ha!

So that’s my quick Happy New Year 2018 reflections run through.  Wishing you and yours the best in 2018!

P.S.  And does anyone know how long it takes for a person to stop writing on checks or typing in file names, December 2017 ish when you mean January 2018 ish?  Ha!

P.S  And I’ll probably update my blog header only slightly soon.  Because I launched this design just in 2017.   And I like it!

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  1. Carolyn says:

    Bless you and your hubby! Hope the new year continues to bring health to you both. You are amazing in all that you do!

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  2. January 04-05, 2018–Thanks for voting/starring Post #1133! I’m glad that you enjoyed it! Cheers ! Grati ;)

    Carolyn, Evie Arl, &SueBC

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