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I’m a sci fic and HG wells fan from way back—The Time Machine was a favorite of mine, as well as the talented British actor Richard Armitage’s new audiobook podcast of The Martian Invasion of Earth, on the Martian Invasion Monday (MIM) day.


And this past weekend, Richard Armitage’s other cast mates for the audiobook podcast of The Martian Invasion of Earth were revealed (see below, thanks to Mat Khal for sharing!).

As a teen, I didn’t really understand my deep interest in  futuristic stories by Isaac Asimov and others—especially since I also liked Jane Austen fare and such.  Did I wish to visualize a changed future that was somehow better for myself and for others?  Less stressful, less uncertain?    Or a utopia as Richard Armitage referred to in this recent Big Finish interview transcript (shared by Valentina A., Thanks!):

Also, here is the link for the “Big Finish” interview concludes with a 15 minute preview of The Martian Invasion of Earth, thanks to Fabo!:


Not all sci-fi futuristic stories have happy, or even hopeful endings.  A supposed utopia was found in HG Wells The Time Machine.  But it was a sham, hiding a dark and sinister secret.  Because one person’s utopia is another person’s nightmare.


So if I recognize the darker elements—the “dark side of the force”, if you will, for Star Wars fans–of futuristic and sci-fi stories, why am I still drawn to them?  Maybe it’s the mystery of the unknown and of the unthinkable in these types of futuristic sci-fi fantasy stories that grab my attention. How would I react in similar circumstances? Would I make a stand and fight to survive?  Would I survive?  And if I did, would I be able to survive, surviving?  Or maybe, it’s my innate sense of hope, in wanting things to work out alright for everyone?  Richard Armitage playing Herbert in his new audiobook “The Martian Invasion of Earth”, confronts those questions and more.


So was HG Wells prophetic about the causes of the end of the world as shown in this and other of his futuristic sci fi stories?  Or was he merely a keen observer of human nature, as well as being an avid student of history?  Time and again civilizations rise and crumble, leaders seek to control and have dominion over their ever expanding empires before they are deposed/removed from their position.  And the over arching drive to seek success that drives some people


And I cannot help but draw parallels between the H G Wells story adaptation for audiobook The Martian Invasion of Earth—about destroyed civilizations–and what people and families in war torn countries are tragically experiencing as they flee death and destruction in the world today.   They are living in their own end times—but with no way to escape to a future that they hope is better, safer—unless people work together to help them, across whatever divides them, be it language, culture, ethnicity, or borders.  And I believe that there is something in our humanity—flawed though it may be—that causes us to reach out and help others where we can.


And maybe stories like HG Wells “The Martian Invasion of Earth”  (Thanks to MujerTropical for sharing the film poster!, below) and other stories, just might help to spur us into constructive positive action.  Yet despite the known end of the world scenario in The Martian Invasion of Earth audiobook, I’m looking forward to experiencing the it as a type of radio theatre. Are you?

Wishing everyone a gReAt day! Hugs & Cheers! Grati ;->

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