Too Hottt to Handle Tuesday:  Richard Armitage as a sleeping Daniel Miller and Grati’s prep before Valentine’s Day, February 13, 2018 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #1143)

Could the day before Valentine’s Day get any better than this image of the talented British actor Richard Armitage as a sleeping Daniel Miller  (below) from 2017 Berlin Station–with a Valentine twist by me?  Those muscles!   Sighhh!

And the original Richard Armitage as Daniel Miller image (courtesy of Laura D, Thanks!) would also make a good bed pillow iron on transfer. *wink*

Now onto my all-important pre-Valentine’s Day preparations:

1)  Buying/making a Valentine’s Day card—in my case, for my hubby.  But giving Valentine’s Day cards to friends and relatives works, too.  And these days, our pets are also like family—and they are often better behaved.   So don’t forget to give your pet a Valentine’s Day gift treat, hug, or chew toy, or two.

2)  My gift to my hubby, is my selecting chocolates that I think that he will like–but that I know that I will like.  Well, we wouldn’t want the chocolates to go to waste.  Now would we?  *wink*

3) Trying to send my hubby a telepathic message that a single red or pink rose on a stem would be lovely for him to give to me for Valentine’s Day.   And to help telepathy along, I will set out a single bud vase on the kitchen table before he eats his breakfast Tuesday morning before he heads off to work.  If he doesn’t stick a pen in the vase, that’s a good sign.  But just in case, I won’t put water in the bud vase yet.

4)  Giving my hubby his Valentine’s Day card and presents from me Tuesday night—the night before Valentine’s Day.  That way, he hasn’t technically forgotten the holiday yet—and he still has time on Wednesday, February 14th Valentine’s Day to buy me something small, and preferably not from the gas station when he gases up his car. Just kidding. He gives me beautiful cards—with Xs and Os all over them!

5)   Finally, the best gifts are the ones that we give to ourselves—loving ourselves, encouraging ourselves, praising ourselves, and enjoying ourselves.   So no guilt trip for Lent—which starts Wed., February 14th, of all dates!  Ha!  Actually, I gave up guilt for Lent years ago and focus on the positives of donating my time, talent, and treasure to causes I support.

So Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!  You deserve it!

Hugs & Love! Grati  ;->


P.S.  And below is a bonus Valentine by me:


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    Evie Arl, SueBC, & janesteinmiller


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