Fun Day Sunday:  Grati needs a tech saavy Richard Armitage as Lucas North to the rescue,  March 04, 2018 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #1149)

With technology so central to many of our working and personal lives these days, it may seem hard to remember a time when we didn’t have the internet–let alone, social media, and other technologies that we take for granted these days.

I can remember when I was a child:
* color television was a marvel that my family had bought to see the moon landing June 20, 1969;
* And we still had a 40 foot tall tv antenna tower in our backyard in order to receive the tv signal via airwaves;
* Pong was a newly popular video game (below, via Wiki) of a ping pong/table tennis game that you could play on your tv via cassette software—pre-Pac Man, Asteroids, etc.

Contrastingly, in my grandmother’s lifetime from the late 1800’s to the later middle 1900’s, she saw the advent of even greater changes in technology such as:
* automobiles—with her tentatively driving a early electric vehicle in the 1920’s;
* air conditioning; and electric refrigerators, etc;
* silent films, television at all, space exploration at all, the telephone, antibiotics, vaccines, etc.

What prompts my musings about computers and the internet are the fact that my only two year old computer and internet router have been inordinately twitchy and glitchy these last several weeks—more so than usual, anyway, Ha!

And Facebook has removed the “pin post to top of window” option to some groups that I’m the Admin of.  Arggggh!

And to add more annoyance to the mix, my tablet battery wants to die on me, possibly necessitating my getting a new tablet as the cheaper fix option. Drat!  My Kindle library is on my tablet—240+ books—as one of three devices they are on for portable and comfy reading while lying down.

Boo hoo. Ha! I need a tech saavy Lucas to come to my rescue!  With him wearing a trademark Lucas Blue shirt, of course!

Oh, to be the keyboard!  Sighhh!  *THUD!* Wishing everyone a lovely day! Hugs!


Image of Richard Armitage as Lucas North in Spooks 2008 is via RAFrance, Thanks!


P.S.  Now before you kvetch as I am doing, I realize that my concerns are trivial.  It just feels good to get my feelings out.   *cleansing breath in and out*

And I am truly grateful for the advanced  technologies of air conditioning, gas or electric heating, indoor plumbing, cars, computers, cell phones, and the internet/social media, etc!

So what is your favorite technology  frustration or annoyance?  Or flip that, which technology advancement in your lifetime are you most grateful for?

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