Grati’s N&S Fan Fic “N&S: John Thornton, Love Lessons” reaches 100K reads in Wattpad! March 11, 2018 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #1151)

March 10, 2018

Dear Gratiana Lovelace stories Readers/Followers/Friends in Wattpad, WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and beyond,

My fan fic period romance novel (582 pages!) “N&S: John Thornton, Love Lessons” –that I initially serialized from October 2013 to October 2014–has just reached 100,000 reads and 1,400 votes on my Wattpad story site!

However, here on my Something About Love blog, the WordPress “N&S: JTLL” readership totals are only showing 43 of the 89 chapters’ readership totals.  I don’t know why that is. So the true readership totals on my SAL blog are missing a big chunk of the stats.  But even what is showing  is 19,493 reads.  So unscientifically (Ha!) doubling that figure, gets us 38,986 reads on my SAL WordPress blog alone.

Wattpad story chapters are contiguous–whereas my SAL blog chapters are interspersed with my other essays.  Amd Wattpad is quicker for readers to find the next chapter of stories.  So the ease of binge reading on Wattpad is clear.  Ha!

And I am completely bowled over with the response to my fan fic novel, “N&S: JTLL” on both of my reading/sharing platforms–here on my SAL WordPress blog and my Gratiana Lovelace Wattpad site!  Thanks so much for your support and encouragement!

I’m very glad that you enjoyed my spin, expansion, and extension on the beloved Elizabeth Gaskell novel and its 2004 “North & South” BBC miniseries (and dvd cover below) starring the talented and deeply moving Richard Armitage and Daniela Denby-Ashe, “North & South”!

Many Thanks, Hugs, Love, & Cheers! Grati ;->

About Gratiana Lovelace

Gratiana Lovelace is my nom de plume for my creative writing and blogging. I write romantic stories in different sub genres. The stories just tumble out of me. My resurgence in creative writing occurred when I viewed the BBC miniseries of Elizabeth Gaskell's novel North & South in February 2010. The exquisitely talented British actor portraying the male lead John Thornton in North & South--Richard Crispin Armitage--became my unofficial muse. I have written over 50 script stories about love--some are fan fiction, but most are original stories--that I am just beginning to share with others on private writer sites, and here on my blog. And as you know, my blog here is also relatively new--since August 2011. But, I'm having fun and I hope you enjoy reading my blog essays and my stories. Cheers! Grati ;-> upd 12/18/11
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  1. March 11 & 12, 2018–Thanks for voting/starring my blog Post #1151 about N&SJTLL hitting 100K on my Wattpad site! Cheers! Grati ;->

    Hariclea, Evie Arl, SueBC, & Esther


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