Sharing Joy–Richard Armitage Portraits by Sarah Dunn, April 22, 2018 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #1159)

I love this portrait above of the talented British actor Richard Armitage laughing in 2014 (?) by the talented portrait photographer Sarah Dunn—as much for his shining eyes and laughter, as for this being a different angle from the other portraits of him that I have seen from similar photos.


In the image above, Richard Armitage sits in profile, engaged with someone or something—which could be the photographer using a cable shutter release device—to allow her and not the camera to be in his eyeline.    The warmth in his gaze suggests to me that his smile and laughter is for someone well known to him, not a mere acquaintance.  That the warmth of his gaze is reserved for the portrait photographer Sarah Dunn here, is just a guess on my part.


And the different angle of the camera lens suggests to me a different perspective being revealed about this man.  This is not a posed shot, or at least, this particular shot seems to show Richard Armitage fully engaged in something or someone other than performing/seducing for the camera.  Perhaps we glimpse a bit of the real man—a happy and contented man.


And his active laughing also adds a hint of coiled energy to Richard Armitage in this portrait—as if him sitting down only temporarily contains his joy.  But that joy breaks out in his radiant laughing smile.  There is no guile here, just a realness that is beguiling—to me, anyway.


Below are some other images in this Sarah Dunn portrait series of Richard Armitage:

Each portrait image of Richard Armitage by Sarah Dunn conveys something different to me—whether he is cutely sucking on his ice cream or yogurt spoon, looking pensive on cue with a hint of a smile threatening to break out, or him scowling handsomely imperiously in the middle of the street.  And I daresay, these portraits convey something different to you.


For me, Richard Armitage’s non direct and less posed gazes seem to be the more telling about the man.  But what they say particularly, I couldn’t say.  It’s just a general feeling of peace that I get, knowing that this good and talented man Richard Armitage exists in the world.


The last image below shows Ms. Dunn (as a mise en scene in the window) in this final portrait image of Richard Armitage:


Time and again, Sarah Dunn has uniquely captured nuanced glimpses of the man inside the movie/stage/tv star who is Richard Armitage.  And when he laughs and smiles, his joy is infectious—and he shares his joy with us, often via the lens of Sarah Dunn.


So if we could share back to him and to her the joy we have felt from their collaborative portraiture, it would no doubt come with our grateful thanks to them.   And now, as so many others also need, Ms. Dunn and her family are in need of much joy after her suffering devastating injuries  earlier this month.


And through our gifts of joy by sending healing thoughts, prayers, etc., to Sarah Dunn—and to others whom we know personally who are struggling through illness or other difficult circumstances—we let them know that we are thinking about them, especially with our cards and notes which are so welcomed by the receiver.


Hugs & Love!


Nota Bene:  My Richard Armitage by Sarah Dunn portraits sharing thanks go to Theoni Griva, Katie C, Mujer Tropical, Simonne, and Woodstock & Snoopy.

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