WCW:  I bought our “Oceans 8” tickets at Fandango for opening weekend starting June 8th, June 06, 2018  Gratiana Lovelace (Post #1167)

#DateAfternoon for my hubby and I this weekend!

Tuesday night, I bought our #opening_weekend #Oceans8 movie tickets online via #Fandango!  And the tickets come with a free movie poster!  Snap!

And the matinee movie ticket price online was $3.99 USD per person x 2 people, with a $3 svc fee = $10.98 total!  What a bargain!  Prices like these will get me back into the movie theatre—and that “Ocean’s 8” is a ladies centered film, and it costars Richard Armitage (image below via Yennefer Ice, Thanks!), of course.  *wink*

I am so looking forward to seeing the Ladies and the devilishly handsome and talented British actor #Richard_Armitage (above)   in what looks like a super fun film!   The “Oceans 8” official main trailer appears below:


Only 2 days more until the ladies of Oceans 8 rise on Friday, June 08, 2018!


P.S.  Bonus of @MatiasFmatias fan art below, Thanks to her for sharing!


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  1. June 07, 09, and September 27, 2018-_Thanks for starring/voting my blog post #1167! I’m glad that you enjoyed it! Cheers! Grati ;->

    SueBC, Esther, & gypsytraveller7


  2. Richard Armitage tweeted the link to a Digital spy interview of him about “Ocean’s 8” and it’s “man-free zone”:

    To which I/Grati commented:
    Great insight of yours #RichardArmitage–about the #Oceans8 film touting female teamwork, rather than female competition. Oh to be one of the ladies in #Oceans8!

    The direct link to the article:


  3. And Tuesday June 5th was the “Ocean’s 8” premiere:

    Love the Ladies fashions!


  4. Richard Armitage praising his “Ocean’s 8” costar Anne Hathaway:


  5. June 09, 2018–I LOVED “Ocean’s 8”! Loads of fun!

    And I’ve got to see “Ocean’s 8” again soon so I can see the 2 or three parts I missed–when I went to the ladies during the film–maybe even tomorrow. Ha! Note to self, drink less fluids prior to the start of the film–and during it. But at least I was able to choose a screen which was as close to the front of the house ladies room as possible at the multiplex. ;)


  6. June 09, 2018–Kudos to the Ladies and Gents of “Ocean’s 8” for pulling off an outstanding opening weekend draw of around $41M!



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