WCW:  Richard Armitage as Berlin Station Spy Daniel Miller tries to Keep Calm, October 10, 2018 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #1188)

When spies with their complicated  and danger prone lives have a bad day, they are really having a bad day.

Cue the talented British actor Richard Armitage portraying Daniel Miller (in the keep calm wallpaper above, courtesy of Mat Khal, Thanks!) in Berlin Station Season 2 (2017).  Daniel goes undercover as an arms dealer—without an undercover team of players, the other cast are off on their own tangents in related arcs.


So Daniel is either using or losing his wits as he wings it—when he has to produce his boss/supplier.   Cue Hector DeJean’s (portrayed by Rhys Ifans) surprise when Daniel turns up unannounced–with his terrorist targets in tow–a few countries over on Hector’s country estate doorstep.


Even more mayhem ensued in BS2—ending the BS2 season with an assassination as a political coup. The plot twists and shifting spy alliances were as tangled as a corkscrew—and kept me guessing and reguessing, and on the edge of my seat.


And with Berlin Station Season 3 filming being wrapped but in post production and not yet broadcast, fans are left to wonder what danger the BS3 cast of characters will be faced with next?


One of my suspicions for BS3 is that the politician Katarina isn’t dead—and the German spies are trying to flush out her assassin while she heals at a secure facility.  Or let’s hope it is a secure facility.


And Katarina’s supposed political lieutenant in Josef better have some answers for American Spy Valerie (Michelle Forbes), who knows that she was played by him.

And seeing what the other cast will get up to for BS 3  in Robert (Leland Orser), Steven (Richard Jenkings), BB (Ashley Judd), and April (Keke Palmer) will be a delight.

Finally, I think the BS2 ending of Hector’s fake funeral was a dream sequence—Daniel and Esther (Mina Tander) were too out in the open lovey dovey with longing loving gazes at each other in a perfume commercial kind of way.

Heck!  They are spies—which usually means covert and secret actions are called for.  And by extension, Daniel and Esther are each other’s weakness.  So perhaps, their relationship will be put in direct danger in Season 3.  Drama makes for good storytelling.  However, I do ship Daniel and Esther, big time.  Ha!

Anything could happen in BS3—and probably will, and not necessarily in a good way.

So what is code for a spy being in distress?  My bet is the upside down crown on Mat Khal’s lovely wall paper above!   And Daniel needs some rescuing from the clutches of evil.   The line forms behind me.  Ha!

I so can’t wait to see Berlin Station Season 3!

Hope you have a gReAt day! Hugs <3 & Cheers! Grati ;->

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  1. October 10, 2018–Now this is what I’m talking about for Richard Armitage as Daniel Miller and team in Berlin Station 3! Go Spies!


  2. October 11, 2018–And an even bigger closeup of just the Berlin Station Season 3 promo poster! Thanks for the Paramount tweet link to TeresaA


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