WCW—Daniel Miller in repose, December 19, 2018  Gratiana Lovelace (Post #1196)

Having caught myself up on the first three episodes of the 2018 Berlin Station season on last Sunday evening, I have to say that the following image of Daniel Miller in repose is the one that I prefer:

Besides, with the major plot of Daniel needing to find out who killed his mother and why she was killed, Daniel needs to be around to be the engine to drive that investigation.  My hope is that the character of Daniel Miller has gone into deep cover—as he investigates who Diver is,  and why Diver killed his mother.

The Diver voice sounded like actor Richard Jenkins in episode 1 or 2–the Steven Frost character, former Berlin Station Section Chief.  If Frost is Diver–and he killed Daniel’s mother–the betrayal that Daniel would feel could cause him to go rogue in order to ferret out the truth of his mother’s death.  A rogue Daniel Miller would give Richard Armitage a lot of juicy angst and edgy grit to portray.

Not to mention the fact that Richard Armitage is the lead actor of Berlin Station portraying Daniel Miller, and he is the main draw with a fine supporting cast.  So it would be rather preemptive to kill off his Daniel Miller character so soon into season 3.

Hoping Daniel turns up (alive) in episode 4 coming up this Sunday.


P.S. Thanks to Simonne for the original Daniel Miller image—that I resized and brightened.

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