THUD Thursday!  Refined beardly goodness in newish Richard Armitage Portrait, January 10, 2019 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #1203)

I found a newish 2018 image of the tantalizingly talented Richard Armitage (below) Tuesday night while perusing the net.  Ah, such beardly goodness—with a tease of neckage!  And he looks great in a suit and tie.   Sighhh!  Enjoy!

Then I instinctively thought that his might be a character shot of Richard Armitage as Daniel Miller in Berlin Station Season 3.  So I did a reverse image google search and it brought up a page by Julie Koksharova (Thanks!) who has labeled it a Daniel Miller BS3 picture of Richard Armitage.  So at least two of us agree on that.  Ha!


And for the record, I’m “Team Daniel”—BS3 is doing like “Where’s Waldo” with their “Where’s Daniel” plot. And though BS3 episode 5 had an expected (by me, based on the opening credits character images)  other character’s return reveal (no spoilers), I’m still looking forward to seeing Richard Armitage as Daniel Miller in the flesh.  Though Richard Armitage’s name has not appeared in the credits for BS3 episodes 4 & 5, his Daniel Miller character face has.  So I’ll remain cautiously hopeful.


And with the BS 3 episode 6 coming up on Sunday titled “In cold hell”, my guess is that BS 3 is going to try to wring more pathos out of the missing Daniel plot for another week.

I also “ship” Esther Krug (portrayed by Mina Tander) and Daniel Miller (portrayed by Richard Armitage)  below in BS 2 epi 7 (Thanks to Chrissyinwm!). They have a certain chemistry—or at least, I swoon at the love and devotion I see in Daniel’s eyes for Esther.  Sighhh!


One question, though.  The BS 3 episode titles seem even more obtuse than last season’s.  I’m scratching my head for the meaning/symbol reference for last week’s BS 3 episode 5’s title of “The Four Policemen”.  Any thoughts?  Ha!

Hoping you have a lovely day! Cheers!


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  1. January 10, 11, 13, & 26, 2019–Thanks for voting/starring my SAL blog Post #1203! I’m glad that you enjoyed it! Cheers! Grati ;->

    nellindreams, Hariclea, armidreamer, SueBC, Esther, & Lolo


  2. Guylty says:

    Completely agree with you that there is not enough RA (or Daniel Miller) in BS this season. It really irks me, too, because he is the lead character – and still has his face so prominently in the intro. Anyway, I think it was Servetus who pointed out that the “four policemen” refers to the USA, Russia, Britain and China. (I only see two of those powers involved in the BS scenario at the moment, so I find the episode title somewhat inaccurate, too…)

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    • Hi Guylty, Thanks for your kind comment and info–with link! I also don’t see much of Britain and China being referenced in BS3 this year either. And, I should have Wiki searched the “four policeman” reference, which I usually do. Love Wiki! I guess I was too tuckered out last night from an all day conference at a large hotel conference center yesterday. I definitely did at least 5,000 steps. Ha! Cheers! Grati ;->

      P.S. And about Richard’s/Daniel’s absence from BS 3 episodes lately, I wonder if there is a poignant reason. I had speculated in a comment over on Perry’s Armitage Agonistes’ blog if perhaps Richard’s late mother’s final days/weeks of her illness last Spring might have naturally caused him to want to be by her side–and perhaps the Berlin Station show runners kindly accommodated him by essentially writing his character out of several episodes they were filming.

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  3. Mat Khal shared her opinon about “Where is Daniel Miller?” very humorously and creatively:


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