WCW:  Brexit?  Relax, don’t do it—RCA Characters Tweet about life and leaving the European Union, March 22, 2019 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #1222)

You might recall that the talented British actor Richard Armitage’s [image below] characters occasionally meet up at their favorite TWEET (Thornton-Woebegone-Epicurean-Establishment-and-Tavern) pub and chat via tweeting.

And though the Tweet character limit since their last Tweet gathering has jumped from 140 to 175 characters, clarity and brevity may yet be their problem.  Or should we say that  Brexity is their problem?

Rich@RCArmitage:  “Politics & liberalism have been upon my mind of late—especially Brexit, with the EU March 29 exit deadline looming.  To quote a friend, the whole thing is ‘bum backwards’.” (174 char)

JohnS@IDontNameMyFood:  “Who told?  I only realized my unders were on backwards this afternoon—when I had to go, but I had no opening after unzipping me pants. Very embarrassing at the trough.” (172 char)

Grati@GratianaL(barmaid):  “And JohnS@IDontNameMyFood squirms even now just thinking about it (above).” (77 char)

Lucas@UndercoverNorthSpy (image below):  “Your metaphor about needing to eliminate–but your finding no pathway to do so—is apt.  And your Briefs-exit frustration is palpable.  I, also, go without—unders, on occasion.” (174 char)

GuyG@GisborneStallion:  “I concur with Mr. Lucas Spy.  Wearing cloth under my leather pants is unnecessary.  My leathers are like a second skin to me.  As you can see. (I gesture to my gif, below)”  (175 char)

HarryK@BeTheSpreadsheet:  “But JohnS@, not to be a “townee jerk”, weren’t your unders  worn backwards uncomfortable? And sorry, GuyG@, but don’t unders and pants go together, like pencil and paper?” (170 char)

Grati@GratianaL (barmaid):  “Realizing his unintended analogy to the male anatomy, HarryK@ smiles shyly in chagrin (image above). So I put a fresh mug of EUbeer in front of him.  He looks like needs it.” (173 char)


JohnS@IDontNameMyFood:  “Nay.  But for no front opening, me backwards unders were comfy-like.  And for Mr. GuyG@ and his leather pants, I tend to animals.  So I don’t hold with wearing them on me.” (174 char)


Rich@RCArmitage:  “Oh for PETA’s sake! I tried the vegetarian/vegan lifestyle a while back for a friend.  Never mind my leather shoe wearing fetish, but I was ‘back on the burgers’ in no time.” (175 char)

Grati@GratianaL(barmaid):  “The moral of the story is—be it Brexit or unders—looking forwards or backwards evokes competing opinions. So just ‘Relax, don’t do it—the Brexit—then you’ll come through it.’” (174 char)

P.S. Images/gifs  thanks to:  RCATweet; Pinterest?; Simonne; Pinterest?; Teresa; & RAVenezuela

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