Happy 4th of July 2019! July 04, 2019 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #1243)

The 4th of July for folks in the U.S. can mean different things to different people.

My childhood memories associate the 4th of July with little fireworks of “snakes”, pop caps, etc., on up to attending our city’s real fireworks displays at one of several parks.   And a few years, we would travel a little ways out of town to see a panoramic view of four or five fireworks going off throughout the town all at once!

And the Parks & Recreation fireworks designers typically synched their fireworks display marvels to the playing of the “1812 overture” as shared by the local radio stations.  And a flash mob of this piece would have been fantastic!:


Then there was the fun of getting together with friends to go “fishing” in the creek for crawdads–using bits of sausage links for bait–then we set the crawdads  free.  There would be cookouts with neighbors, outdoor games, and such.  And our town would have a parade, too.

And in recent years, my hubby and I would also visit a local nearby really small town during the day for its flea market sales in the central town parks on the 4th of July.

And everywhere–on people or in bunting decorations–the red, white, and blue colors of our U.S. flag were represented.

To me, having pride in our country on the 4th of July meant/means:
1. honoring our nation’s founders courage and wisdom in wresting the 13 states from tyranny and oppression to form a new nation;
2. recognizing the contributions of all peoples in the U.S., both indigenous peoples and    individuals/immigrants (including in our family) who came from other countries to build new lives for themselves and their loved ones, and in the process help to build this country;
3. acknowledging the struggles that our country and its diverse peoples have endured and still endure–prejudice, discrimination, violence, and poverty, etc.–and vowing to work to eradicate these evils;
4. hoping for a better tomorrow for everyone and not only for ourselves, for as more of us flourish and thrive, so does our society flourish and thrive;
5. so perhaps especially in these recent years, the U.S.  has a lot of homework to do live up to our founders’ legacy of striving to create freedom and justice for all.

And in closing, a particular annual 4th of July tv program favorite of many is “A Capitol 4th!”  The video below from several years ago contains a medley of marches music with a great backdrop of fireworks.  Enjoy!


Wishing you and yours a safe and happy 4th of July!  Hugs & Love!

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