Stun Day Sunday–More Richard Armitage at TIFF portraits via the Getty Images site, September 15, 2019 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #1261)

The latest Richard Armitage portrait images from TIFF and on the Getty site are stunning!  Thanks to TeresaA for pointing me there.

And below is an example of Richard’s wonderful smoulder:

Richard Armitage posing for Gareth Cattermole during TIFF 2019

TORONTO, ONTARIO – SEPTEMBER 08: Actor Richard Armitage from the film ‘My Zoe’ poses for a portrait during the 2019 Toronto International Film Festival at Intercontinental Hotel on September 08, 2019 in Toronto, Canada. (Photo by Gareth Cattermole/Contour by Getty Images)

As we all know, Richard Armitage and his “My Zoe” Director/Writer Julie Delphy were at TIFF 2019 to promote the premiere of their new film “My Zoe”.

I presume that any free publicity celebrities can get for their film projects is helpful in promoting those and future projects by the actors, etc.  However, when the Getty site has charges for each picture of $499 and up for publication–as it does for the image above–presumably going to the photographer and Getty, one wonders about the business side of selling celebrity images.  Or at least, it makes me wonder.

Does the subject of each picture get a cut of the sale of his or her image?   How about a sitting fee paid to the celebrity?  Or even, might some form of remuneration be given to that celebrity’s charities?  Doubtful.

Though not every photo taken gets used in a publication–so Getty and the photographer are probably amortizing each photo’s publication charge against that.  The Getty site and the photographer are providing a service, afterall–not only in selling images, but in curating images for their vast library of celebrity events.  So, it stands to reason that they should get paid.  And the prices quoted are probably very reasonable for publications–just beyond the realm of this fan’s purse.  Ha!

And the image I shared above–the $499 one–was retrieved via Getty’s complimentary free download for non commercial or non publications use that is good for 30 days.  At which point, I wonder if the image above goes invisible on this post?  Poof!  Ha!

So enjoy perusing the TIFF portraits of the talented British actor Richard Armitage on the wonderful Getty images site!


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