A Lucas North XMAS wallpaper edit blast from the past, December 04, 2019 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #1269)

With only 21 days of XMAS Holiday shopping left, are you in a panic like the talented British actor Richard Armitage as his Lucas North character in my “blast from the past” wallpaper below?  Ha!

As I have gotten older, I tend to like to give and to receive practical gifts–reusable glove warming packets, gourmet hot cocoa, soft and warm fuzzy socks for wearing around the house in winter, hand lotion, knit winter hat for my hubby, etc.  And if  I find enough time, I might even make my almond bark chocolate and vanilla nut and peppermint candies to give as gifts.  Yumm!  My hubby especially likes the chocolate covered nuts that I make.  Ha!

And we also donate to our community’s kids in need XMAS presents charities.  This year, we sponsored a little girl who was very fond of pink.  So naturally, her clothing gifts from us were pink.

There are also food pantry donation drives a plenty and other ways to aid others who might need a little bit of help this holiday giving season.  I tend to also donate my spare change to the charity bell ringers outside of stores, and such.

And I feel very grateful to have my basic needs met, and that we are able to help others through our donations.

My hope for others struggling with challenging financial, health, and  other issues in their lives that they can find and receive the help they need to survive and thrive.  Because we all need a little help, now and then.

So as I interact with strangers this holiday season at stores, restaurants, etc., I try to give them an extra smile, to be understanding to the cashier when the checkout register doesn’t work, or to be patient with the person inline in front of me in the checkout line who is having issues getting their coupons and gift cards to work in paying for their purchases.  I just sat on my rolling walker and told her not to worry about the delay, because it gave me a chance to rest after my having walked all over the grocery store.  And I meant it.

And I was particularly thankful for the fellow a few years ago who raced across the parking lot to me with my shopping cart, because I had inadvertently left my purse in it after unloading my groceries into my car.  Bless that man for his kindness!

Wishing you all  a relaxing, thankful, and joyous December Holidays!

P.S.  I “ran” across this old XMAS Holiday Richard Armitage as Lucas North wallpaper that I had done in 2011 and gave it a tweak–a bit of gaussian blur and adding my byline.

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