Richard Armitage’s 2019 Holiday Message to his Fans,  December 25, 2019  Gratiana Lovelace (Post #1271)

The talented  British actor  Richard Armitage has shared his 2019 Holiday Message to his fans via his Twitter feed:

From Grati:  Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas!


P.S.  For easier reading, below is the text of Richard Armitage’s 2019 Holiday Message (transcribed by Grati):
“Dear Friends,  Well another year passes and we hurtle towards the end of the decade….where did all that time go?  Who remembers being horrified at how old they will be at the ‘millennium’?  Well that was 20 years ago, but here we are another decade older and wiser?  I’m not sure about that any more.
I’ve been very lucky this year, not just because of the projects I’ve been lucky enough to be part of, but because of the amazing people who I’ve met whilst working on them.
Some gifts for you next year:  The Stranger (Netflix) on Jan 30th, was an absolute dream to work on not just cast but a wonderful crew up in Manchester….I miss everyone.
And right now Uncle Vanya:
Astrov is someone who has reached a certain age and is, to an extent, forced to look back and say ‘have I done enough, what was the point of all this?’  I often feel the same and often the answer is ‘not nearly enough’.
Again we are living in turbulent times, and ‘there may be trouble ahead’…..yep the rest of the song lyrics kind of work there….but ‘doing enough’, is at the top of my personal agenda….what is to be done?  What can one person do?  I have an idea but won’t preach to the converted as I know ‘love and support’ is in abundance in this little bubble.
I want to encourage you into our theatre next year, if you enjoy experiencing you[r] heart being opened, if you feel that suffocating scream of inactivity or inertia to be able to act on something or make a difference, then Chekhov will release you.  It is slowly but surely working its magic on me, I hope to see you all there and hear your thoughts.
As in other years, I have some ‘Just Giving’ pages available to help some charities which I believe serve those in difficulty, but again, I know from experience how generous and kind you’ve all been on here so your gifts have probably already been given.
I’ve been getting involved with The Woodland Trust this year.  I had a wonderful experience planting trees and learning about the work they do.  It’s a great community devoted to enhancing and restoring ou[r] diminishing habitat.  As Astrov says at some point in the play; ‘because of some small thing we do someone a hundred years from now will be happier because of it’…these words have made an impact on me.  Passing on our knowledge, our benevolence, our kindness, our charity, to people in need and our planet in need.
Finally I just want to wish everyone a Happy Christmas and a joyful hopeful New Year.
See you in 2020.

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