A Virtual Halloween Party with Richard Armitage Characters,  October 31, 2021 by Gratiana Lovelace (Post #1422) 


Happy Halloween!  Over the years, I have attended several Halloween parties/events and was costumed quite amusingly.  I usually liked/like to go for the laugh. 

My earliest recollection of being in a Halloween costume was likely the polka dot clown outfit lovingly made for me by my mother’s childhood friend and my honorary aunt.  My brother and I were 5yrs and 3.5yrs , respectively, and had the flu.  So since we couldn’t go out into the cold night air without getting more sick, Mom and Dad stood with bags of candy at two different doors in our home and we knocked on each door several times to get our Halloween candy rush.  I hope that we left some candy for the neighborhood kids.  Ha!

Then jump forward to junior high school, and I was in a vampire mood—wearing a dark navy and burgundy paisley maxi dress with an empire bust (but with hardly anything to fill it at that point), fake plastic vampire teeth, and a long brunette wig (even though I had shoulder length hair at the time).  I wore my vampy costume to a Halloween Party that our church’s youth choir director gave in her home.  We had fun and it was very nice of her to host us.  And I can think of one vampy guy who would have been my dream date (below right; move over Yael;  Ha!).

Later still in college, my and my college friends Halloween costumes ramped up for both comic and inventive zeal.   I borrowed a bowler like black hat and one of my Dad’s darkish dark suit jackets—with his permission—and painted a small square mustache upon my upper lip, happily not with permanent marker.  I was the 30’s comic actor Oliver Hardy—my not needing much padding—and one of my friends was to be Stan Laurel.  But you guessed it!  She changed her mind at the last minute and went glam with her costume.  But we still had fun at our all friends party. I think the funniest and best conceived costume that one of our male friends wore that year was a play on the band name of  AC /DC—our friend wore his beard, a plaid flannel shirt, over a solid color wrap skirt, pantyhose, and ladies heels.  I tipped my costume’s bowler hat to him! Ha!

But my absolute favorite Halloween costume that I put together for a party at our neighbors’ house over twenty years ago was my wearing the poofy petticoats from my equally poofy wedding dress, a white blouse, rhinestone tiara, and a white opalescent lace star topped wand with streamers and sparkly glitter that I had made. I was going for a young fairy godmother look.   I don’t remember what my hubby’s costume was.  But our next door neighbor’s adults Halloween party—who also hosted earlier that evening a spooky not scary haunted house in their garage for their little kids and their little friends—was quite fun.   But again, my costume was quite outshone by our hostess’ costume as Xena Warrior Princess—complete with fake big chest boobs under the costume, wig, and shield.  Frankly, her costume was so realistic and bountiful that until we realized that her chest area was plastic/rubber, we politely looked away.  Ha!

But this year, I think it would be fun to  fantasize about having one of the multi-talented and handsome British actor Richard Armitage’s (above) characters as my/our Virtual Halloween Party date!  So listed below are some possible RA character options  for my/our Virtual Halloween Party dates:


  1. Sir Guy of Gisborne or  Thorin Oakenshield—both men have long manes, smouldering gazes, and leather gear;

  2. John Standring, John Thornton, John Porter, or John Proctor—these good and true men go from sweet to sizzling;


  3. Lee Preston, Ricky Deeming, John Mulligan, or Claude Becker—these bad boys can be tempting when they smile;


  4. Claude Monet, Harry Kennedy, Lucas North, Chop, Daniel Miller, or Dr. Astrov—these fellows are passionate, and each character kisses like a starving man;

For my Virtual Halloween Party RA character date this year—and it is so hard to pick just one—I choose … the shy awkward and completely adorkable John Standring.  He had me at  “…shall we hold hands then?”  Sighhh!  

And I always say that I married my John Standring, the love of my life!  Now where is my wedding dress petticoat and wand!  Ha!

So please pick your own Virtual Halloween Party date from the RA character choices above or provide your own RA character choice.  And I would also love to hear in a comment below what your costume/character will be.   Have fun and enjoy!

Happy Halloween! 

And you’ll find all of Tanni’s wonderful RA graphics here.


P.S.  Many thanks to the RA fans who had previously shared these images and picture edits  that I included in my post above—their provenance is listed in each picture’s filename.


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  1. October 31 & NOvember 01, 2021–Thanks for voting/starring my SAL blog Post #1422 about a Virtual Hallloween Party with RA Characters! I’m glad that you enjoyed it! Cheers! Grati ;->

    Armidreamer & Esther


  2. Andrea Numellote says:

    Gorgeousness all over the place! <3 <3

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  3. November 02, 2021–and one more RA Halloween edit from Grati, this time from 2013:


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