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(An original Contemporary Romance fan fic story copyrighted by Gratiana Lovelace, 2022;
All rights reserved)  [(1) story cover top left]

0-ACastleWedding-forChristmas2-storycover-2inch300res_Dec03-2022byGratianaLovelace [Illustrations:  I cast my stories as I write them.  So from time to time, I will illustrate my story with actors and such, including the original cast of “A Castle for Christmas” (2021):  Cary Elwes as Myles the 12th Scottish Duke of Dunbar and Castle Dun Dunbar, Brooke Shields as the American Sophie McGuinty, Vanessa Grasse as her daughter Lexi Brown, Dalmeny House as Castle Dun Dunbar, Lee Ross as Thomas the Castle Dun Dunbar e caretaker, Andi Osho as Maisie the Dunbar Village Innkeeper, Eilidh Loan as Rhona the young pastry chef par excellence in Dunbar Village, Tina Gray as Helen the Dunbar Village knitters group leader, Kevin McKidd as Dr. Scott Roxburgh, and others as noted.]

[Author’s Note:  This original Contemporary Romance fanfic is a work of fiction, and as such, any character names, scenes or other descriptions were made at the creative discretion of this author.  And this is a gentle romance (G to PG-13), but with some frank discussions about love and marriage put to humorous effect.  This is my disclaimer.  And I came up with this story idea hoping for the creators of “A Castle for Christmas” (2021)—loved it–to give us a sequel!  So if they see my fanfic story here, I hope that they consider this a suggestion for a possible continuing story for Duke Myles and Sophie.]


Ch. 2:  Sophie telling Lexi her wedding news

Although Mama Bear Sophie wanted to tell her daughter Lexi her wedding news right away–the day that Duke Myles had proposed on December 4th, Sophie could not reach Lexi by phone, text, or email for several days.  And that was unusual – for Sophie  and her daughter barely go one day without some form of communication.  Nor is Lexi known to be so detached from her social media and the internet—with Lexi obviously not even checking her texts and emails, or she would have replied to her mother.  And Sophie worries a bit, as any mother would, hoping her child is safe.

Sophie’s love and future husband Duke Myles is being considerate and consoling toward her about her inability to reach her daughter Lexi.  He even privately checks with hospitals and such to make sure that Sophie’s daughter Lexi hasn’t been injured in an accident. With no hint of Lexi Brown in police or hospitals emergency lists, Duke Myles sanguinely hopes that Lexi is just spreading her wings, by not being so attached to her mother Sophie for a bit. 

But with Duke Myles being estranged for thirty years from his now thirty year old son Ewan, it is a different level of heartache and worry than the level Sophie has for the extremely close bond that she shares with her beloved twenty four year old daughter Lexi—especially after Sophie’s divorce from Lexi’s father for his adultery.  

Lexi was all Team Sophie during the divorce and its aftermath three years ago.  And Sophie realizes sadly that Lexi seemed to become more skittish about seeking a romantic relationship because of her seeing her parents’ marriage disintegrate.  Sophie doesn’t blame herself for the divorce from her rotten bounder of an ex-husband, it was necessary.  But Sophie does wish that she could have given her daughter Lexi more support to see the positive side in taking charge of one’s life and not allowing someone to trample upon her dreams of love and romance. 

So thinking positively, Sophie feels that her ill fated first marriage gave her the greatest gift to her life, her wonderful, kind, smart, loving, supportive and fiercely loyal daughter Lexi.  And now with Sophie’s new romantic relationship and future marriage to Duke Myles on Christmas Eve this year, Sophie feels that her world axis is back to spinning happily ever after dreams again. And Sophie would like to see her daughter Lexi happy, loved, and fulfilled—however Lexi defines that to be for herself.  Well afterall, Sophie is a romance writer. 

And then by Wednesday, December 7th a kernel of an idea takes hold in Sophie’s mind to explain away her daughter Lexi’s lack of contact with her the past week.  Either her daughter Lexi is attending some simplify your life by cutting off all contact with the outside world and technology retreat in the English countryside—or more likely, that Lexi has already met someone and Lexi is caught up in the early throes of love and passion.  Sophie dearly hopes it is the latter, and that some tall, handsome, kind, and loving man has swept her daughter off of her feet—and is as good, kind, loving, supportive, and considerate of Lexi as Duke Myles is for Sophie.


Lexi Brown snuggles further under the covers of the rented for this early week in December in a Cotswold’s farmhouse that she and her newish love Scott—a tall handsome reddish haired general practice surgeon and dentist for the NHS and Doctors Without Borders—whom she met after he gave a talk at Cambridge about his work two months ago.  And then he stayed on to lead masters classes for young doctors hoping to take up this much needed medical expertise and intervention in England and other countries for Doctors Without Borders.

Lexi is not a doctor, but her field of improving  and enhancing social work assistance to individuals and families during medical crises in the U.S., led her to take a study abroad year at Cambridge University to learn from their integrated approach with universal medical care for all.  And as luck would have it, her Cambridge University Study Abroad Professor Myra Lindhoff invited her to join the [guest speaker] dinner two months ago in October after their esteemed medical doctor guest practitioner’s public address.  So she met the man and broke bread with him, as the saying goes.

However Lexi soon found out that their handsome and charmingly Gaelic accented guest medical doctor British Doctor Scott Roxburgh was surprisingly more reserved and taciturn when he wasn’t in front of a microphone and medical powerpoint slides or in an operating theatre.  Lexi only received five words from him at the three hour gourmet dinner of a group of them that evening at a fancy restaurant.

Dr. Scott R:  “Miss.” Upon meeting Lexi and him politely nodding his head in greeting.  “Thank you.” Upon Lexi subtley picking up her soup spoon placed above the top of her charger plate, when she noticed that he was wondering what to do with all the cutlery and glassware at his place setting. And finally, “My pleasurrre.”  When he shook her hand in goodbye at the end of their evening, and then brought her ungloved hand to his lips for a deferential kiss—and then he lingeringly held on to her small hand before reluctantly releasing it and her.

Their eyes meet and hold.  And Lexi feels as if she could drown in the endless misty gray depths of his soulful DRF724~1 eyes [(2) right].  If they were not amongst company, Lexi might have [thrown caution to the wind] for the first time in her life and jumped him—literally and figuratively.  But then Lexi felt that she would have been branded an impulsively gauche American by her British colleagues. Besides, her British flat mate and good friend Noreen Shange had her boyfriend over for the week, and there would be little privacy for Lexi and the good Dr. Scott Roxburgh.

So fortuitously—or by fated design as Lexi’s mother’s romance book heroines believe—Lexi was assigned to be Dr. Scott Roxburgh’s personal guide to Cambridge University, the Medical Center, and Cambridge, England while he was in situ these two months.  So Lexi felt then that her professionalism demanded that she treat Dr. Scott with polite civility.  It’s just that their romantic natures had other ideas.

No sooner had Lexi greeted Dr. Scott Roxburgh the following morning at his hotel suite to take him to breakfast and then on a quick campus tour before returning to the Medical Center, then she followed her first instincts from yesterday and they fell into each other’s arms and they kissed with loving abandon.

Between kisses and caresses while they were both still fully clothed—but backing into his suite’s bedroom–Lexi thought it important to clarify some particulars about each other.

Lexi: Kiss.  “Please tell me …”  Kiss.  “That you’re not …”  Kiss. Nibble.  “Married or engaged, etc.?”

Dr. ScottR:  “I am not.” Kiss, caress, kiss.  “And you?”

Lexi: “Me neither!”  Kiss, embrace, etc. “Do you have protection?” Kiss.

Dr. ScottR: “Loads of it.” Then he thinks better of that phrasing and explains.  “I’m a doctorrr who also prrromotes sexual health, it’s not that I sleep arrround.”

Lexi: “Same here—about my not sleeping around.”

That was all each of them needed to know as Lexi and Scott continued their loving discussions in his hotel suite’s bedroom, and then some.

Two hours later, after they each had showered again, dressed again, and emerged from his hotel suite’s bedroom, they remained tactile and cuddly throughout breakfast in his hotel suite—sneaking glances at each other in between noshing on scones, sipping their morning coffees, and kissing each other. 

Dr. ScottR:  “When can I see you again?  Dinnerrr tonight?  Then Brrreakfast tomorrra?” Lexi--isVanessaGrasse-in-wht-bls_Dec07-2022viaIMDB-szd

He blushes shyly, in asking her to sleep over with him.  Dr. Scott is besotted with the beautiful, kind, and loving graduate student Lexi [(3) right].

Lexi:  “You know Scott?  You’re refreshing in your eagerness to see me again. American guys play it cool, and close to the vest about whether or not they like a girl—keeping us wondering what they’re up to.”

Dr. ScottR: “Well, with what I’ve seen thrrrough my worrrk for Doctorrrs Without Borrrderrrs, you shouldna wait to go afterrr what you want.”  He smiles shyly and kisses her forehead.

Lexi: “I don’t think either of us can be accused of waiting.”  She smiles wryly at him.


Lexi and  Scott decide to delay the Cambridge University campus tour for another day and they head straight to the Medical Center for him to shadow one of the older male attending physicians Dr. Hillary Winchester on the pediatrics floor starting at 11am.  And Lexi tags along—as both guest medical practitioner Dr. Scott Roxburgh’s Cambridge University guide, as well as in her capacity for observing facilitating individuals and families interactions with medical staff and NHS during medical crises.

While mostly ignoring Lexi’s presence on rounds, Dr. Winchester warmly bestows his wisdom upon the much younger than he Dr. Roxburgh as he greets a young 12 year old patient.

Dr. Winchester:  “Good morning, Andy.  This is Dr. Roxburgh who is visiting us.”  And Dr. Roxburgh nods with a smile.  “How are we doing today after your appendix removal operation yesterday?  Hmmm?”  Dr. Winchester peruses Andy’s medical chart in the laptop record queued up for him at his patient’s bedside.

Andy:  “It hurts!  Why can’t they give me something for the pain?”  Andy asks stridently.  He does not cry, but he has never been in such pain like this.

Dr. Winchester:  “Ah!  Your nerve block from the surgery must have worn off.  I’ll prescribe that the nursing staff administer a dose of pain meds every hour through your iv line. That way you don’t have to worry about another needle stick.  Then as you feel better this evening and tomorrow, we’ll spread out your pain meds to every two hours until you’re feeling merely sore.  We want to be sure that you can rest and get a good night’s sleep.  [“]Will that work for you, Andy?”  He holds Andy’s hand while the nurse administers the pain medicine through Andy’s iv line.  “Count back from five now, Andy.  Focus on the numbers.”

Andy: Andy groans, at the start—with him still in pain.  “Five! Four! Three. Two hhh!  One hhhh!”  Andy looks more relaxed and smiles up at Dr. Winchester. Thanks doc! I don’t hurt anymore.”

Dr. Winchester:  “Good Lad.”  He smiles at the young boy and gives him a thumbs up.  “Now we want you to slowly add food today, small soft meals like soup, eggs, and pudding that are easy to digest, then tomorrow we’ll try you on more solid foods like fish and chips.”  Dr. Winchester knows how eagerly his own son gobble[s] up fish and chips on family outings to their local pub.  And it seems that Andy also favors it.

Dr. Scott Roxburgh and Lexi had remained riveted to Dr. Winchester’s interaction with his child patient Andy.  Dr. Scott nods in agreement with Dr. Winchester’s care and bedside manner with the child, especially since there is no family member currently in the room who could calm and lend support to the child.  But Lexi looks quizzically at Dr. Winchester.

Dr. ScottR: “Dr. Winchester, I think Miss Brown has a question.”  He relays sotto voce as they walk into the hallway since young Andy has finally been able to fall asleep due to his pain being alleviated.

Dr. Winchester: “Oh?”  He turns to Lexi, him assuming she is the Miss Brown whom Dr. Roxburgh indicated.  “What is your , My Dear?” 

Though Dr. Winchester’s care of Andy was exemplary, the slight condescension in his voice in addressing Lexi is noted by she and Dr. Scott.  However, Lexi ignores that condescension.

Lexi: “Well, first let me say that I’m glad that Andy is feeling much better due to your wonderful care of him.  But I’m intrigued as to how NHS and the medical center can afford to have him stay more than one day after this type of surgery, when in the U.S., regular operations such as appendix and gallbladder removals are same day and out operations?  Not that I think booting someone out of a hospital bed so soon after surgery is wise.  I just marvel at the NHS system being able to pay for such extended patient care!” 

Of course Lexi knows that the first rule of asking an expert any question is to know or to anticipate their answer.  Hence the couching of her question in favorable terms regarding the NHS and the medical center.

Dr. Winchester:  “Well with all British medical care being centralized, costs are kept down by not allowing for high charges to one patient and low charges to another.  Medical staff salaries are also kept competitive, but not exorbitant—with increased employee benefit packages such as ample paid sick and personal time leave, childcare, etc., to allow for doctors to have a life.”

Lexi: “Thank you, Dr. Winchester.”  She nods and smiles.

Dr. Winchester: “My pleasure.  Any questions or comments before you shadow another doctor [this afternoon,] Dr. Roxburgh?”

Dr. ScottR: “Not at the moment.  Yourrr excellent carrre of young Andy is what I would have done as well.” 

Then after Dr. Winchester leaves, Scott looks for Lexi and finds that she has gone back into Andy’s room at his beckoning.

Lexi: “Hello Andy.  I’m Lexi.  And I’m observing patient care to see how we might improve your experience, beyond the medical treatment you receive.  Is there anything we can get or do for you?”  She hands him her business card with her [name and] email on it, so he sees that she is official [Cambridge Medical Center] staff through her university affiliation.

Andy: “No, I’m good.  Say!  You’re not from here, are you?”

Lexi:  Keeping her voice soft and well modulated, Lexi is in caretake mode.  “Good ears!  I’m from the States, New York City, actually.  But I’ve been staying in England  on a [post] graduate internship since last January. And my Mom/Mum moved to Scotland last year.  So I get to see her, too.”  Lexi smiles at the young boy.  And she notices that he seems a little sad.  “Do you have someone in your family or friends who will be visiting you today?  Or shall we see if we can line up some table top games partners for you for later today when you’re feeling a bit better?” 

Andy: “No, nobody has visited me.  What’s a table top game?”  He asks quizzically.  Usually if he wants to play a game, he turns on his cell phone.  But they wouldn’t let him bring it with him to the hospital.

Dr. ScottR: “Ha ha ha ha ha!  Well, Miss Brown and I arrre of an age that as kids we played cards and dominoes and chess with pieces you hold in yourrr hand and move arrround a boarrrd.” 

Lexi: “Yes, quite true.  But I think the medical center has some dedicated tablets they loan out to patients for gaming, book [reading], and general web surfing during your stay that I can line you up with.  Would you like that?”

Andy: “Wouldn’t I just.  They wouldn’t let me bring my cell phone with me.  Say mate.”  He addresses [the young and friendly looking]  Dr. Scott Roxburgh.  “You wouldn’t know what the football scores are for Manchester United?”  He asks hopefully.

Dr. ScottR:  “I think they’ve securrred theirrr spot in the playoffs.” He nods knowingly.  Obviously, the kid is sports mad—just like he was as a lad.

Andy: “Brilliant!”  He says a bit tiredly.

Lexi:  “Andy?  Why don’t you try and sleep a bit.  And when you wake up, I’ll ask the staff to loan you one of the tablets.”  She smiles and squeezes his hand.

Andy: “Thanks, Miss!  I didn’t know lookers like you could be nice to people like me.”  He states with mild astonishment. Andy’s family can’t afford to send him to boarding school on his father’s plumber’s salary.  But Andy hopes that his [high] math and science scores will help him get a scholarship spot for next year at one of the posh institutions.

Lexi: “I will take that as a compliment, Andy.  Thank you!”  Lexi smiles and pats Andy’s shoulder. 

Then she and Dr. Scott Roxburgh say their goodbyes and enter the hallway and walk down it to the elevator.

Dr. ScottR: “You were great with Andy in there.  I think you’ve missed your calling.”

Lexi: “Oh really?  As what?”  She asks humorously.

Dr. ScottR:  “As a medical carrre giverrr—beyond the serrrvices that social worrrkerrrs perrrforrrm.  I sense that you’rrre like me and you see ourrr patients as people. And maybe we identify with them a bit.”

Lexi:  “Perhaps you’re right.  How do you identify with Andy?” She asks a pertinent questions.

Dr. ScottR: “Oh! Well … I…”  He stammers.  Lexi just waits patiently.  “Well, I had my appendix taken out when I was ten years old.  And it was trrraumatic in that up until that time, I hadn’t met my father and always assumed he was dead—cause it was just Mum and me.  But the hospital staff had on file my birrrth cerrrtificate and notified my fatherrr of my operrration, and he came to see me.”  He states rather non-plussed.

Lexi: Soothingly rubbing his upper arms, she consoles him. “Oh, that does sound traumatic.  How did it turn out?”

Dr. ScottR: “Not well.  I was mad at both of my biological parrrents.  My fatherrr for neverrr being therrre forrr me beforrre–and my Mum for lying to me and her saying that he was dead.  It was harrrd for me to underrrstand why she kept him frrrom me.  Let alone, how could my fatherrr not know that he had a child? Me?”

Lexi: “Are you and your father on better terms now?”  She asks gently.

Dr. ScottR: “No.  That was [almost] twenty years ago.  And though he visited me occasionally forrr a few yearrrs, I wasn’t verrra nice to him.  And I rrresented him intrrruding on my Mum and I. Eventually, he stopped trrrying to contact me.  I guess he gave up on me.”  He shrugs forlornly.  Though what Dr. Scott doesn’t know is that his father continued to pay for his posh schooling and his outside of school activities, clothing, computers, etc.

Lexi: “Fathers are hard relationships.  And I don’t know how I know, but I would guess that your father would be very proud of the man you’ve become—with you helping others through your medical expertise.”  Lexi nods knowingly, her bitterly thinking of her own father who had cheated on her mother Sophie before their divorce. 

Dr. ScottR: “Wel!l  We’ve just had our firrrst deep converrrsation.  And we’rrre not even 24 hours into knowing each otherrr.  Have I chased you away yet, Lexi?”  He asks with some trepidation.

Lexi: “Not in the least, Scott.”  She smiles lovingly up at him and caresses his face.  “We all have things in our past that can haunt us.  And though we can’t change the past, we can decide for ourselves what we want in our present and our future that will make us and make others happy.  Like me choosing my medical social worker internship in England so I can be closer to my Mother in Scotland.”

Dr. ScottR: “And like me stepping back from Doctorrrs Without Borderrrs so that I can focus on my family.  You see, my Mum’s been ill lately.  She’s still having tests done, but it doesn’t look good.”

Lexi: “Oh Scott!  I’m so sorry to hear that you’re Mum is ill.  I hope that she’ll be on the mend soon.”

Dr. ScottR: “She’s all that I’ve got family wise. I can’t lose herrr.”  Lexi embraces him and kisses his cheek as she comforts him.  Scott doesn’t cry, but he is very despairing just now.  And the hurts of childhood are deep and long lasting.

Lexi: “It’s rough when our loved ones become so ill.  We have to hope that your Mum will receive excellent care and feel better.  And with you being a doctor, I’m certain that you can help her navigate her health care.  And if the unthinkable happens–as it will for all of us one day—then we will give her our love and support.”

Dr. ScottR: “We?”  He looks at her hopefully.

Lexi: “Scott, you have me now, too.  And you might also have your father in your life, if and when you decide to reach out to him.”  Scott shakes his head no.  “You don’t need to make any decisions now.  Just keep your options open.”

Dr. ScottR: “Lexi, I hope I don’t sound needy. I’m not the obsessive type.  But I’m so glad that we’ve met and fallen in love.”

Lexi: “Me, too about meeting and falling in love with you.  [I haven’t been open to a relationship since my parents’ divorce three years ago.  But] sometimes people come into our lives as a great blessing, when we least expect it.  We don’t have to understand our new relationship, but just accept that blessing.”

Dr. ScottR: “You know, you arrre verrra wise for a young-er person. By the by, I’m thirrrty.  How old arrre you?”

Lexi: “I’m twenty four.  And our lives are all ahead of us, Scott.  Let us see where they lead us.”

Dr. ScottR:  “Verra well.”

Then they tenderly kiss each other in the elevator since they are alone.  The following weeks see the growth and trials of their relationship—especially with Scott’s Mum’s serious illness, and sadly, her passing.  But Lexi and Scott are steadfast with each other, loving, considerate, supportive, comforting, and loyal.  And Lexi hopes that if all goes well, that maybe Scott will want to stay with her family in Scotland for Christmas this year.


Though Sophie has had some limited virtual contact with her daughter Lexi the last two months, she is relieved to finally reach her [on the phone] on Wednesday, December 7th, at Lexi’s and Scott’s rented Cotswold love nest farmhouse.

Sophie: “Lexi!  I finally got through to you.  Are you alright kiddo?  Where have you been?”  She asks sweetly.

Lexi:  “Mom?  Mom. Do you know what time it is?”  Lexi [whines and] looks at her phone’s time and sinks back into bed.  “Oh god, Mom.  It’s not even 7am.  And now that you woke me, I need to visit the bathroom.”

Beside Lexi in their bed, Scott pulls Lexi’s bare backside close to his warm bare front side, then he kisses her bare shoulder.

Scott: “Who is calling at this hourrr?”

Lexi:  Lexi covers her phone’s microphone. “It’s my Mom.  So shush!”  She smiles over her shoulder at him.

Sophie: “Lexi?  Are you still there?  Is someone there with you?”  She asks with astonishment, since her daughter Lexi has not told her that she was dating anyone.

Lexi:  “Mom, given the time of day that you’re calling me, that is a very personal question.”  She replies dryly.  Her Mom has Myles, so she should understand about morning cuddles.

Sophie: “Hallelujah!  I’m glad that you’ve finally got a personal life.  But before I forget the reason for my call, I want you to know that Myles has asked me to marry him again.  And this time, I said yes! EEEEE!”  Sophie squeals.

Lexi: “EEEE!” Lexi squeals.

Scott: “What’s the matterrr, Lexi?”

[Lexi: She smiles at Scott over her shoulder again, then whispers.  “Nothing, Scott.  Just my Mom being happy.”]

Sophie: “I like your man friend’s deep voice.  Is he tall?  Does he treat you right?  Does he love you?”

Lexi: “[Yes] Mom, Scott is all those things[,] and more.”

Sophie: “What could be better than you having someone who loves you?”

Lexi: “Well, He’s also a doctor.”  Lexi purposely holds her cell phone away from her ear.

Sophie: “EEEEE!  Myles and I can’t wait to meet him.  Bring him to Castle Dun Dunbar for our wedding and Christmas!  But come early, like next week so you can enjoy the holiday right.”

Lexi: “And help with wedding planning, I would guess? Ha ha ha!”

Sophie: “Well you are a modern fashionista.  So I welcome your input on my wedding gown.  Maybe you and I can even pop over to [Edinburgh] and check out the bridal shops.”

Lexi: “Ok Mom, Congratulations to you and the Duke.  I’ll talk Christmas  over with Scott and see when he can get away from patients and surgeries.”

Sophie:  “EEEEE!  A surgeon?”

Lexi:  “Yes, Mom, Scott does all the doctorly stuff.”

Scott:  Whispering as he his kisses Lexi’s bare shoulder.  “I do na think that doctorrrly is a word.”

Lexi:  Lexi blushes with Scott’s loving attentions.  “Gotta go Mom!  I’ll call you in a few days about our travel plans.”  She hangs up.

Scott: “I gatherrr that yourrr motherrr apprrroves of you being in a rrrelationship, by herrr squealing?”

Lexi:  “And she wants us to join she and her fiancé for Christmas [at the castle]—as soon as we can get away.  Next weekend, if possible.”

Scott:  “Where do they live?”

Lexi: “In Scotland, near [Edinburgh].  Don’t worry, they have direct flights from Cambridge to Edinburgh.  And then there is a shuttle taxi that can pick us up at the Edinburgh airport to take us to the castle.”  Lexi notices that Scott has become quiet.  “Scott,  don’t you think you can get away for Christmas?”

Scott: “No, It’s na that.  But my fatherrr lives in Scotland.”  He says with some trepidation.

Lexi:  “Really?  Well maybe you and he can arrange to meet while we’re there?”  She smiles blithely.

Scott: “Somehow, I do na think that my arranging to meet my fatherrr will be a prrroblem.”

Lexi:  “Why do you say that?”

Scott:  “You said yourrr Motherrr lives near Edinburrrgh, Scotland?”  Lexi nods.  “Who is your Mother marrying, Lexi?”

Lexi: “Duke Myles, the …”  But Scott interrupts her.

Scott: “the twelfth Duke of Dun Dunbarrr Castle.  Uhhhh!”  Scott nods and sighs resignedly.

Lexi:  “You know Myles?”

Scott: “Barrrely. You see, Duke Myles is my fatherrr.”

Lexi: “Craaap!”  She winces.  “Sorry for the bad language.  But I mean, I like Myles, and I think you will like him, too.  But how do you feel about all this?” She asks him worriedly.

Then Scott removes the pillow from under his head, places it over his face, and screams into the pillow, muffling the sound.

Scott: “Arrrghhh!”

Lexi: “Well this is an unusual situation.  But think of it this way Scott, the only way your relationship can go with your father, is up.” 

Scott: “If you say so.  Howeverrr, I am not so cerrrtain.  And [since we’re revealing information,] by the way, my name Scott is a school nickname—since I’m Scottish.”

Lexi: “Oh?  And you’re just telling me now?  What is your real name, then?”

Scott: “[Lord] Ewan Corrrwyn Rrroxburrrgh Dunbarrr.  And I am technically, the 10th Marrrquess of Roxburrrgh.” 

Lexi: “Oh my god!”  Lexi is astonished at this turn of events. Then she gracefully holds out her hand. “May I borrow your pillow, Scott?  I mean, Ewan?”  Lexi smiles with attempted sangfroid, before also screaming into her pillow?  “Ughhh!”

The upcoming weeks leading up to Christmas should be very interesting.  Two romantic relationships, a wedding, and one estranged father & son relationship. What could possibly go wrong?

To be continued with Chapter 3


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  1. December 07, 2022–Thanks for voting/starring Ch. 02 of my fanfic “A Castle wedding for Christmas”! I’m glad that you enjoyed it! Cheers! Grati ;->



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