“A Castle Wedding for Christmas 2”, Ch. 09 End/Epilogue: Another wedding before a bright new year, by Gratiana Lovelace,  December 30, 2022  (Post #1504)  

(An original Contemporary Romance fan fic story copyrighted by Gratiana Lovelace, 2022;
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0-ACastleWedding-forChristmas2-storycover-2inch300res_Dec03-2022byGratianaLovelace [Illustrations:  I cast my stories as I write them.  So from time to time, I will illustrate my story with actors and such, including the original cast of “A Castle for Christmas” (2021):  Cary Elwes as Myles the 12th Scottish Duke of Dunbar and Castle Dun Dunbar, Brooke Shields as the American Sophie McGuinty, Vanessa Grasse as her daughter Lexi Brown, Dalmeny House as Castle Dun Dunbar, Lee Ross as Thomas the Castle Dun Dunbar caretaker, Andi Osho as Maisie the Dunbar Village Innkeeper, Eilidh Loan as Rhona Fitzwalter the young pastry chef par excellence in Dunbar Village, Tina Gray as Helen Fitzwalter the elderly Dunbar Village knitters group leader, Kevin McKidd as Dr. Ewan Roxburgh, Lindsay Lohan as Isabel Fitzwalters Roxburgh, and others as noted.]

[Author’s Note:  This original Contemporary Romance fanfic is a work of fiction, and as such, any character names, scenes or other descriptions were made at the creative discretion of this author.  And this is a gentle romance (G to PG-13), but with some frank discussions about love and marriage put to humorous effect.  This is my disclaimer.  And I came up with this story idea hoping for the creators of “A Castle for Christmas” (2021)—loved it–to give us a sequel!  So if they see my fanfic story here, I hope that they consider this a suggestion for a possible continuing story for Duke Myles and Sophie and the Dunbar Village folks.]

                           Ch. 09 End:  Another wedding before a bright new year

Almost as soon as Lexi and Ewan settle on a New Year’s Eve wedding when they became engaged Tuesday, December 27th, Lexi has a change of heart.  Brides do that.  It’s not that she doesn’t want to marry Ewan, she very much does.  But unlike her mother Sophie and her new stepfather Duke Myles, Lexi doesn’t want her wedding anniversary tied to a major holiday.  Lexi wants her and Ewan’s wedding date to be just their own, now and into the future.  So they settle on Friday, December 30th for their new wedding date.

And that only gives them three days to plan [their] wedding and notify their wedding guests and attendants—such as her best girlfriend and Cambridge roommate Noreen Solange as her Maid of Honor, whom she discovers has left England for a tour of the Continent with her boyfriend.  So Lexi’s backup plan is having her Mom Duchess Sophie be her Matron of Honor. This works out great because Ewan asks his father Duke Myles to be his supporter and Best Man.

So while Duchess Sophie is on wedding ceremony and reception planning details, Lexi and Ewan make a quick visit to his still recovering grandmother Helen Fitzwalter at her home in the Village of Dunbar.  The heart attack may have slowed Helen down a bit, but she is keen to see her grandson Ewan again.

Helen: “Children come in.”  The elderly yet cheery Helen beckons warmly to Ewan and Lexi as she sits in her comfiest sitting room chair covered in blankets and wearing one of her knitted creations. Her granddaughter Rhona who has been taking care of her has briefly popped out to the grocer’s to pick up some supplies while Ewan and Lexi are visiting.

Ewan: “Grrran! Lexi and I arrre glad to see ye looking so well.  Arrre ye getting plenty of rest?”  The doctor in Ewan is always on high alert when someone is unwell, or recuperating.

Helen: “I’m just fine!  Now what brings you two to see me?”  Her eyes sparkle, because the village grapevine is almost as thorough and speedy as the internet.

Ewan: “Lexi.”  Ewan holds out his hand and Lexi steps forward into his arms.  “Gran, Lexi and I are getting marrried in thrrree days, on the afterrrnoon of Decemberrr 30th at the Castle Dun Dunbarr Chapel.  And we hope that ye can join us.” Ewan clasps Lexi’s left hand and holds it out for his Gran Helen to see Lexi’s heirloom engagement ring.

Helen: “Ohhh!”  She claps her hands in delight.  “I’m so glad, My Dearrrs!”

Lexi:  “We’re glad too, Mrs. Fitzwalter.”

Helen: “Ye must call me Grrran, too, Lexi Dearrrie.”

Lexi: “Thanks, Gran.”  Lexi smiles cheerfully.  Then she looks worried.

Helen:  “What’s wrong, Dearie?”

Lexi: “I have to find a dress—nothing elaborate, but beautiful.  Do you have any suggestions?”

Lexi hopefully asks the Dunbar Village Knitting Group Leader Knitter Helen, Gran. Because Helen had beautifully tailored an old Castle Dun Dunbar gown for her Mom Sophie last year, so Lexi hopes that she might know of an existing dress that will work.  Not that Lexi expects the still recovering Helen to tailor a gown for her.

Helen: With a twinkle in her eye, Helen smiles. “I dooo. Ewan?  Please go into the kitchen and have some coffee there with a box of Rhona’s tea cakes while I show a gown to Lexi.  In fact, stay in therrre until we call forrr ye.  It’s bad luck for the Grrroom to see the wedding gown befortte the wedding—that is, werrre  she to choose it.” Helen shoos him away.

Ewan: “Yes Gran.”

And Ewan goes smilingly to the kitchen—him planning to wear for his wedding the same DrEwanRoxburgh--in-tuxedo-kilt-wedding-attire-isKevinMcKidd-viaPopsugar_Dec29-2022Grati-cap-crop-szd tuxedo kilt attire [(2) right] that he wore for his Da’s Duke Myles wedding to Lexi’s Mom Sophie.

Helen:  “Lexi please fetch the gown box that I had Rrrhona place behind the sofa therrre forrr me this morrrning.”

Lexi: “This morning?  But Ewan only proposed to me after lunch today.  How could you know we were engaged already?”  Lexi smiles in perplexity at Helen as she walks around the sofa and retrieves the large but lightweight gown box, her setting it on the sofa before them.

Helen: “Well, Dearrrie. Ye and Ewan looked so grrrand and happy togetherrrr at yourrr parrrents’ wedding  on Chrrristmas Eve that I had a feeling about ye.”

Lexi carefully opens the deep gown box, her almost hearing a sigh as she lifts the lid off, since the contents within have were vacuum packed to preserve them and have not been out of storage for fifty years. There is a copious amount of white tissue paper that Lexi excitedly pulls back to uncover a beautiful and pristine white lace gown bodice with long sleeves overlay on top and its white satin sheath undergown beneath it.

Lexi: “Ohhh!  This wedding gown set is beautiful!”  Lexi holds up the satin sheath to her body.  “It looks like it might even fit me!”  Lexi squeals in hopefulness.  “Whose wedding gown was this, Gran?”

Helen: “It was my wedding gown when I marrried my Ferrrgus over fifty yearrrs ago.  I made the satin sheath underrr gown with wrrrist length sleeves, and my Mum made the lacy bodice and long sleeves overlay for it.”  Since Helen’s fortes are sewing and knitting, not tatting.  “Try it on Dearrrie.  You arrre petite like me, so I’m hopeful that it will fit ye.”

Lexi doesn’t wait to be asked twice, as she peels off her sweater and jeans and boots, LexiBrown-in-white-lace-wedding-dress-isVanessaGrasse-CLS_Dec29-2022viaBluRay-Grati-szd before donning the floor length full sleeved satin sheath gown and then its delicate lacy bodice and long sleeves overlay.  The wedding gown set fits Lexi [(3) right] as if they were made for her and she looks elegantly beautiful.

Lexi: “This gown is perfect, Gran. May I wear it as my wedding gown when Ewan and I are married on  Friday?”  Lexi asks hopefully.

Of course, Helen had been hopeful that Lexi would like to wear her wedding gown.  And Helen is so glad that Lexi does wish to wear it as her wedding gown.

Helen: “With all my love and blessings, Dearrrie.” Helen has happy tears in her eyes, as does Lexi. “And in time, perrrhaps, yourrr own futurrre daughterrr will want to wearrr it when she is marrrried.”  This lovely heirloom wedding gown set is another gift of family and legacy to Lexi and Ewan.

So after tenderly kissing her soon to be Gran Helen on her cheek, Lexi gently removes and carefully repacks her wedding gown set in their box.  She will carefully iron out some wrinkles on the satin sheath, then lay it and its lacy bodice and long sleeves overlay out on an unused bed at Castle Dun Dunbar to further unwrinkle as best as they can over the next few days.  Lexi will not risk damaging the delicate heirloom wedding gown set by trying to do more with them.


With Ewan permanently on leave from Doctors Without Borders—though he aids in recruiting and training new doctors for them–he now hopes to establish his medical career in one place so he can put down roots and start a family.  He has two choices:  the Cambridge Medical Center in England—from which he already possesses an offer letter to be an attending physician with a generous compensation package–or the Edinburgh Medical Center (EMC) in Scotland.  Both have appeal for him, but ultimately, the lure of Scotland with his newly found family wins out.

For Lexi, she also has to consider her career as a medical social worker in hospital settings—and the different licensures that are present in UK facilities, with her being an American transplant. So she will also seek employment at Edinburgh Medical Center in Scotland after they are wed.  Because Lexi is committed to her relationship to Dr. Lord Ewan Roxburgh Dunbar as her life partner—with equal sharing of duties and responsibilities for their home, and any children they might welcome to their family.

And that very evening after dinner with their parents at Castle Dun Dunbar—when they are private and lying in bed in each others’ arms in their Castle bedchamber suite–Ewan will reveal to Lexi what he confirmed [Christmas] morning with his stethoscope examination of her while she dozed, with regard to their starting their family in the new year.

Ewan: “How arrre ye feeling[,] Lexi Darrrling?”  He asks caringly as he tenderly kisses her

Lexi:  “Very good and happy!  I love you so, Ewan.”

Ewan: “And I love ye so, Lexi!”  They kiss passionately.  But Ewan doesn’t want them to get carried away with romance, just yet. So he redirects their loving discussion.  “Ye know that I gave ye a quick examination [Chrrristmas] morrrning afterrr ye felt nauseous and faint with the sausages cooking?”

Lexi: “Yes. But please don’t even mention those meat things to me.  Blech!”  She shudders.

Ewan: “Ha ha ha!  Of courrrse, My Love.  You’rrre hearrrt is just fine.  But you’ll probably want to make an appointment to see a lady’s doctor after we return to Edinburgh to live—to confirm my suspicions—and who might also suggest you augment your diet.”

Lexi: “Oh? Is anything wrong?”  She asks worriedly.

Ewan: “Not a bit.”  Ewan smiles, then he wonderingly and gently lays his large hand upon her abdomen.  “It is earrrly days yet, but I detected a hearrrtbeat in yourrr womb [Chrrristmas] morning.  Ye arrre prrregnant, Lexi.”

Lexi: “A baby?  Oh Ewan, I’m so happy!”

Ewan: “As am I, My Love.”

Lexi and Ewan kiss each other with heartfelt loving abandon.  God willing, they will welcome their first child later in the new year.  And soon, their Roxburgh, Dunbar, and Fitzwalter families will grow and expand.  You see that though Ewan and Lexi practiced safer sex their first two months together—in October and November, once they committed to making a life together in early December, they decided to go ahead and try for a family.  They will become parents, and their parents grandparents, and their Gran Helen a great grandparent.

So Ewan and Lexi doubly resolve to make their permanent move to Edinburgh, Scotland as a mutual professional and personal decision—as well as their planning to redecorate and remodel Ewan’s lovely Tudor style childhood home for themselves and their soon to be expanding family.  Naturally, Duke Myles and his now Duchess Sophie are overjoyed with Ewan and Lexi’s plans of moving to Edinburgh, Scotland permanently—as are Ewan’s Gran Helen and his cousin Rhona.

Once Ewan and Lexi also share their baby news with their family and friends, that makes their small wedding in the Castle Dun Dunbar Chapel  held on December 30th, the day before New Year’s Eve, all the more joyous as they share the beginning of their new lives as a family, with their family and friends.

To be continued with the Epilogue

Epilogue:  Love and Joy

The following mid August in the new year, Lady Lexi Brown Roxburgh Dunbar, the Marchioness of Roxburgh goes into labor a week ahead of her August 30th due date.  She has been on maternity leave since the beginning of May due to her large pregnancy weight gain on her small frame causing her to be [extremely] tired [all the time].

And when it is then discovered on Lexi’s 6th monthly OBGYN  appointment in June that Lexi is carrying twins, she is put on mostly bed rest at home–with the house keeper/caretaker Ewan had previously hired fussing over Lexi almost as much as her Mom Duchess Sophie does.

Dr. Ewan Roxburgh Dunbar, Marquess of Roxburgh, also slows down his Edinburgh Medical Center practice schedule–of seeing patients, surgeries, and his teaching of young doctors–so that he can be at home more with Lexi during this most trying period in her later pregnancy months.  He works only weekdays—with Wednesdays off so he can take Lexi to her doctor appts and treat her to pampering lunches and such–and he gets home by 6pm most nights.  And after the babies are born, Dr. Ewan plans to take paternity leave for two months to help Lexi with their twins.  He is grateful for the family friendly employee policies at the Edinburgh Medical Center that allow him this time with his wife as they await their children’s births and then paternity leave after they are born.


So it is on a rainy August 23rd Wednesday afternoon that Lexi lets her husband Ewan know that it is time.  Rubbing her sore back, Lexi sits up in their bed and calls to her husband sitting in his large man sized leather wing chair nearby and reading the Edinburgh newspaper.

Lexi:  “Ewan?”

Ewan: “Hmmm?  Lexi Darrrling?”  He replies, without looking up.

Lexi: “It’s time.”

Ewan: “Oh?” He looks up quizzically. “Time for what?”  He thinks that they just had lunch two hours ago and dinner isn’t for three more hours.

Lexi: “It’s time for our birthing plan to be executed.  I’m in labor, doctor man.”  She teases him.

Ewan: Hopping up from his chair and tossing his newspaper aside, Ewan looks frazzled. “What?”

Lexi: “My back has been sore all morning.  And the contractions have been getting closer together, so…”

Ewan: “Lexi!  Why did ye na tell me ye werrre in laborrr soonerrr?”  Ewan starts fussing around Lexi like a very large hummingbird.

Lexi: “Because labor goes on for a long time.  But I think I’m getting closer now.  So please help me to the bathroom and then let’s go to the hospital.”  She states tiredly.  “And when we get there, I want my epidural!”  She confirms most ardently.

Ewan: “Aye, Lass!”

So Ewan drives Lexi over to the Edinburgh Medical Center’s (EMC) family birthing wing—with Lexi calling her Mom during their brief drive over.  She knows her Mom and Myles live a bit more than an hour away near the Village of Dun bar, so it might be a while before she sees them.  But Lexi is forgetting something.

So Lexi is made comfortable in her birthing suite in a pretty and soft hospital gown in a pretty lilac shade with thistle images on it–that the EMC had upgraded due to their birthing mothers firm requests.  Happily, Lexi’s water had burst when she visited her ensuite bathroom–after she sat on the toilet.  So she did not have that messy feeling that most birthing mothers’ have.

But Lexi has two babies to be born this day.  Her OBGYN thinks that one baby is a boy and the other is a girl.  But ultrasound images can still be deceiving and they could end up with either two boys or two girls.

First time father Dr. Ewan is a wreck as he paces Lexi’s birthing suite.  Despite Ewan being a doctor, giving birth is a serious procedure for women and he doesn’t take Lexi’s struggle and pain lightly.  He insures that she has her epidural, after the nurses confirm that Lexi’s womb is dialated 8  centimeters.  Her babies could really come at any time.

Then 45 minutes after Lexi called her Mom about being in labor, Duchess Sophie and Duke Myles—along with Gran Helen and cousin Rhona arrive at the EMC Birthing Center wing and ask to be admitted to Lexi’s birthing suite.  They will have to go in by twos per the hospital staff.  So Lexi’s Mom Sophie and Gran Helen are admitted first.

Duchess Sophie: “Lexi!  Oh my God!  You’re in labor!”  Sophie tenderly embraces and kisses her only child Lexi.

Lexi: “Mom?  How did you get here so fast?”

Gran Helen:  Sitting comfortably on the birthing suite’s couch, Gran Helen explains.  “Myles flew us herrre in his helicopterrr contrrraption.”  She states quite perturbed. Although she had flown in the helicopter to the Edinburgh Medical Center when she had her heart attack, she was unconscious the whole time.  “Myles and Rrrhona arrre waiting in the visitorrr lounge.”

Ewan: “Thanks forrr coming, Gran and Sophie.” He states politely to his mother-in-law Duchess Sophie and his Gran Helen, but the tall and broad Ewan is pale as a ghost.

Lexi:  “Ewan?  When will Dr. Bishop get here?  I don’t want to have these babies without her.”  Lexi asks in concern.

Ewan:  Quickly going to his wife Lexi’s hospital bed, Ewan tenderly hugs her. “The nurses said that Dr. Bishop is in the Birthing Wing attending to another birth.  So they keep her apprised of your progress and hope that she will be here soon.”  He did not say that the other patient Dr. Bishop is with is having complications, since he doesn’t want to worry Lexi.

Then a nurse comes back in to check on Lexi again, taking her temperature, her pulse, and listening to her heart and abdomen.

Nurse Stella: “How arrre we doing, Lady Rrroxburrrgh?”  The staff always follow etiquette when addressing nobility.

Lexi:  “I’m hanging in there. But I’m just Lexi, please.  I’ll be Lady Roxburgh when I’m at a formal occasion.”

Nurse Stella:  “As you wish, My Lady.”  Well, ingrained politeness is difficult to change.  “Let me check yourrr womb below for yourrr prrrogress.”

Happily, the business end of the bed faces a wall and not the door nor the window.  So Lexi is afforded some privacy as the sheet and blanket are lifted to rest on her bent knees.  And only Ewan and the nurse stand at the business end.  Unfortunately Ewan being a first time father, gets a tad excited at what he sees.

Ewan: “Oh my!  I can see a baby’s head about to emerge.  Can ye feel that Lexi?”

Lexi:  “Not really.  That epidural must really be working well.”

Nurse Stella: “Yes, baby numberrr one’s head is crrrowning and its birrrth is imminent.” She pushes the emergency call button.  “Get an attending birrrthing physician in suite fourrr now!”  For multiple birthings are considered high risk pregnancies—for the mother and children.

Dr. Ewan: “I’m an attending physician.”  Ewan states plainly.

Nurse Stella: “Have you assisted at birrrths beforrre, Dr. Lord Rrroxburrrgh?”  She asks hopefully of the father to be.

Lexi: “My husband is an orthopedic surgeon specialist.”  Lexi states as she gazes at her stunned looking husband.

Dr. Ewan: “Aye.  And though I have assisted with a birrrth, it has been some yearrrs ago.”  He blanches.

Happily, Lexi’s OBGYN Dr. Bishop rushes into Lexi’s birthing suite.  And she quickly washes her hands and gloves up.

Dr. Bishop: “Sorrry I’m late. I was assisting with anotherrr birrrth.  Wherrre arrre we?”

Nurse Stella: “Baby numberrr one is crrrowning. Lady Lexi had herrr epidurrral 45 minutes ago.”  Nurse Stella compromises on the etiquette to follow regulations and to bend to Lexi’s wishes of informality.

Lexi: “So far, the pain is manageable.  And I can’t really tell that my baby is crowning.”

Dr. Bishop: “Drrr. Ewan, suit up, wash up, and glove up now!  Afterrr baby numberrr one is borrrn, Nurrrse Stella will clean its airrrways, swaddle it, and then hand it to you to hold brrriefly beforrre putting it in its bassinette.”  And another nurse wheels in two bassinettes that are put off to the side of the room.

Of course Duchess Sophie and Gran Helen are spellbound with the impending births of Ewan’s and Lexi’s babies unfolding before them.  And Sophie texts Myles to let him know what is going on and why they haven’t switched places yet.

Lexi: “I think something’s happening. I’m feeling some pain.” Lexi looks startled.

Dr. Bishop: “When you feel the next contrrraction, I want you to push as harrrd as you can.”

Ewan and Lexi gaze adoringly at each other.  In the next few moments, their family will grow from just them to four, god willing that all goes well.

Lexi: “Alright. Owww!”  Lexi convulses in some pain and baby number one pops out rather easily, without any vaginal tearing.  Twin babies are usually a bit smaller, and often easier to birth.

Dr. Bishop: “Well done, Lady Lexi.  It’s a boy.”  She hands the baby to Nurse Stella who clears its airways and gives the little fella a tap on its rump, which prompts a loud cry out of him.”

Then she swaddles the baby and hands him to his father Dr. Ewan, who gazes Baby-boy-smiling-image_Dec29-2022-viaLetsgohealthyblogspot wonderingly upon his smiling baby son [(4) right].  No one has the heart to tell Dr. Ewan that the baby probably just has gas.

Dr. Ewan:  “And Good Lorrrd!  He’s got some lungs on him.”  Ewan kisses his son’s forehead.

Lexi: “Oh, Ewan, let me see him!”  She asks eagerly.  And Ewan leans the baby down to Lexi so Lexi can also kiss her baby son.  Looking at his little fingers wonderingly, she says in awe. “He’s beautiful!”

Dr. Bishop: “Alrrright.  We still have baby number two to come out.

Helen: “Let Sophie take me out to the hall so I can switch places with Myles.  He should be in here.”  Especially since Myles was not granted the privilege of seeing his son Ewan be born thirty years ago.  The exchange of visitors happens quickly with their cousin Rhona quickly taking care of her Gran Helen in the visitor’s lounge.

Duke Myles: “I hearrr that my grrrandson was borrrn?”  He asks excitedly.

Dr. Ewan: “Da?  He’s in the bassinette over here.”  And the two men walk over and stand gazing at the little baby.

Duke Myles: “Ach!  He’s so tiny!”  He puts his finger forward and the little one latches on.  “And what a grrrip!”  Duke Myles smiles.

Dr. Ewan: “Aye.” Dr. Ewan is a besotted man and new father.

Lexi:  “Ewan, I need you.”  Lexi cries out in pain.  Her second baby’s birth is not happening as easily as her first baby.

Dr. Ewan:  Ewan rushes over to his wife’s bedside.  “What is happening Dr. Bishop?”

Dr. Bishop: “Baby numberrr two isn’t turrrned rrright, and could be a brrreech baby.”  Dr. Bishop grunts as she tries to turn the baby, but it won’t budge.

Lexi: “Is our baby okay?”  Lexi asks in a trembling voice.  It would be devastating to lose one of their twins, unthinkable.

Dr. Bishop: “The baby’s not in distrrress, but I don’t want it to get to that point.  So I’m going to perrrforrrm a Caesarrrean Section on you, Lexi.  Everyone but the father out!”

Sophie and Myles quickly rush into the hallway and sit on a nearby bench.  Sophie cries with her worry for her daughter Lexi and Lexi’s second baby as she leans in to Myles who is also tearing up.

Lexi: “Ewan!”  Lexi cries out in distress. And he goes to her side.

Dr. Ewan: “An operation is best for the baby, Lexi.  We must get it out now.”

Dr. Bishop:  “Did you feel that, Lexi?”  She asks after making the first incision.

Lexi: “Feel what?”

Dr. Bishop: “I’ve made the firrrst exterior incision.  Now to the uterrrus.”  She cuts quickly, but Lexi’s epidural seems to be wearing off.

Lexi: “Owwww!  Stop, please stop!”

Dr. Bishop:  “Nurse?  Give Lady Lexi some of the anesthesia [gas], then let Dr. Ewan take over tending to his wife while you assist me with the second baby’s birth.  Lexi is rendered [unconscious] almost immediately with the anesthesia and Dr. Bishop works fast. “Here comes the second baby, as the doctor lifts her out of her mother’s body.  “It’s a girl!”  Nurse [Stella] instantly suctions the baby’s airways and then taps the baby girl’s  rump.  But she doesn’t cry.

Dr. Ewan: “Oh God, No!”  He cannot bear to lose one of their babies now.”  Lexi is still unconscious with the anesthesia to allow Dr. Bishop to remove the after birth and then stitch her up as she also focuses on Nurse Stella trying to get the baby to respond.

Nurse Stella works diligently on trying to get the baby girl to breathe, holding her upside down and firmly patting her bottom.  But she still gets no response from the baby.

Then Dr. Ewan takes his lifeless baby daughter from the nurse and tries gentle mouth to mouth resuscitation on her, then he lays her on her stomach in his large hand and gives her rump another firm and slightly stinging pat. The baby girl expels a spit wad the size of a quarter that had been blocking her airway and she starts to move and make grizzling noises, as well as her color improves.

A happily stunned Dr. Bishop quickly places a small oxygen mask over the baby girl’s mouth and nose while she is still being held by her father.  And the baby girl yawns, moves her little hands around, burps, and then pees onto her father’s sterile gown  covered arm.

Dr. Ewan: “Ha ha ha ha ha!  I’ve been baptized.”  He states relievedly.  “Will me daughterrr be alrrright, Drrr. Bishop?”

Nurse Stella is tending to Lady Lexi, switching the anesthesia mask for an oxygen flow as Lexy slowly begins to wake up.

Dr. Bishop: “The baby’s movement and burrrping arrre verrry good signs.  But we’ll obserrrve herrr closely [overrrnight] to make surrre that herrr airrrways don’t have any otherrr blockages.”
Dr. Bishop takes the now sleeping baby girl [(5) right]  from Dr. Ewan and holds  her close.  And Dr. Ewan  removes his disposable sterile gown and washes his forearm that had a bit of baby girl pee leak onto it.  Then he is handed their baby girl back and he takes her to Lexi.

Lexi:  “Oooh?  Is that our second baby?  Is it a boy or a girl?”  She asks sleepily excitedly.

Dr. Ewan:  “She’s a wee baby gerrril.” He smiles lovingly at his wife Lexi, then kissing her lips.  The baby’s health might still be compromised, but for now, he places her on her mother’s breast.  And little baby girl latches on and nurses.  “Well!  Despite having a bit of a slow starrrt, she is cerrrtainly making up forrr it!”  He smiles at this tender scene.

Lexi: “What do you mean, slow start?”  Lexi was unconscious during their baby girl’s birth.

And Dr. Ewan realizes that he must be the one to tell Lexi what happened. So that she doesn’t hear about it from a medical staffer.

Dr. Ewan:  “Lexi, Love.  Our baby gerrril was born and couldn’t brrreathe at firrrst.  The Nurrrse trrried severrral suctions of herrr airrrways and taps on herrr rump while holding her upside down.  Then I took herrr and perrrforrrmed mouth to mouth rrresuscitation, placed herrr on herrr stomach on my hand and I gave herrr rrrump a stinging slap.  Somehow, that dislodged a larrrge spitwad blocking her airrrway, and she began to brrreathe, and move and make sounds.  Then she burrrped and peed on me.  Ha ha ha!”

Lexi:  “Oh Ewan!”  Lexi cries out, tears flowing down her cheeks as her baby feeds upon her breast.  “Will she be alright, Dr. Bishop?”  Lexi gently strokes her baby girl’s back as she nurses her.

Dr. Bishop: “Yourrr baby gerrril is looking verrra good rrright now, Lady Lexi.  But we will monitorrr herrr closely to make surrre that she doesn’t have any other airrrway or other issues.  Let me take herrr forrr a moment to do some tests while you nurrrse yourrr baby son.”

Dr. Ewan:  “Herrre we go.”

Dr. Ewan lifts his baby daughter from Lexi and into his arms, kisses his baby daughter’s cheeks then hands her over to Dr. Bishop.  He then goes and picks up their son in his bassinette and lays him down next to Lexi’s other breast to nurse on.  Their baby boy latches on and nurses quite hungrily.  After several minutes, Dr. Bishop returns their baby girl to her Papa Ewan’s arms.

Dr. Bishop: “Baby Gerrril Rrroxburrrgh is doing grrreat on her Apgarrr and otherrr tests.  Herrr eyes are trrracking well and she is rrresponding to sound.  Herrr hearrrt is also strrrong.  So you have a little fighterrr therrre.”

Lexi finishes nursing their baby son, and she burps him.

Dr. Ewan: “May we invite our parents to return to see the babies?”

Dr. Bishop: “That will be fine.  And be surrre to name the babies.”

Dr. Ewan: “We had alrrready picked out names forrr them.  Any changes Lexi, Love?”

Lexi: “No, let’s go with our first set of names that we chose.  Our baby girl will be named Elizabeth Rose Roxburgh Dunbar–after both of her grandmothers, with Elizabeth being an anglicized version of Isabel, Ewan’s late Mum’s name and Rose being my Mother’s middle name.”

Dr. Ewan:  “And ourrr baby son will be named afterrr his grrrandfatherrrs’ middle names,  William Alexanderrr Rrroxburrrgh Dunbarrr—to be nicknamed Liam.”

Dr. Bishop writes the babies names on their birth certificates along with the date, times, and babies sizes particulars.  The original birth certificate copies will go to the Hall of Records in Edinburgh, with carbon copies being given to the parents.  The babies are also given matching hospital wrist bands to their mother’s hospital wrist band—for safety and security.

Duke Myles and Duchess Sophie are delighted to meet their new grandchildren—and even being allowed to hold them.  Duke Myles is particularly overcome with this honor, since he did not have this privilege in knowing about, let alone holding, his son Ewan when he was born thirty years ago.  Then Gran Helen and cousin Rhona also get to see and hold the babies. Cell phone photos are taken of each of the family members with the babies.

Then Lexi and the babies are moved to a private room on the same floor to rest and be observed overnight, with a large couch that Ewan may comfortably doze upon as he stays all night with Lexi and the babies for their overnight stay at the hospital.  Then their newly expanded Roxburgh family will go home the following day, with Dr. Ewan home on paternity leave to assist Lexi with the babies—not the least of which is because Lexi will be recovering from her birthing surgery for the next six weeks and can not lift the babies—even with their each slight 6 pound weights now.

Happily, baby Elizabeth—nicknamed Lizzie—does not seem to have any ill effects due to her birthing trauma.  But she will still be evaluated at her monthly pediatric checkups in case she will need some specialized care to help her keep up with her slightly older brother baby Liam.

So what started as Duke Myles’ and Duchess Sophie’s Scottish romance now wonderfully encompasses their adult children Ewan and Lexi who have married each other—as well as, reuniting Ewan and his father Duke Myles.  The power of love and family is strong and unendingly enduring—despite difficulties along the way.  So what began as one Castle Wedding for Christmas, became two weddings—lovingly and happily so.

The End

Dear Friends and Readers,  Thank you for joining me in exploring the culmination of Duke Myles Dunbar’s and Duchess Sophie McGuinty Dunbar’s mature romantic journey—that  then happily extended to their adult children Dr Ewan Roxburgh and Lexi Brown.  I hope that you enjoyed this shorter fan fic story for the Holidays.  Wishing you and yours a joyous Holiday Season and a very Happy New Year of 2023!  Holiday Cheers!  Gratiana Lovelace
P.S.  And as today is my wedding anniversary, a very Happy Anniversary to my wonderful hubby!

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