Two recent Richard Armitage film characters embody shades of lust and temptation,  May 18, 2022 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #1457) 

The talented British actor Richard Armitage looks oh so temptingliy handsome bts in filming his last day of the miniseries “Damage” yesterday (image belowof Richard Armitage).  In it, he portrays a future father-in-law who has an affair with his future daughter-in-law.  Hence the miniseries is named after the fallout of that affair causing “damage” to their family.

Thanks for sharing the image to RABulgaria  & RobinT!

And since “Damage” is about lust and adultery, my mind went to another recent character of Richard Armitage’s where avoiding lust and temptation are  occupational hazards/requirements—as Fr. Lorenzo Quart (right) in  the film “The Man from Rome” that is due to be released sometime in late 2022.

I started reading  “The Seville Communion” aka “The Man from Rome” last weekend.  And I’m about 55 pages in on my Kindle for PC.  The story is very interesting in how the author Arturo Perez-Reverte deftly creates almost cabals of characters—in two sets of three people so far as almost symbolic  Trinities.

The Machiavellian Cardinal Iwaszkiewicz, Monsignor Spada/Archbishop/The Mastif  who might have nefarious intentions regarding a certain Our Lady of Tears Church, and Fr. Quart as an investigator for the Vatican is one such Trinity symbolism.  And “The Three Villains” as the title for Chapter2 proclaims, are Don Ibrahim as a down on his luck fake lawyer, his evil henchman El Potro del Mantelet, and a mature female singer long past her prime who is in denial about that.

That notion of the Trinity symbolism just hit me as I write this.  Yet given the religious setting of this film, the incorporation of such religious  symbolism as the Trinity would be likely.  So I’ll be on the look out for other such nods  to religious symbols and imagery as I continue to read the book that the “The Man from Rome” film is based on.

I will say that one particular early passage that I read at around p. 28 (location 444), seems to begin to set up one of Fr.  Quart’s challenges with his current investigation into the deaths/murders at the Our Lady of Tears church—after someone hacked into the Pope’s computer.

When Richard Armitage’s character Fr. Quart responds to his ecclesiastical superior as to how he keeps “temptation [of women] at bay”, Fr. Quart provides a rather amusingly enigmatic reply:

“Quart laughed. “Prayer and cold showers, Your Grace.””

My response to Fr. Quart  is, never mock the gods or the God—or your virtue and piety might/will be tempted.  With image (at right) thanks to TeresaA.

Wishing everyone a safe, healthy, & peaceful day!  Hugs!  Grati ;->

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