Twofer Tuesday!  Richard Armitage Style!  June 20, 2017 Gratiana Lovelace (Post#1070)

I’m not sure why I like diptychs–the two picture images grouping, usually showing a comparison or contrast of images (as in the Richard Armitage and character or other self images below ),

    2015 Get Urban Movie Global poster

or another version of the same image (perhaps in fade out, or mise en scene):

Is it the exposure we get when we’re young to before and after pictures (I’m thighhhhing!),

or frontal and backal, exposure?   Dirt must have been a great sunscreen because Armitage as Porter didn’t burn nor tan:

Or maybe, even the separated at birth pictures?

Or, You moved my cheese, Hector!

Could be. So, below are a few more Richard Armitage twofer diptych images–or images that have two people/things in them—some with my captions.

Bicep 2fer                         Keep fire away from Sir Guy, he’s hot enough!

Shy Angel                         Nice to kids                and dogs

And in one or more of the pictures, can you spot what the additional 2 things/people are? How about your sharing a caption or two of your own?

Enjoy! Hope you have a lovely day! Cheers! Grati ;->

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Sexy SatuRdAy Selfie!  Richard Armitage gives face time to supporting cyber bullying prevention efforts, June 17, 2017  Gratiana Lovelace (Post #1069)

What a guy!  British actor Richard Armitage is smart, sexy, compassionate, talented, socially conscious, etc.

And he knows how to take—and share–a really good selfie of himself, for a really good cause

And bravo to him for continuing to highlight the need to supporting cyber bullying prevention efforts via his association with the Cyber Smile Foundation:

P.S.  Thanks to Teresa A. for letting me know that there was a new RA Selfie!  Hugs!  Her cap of the full selfie appears below:

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Berlin Station 2017 Sunday—Twitter Q&A, and IG Stories link,   June 11, 2017  Gratiana Lovelace (Post #1068)

Berlin Station’s 2017 season 2 is in production filming in Europe (Spain at the moment).  Yet the producers, director, writer and cast are taking a few precious moments of their free time to share and interact with their fans.

  1. First up, RAC (Richard Armitage Central) shared on their Facebook page the Instagram photos (see below) of Richard Armitage pointing to a request for questions from Berlin Station fans to the cast, etc. Thanks to TeresaA for the image!

For my question submission, I tweeted my standard question:
What question haven’t you been asked, but you wished you had been?  Then please answer that question.


2.  And secondly, sister Richard Armitage blogger Guylty Pleasure shared a tweet with links for downloading the IG Stories app for Chrome–so that we can see the Berlin Station IG Stories videos on Instagram.    Thanks!


I’m not on Instagram yet.  How many social media platforms can a person be on?  Ha!   So I welcome any helpful hints in that regard.

Hope everyone has a lovely day!





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“Sleepwalker” (2017) film trailer evokes a Film Noir edge, starring Richard Armitage as the Doctor,  June 08, 2017 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #1067)

“Sleepwalker” trailer, via MarVista Entertainment

Hmmm. Interesting “Sleepwalker” film trailer. Thanks for sharing the link, TeresaA!  And here also is the link to RA’s tweet of the trailer.

The 2017 film  “Sleepwalker” stars Ahna O’Reilly in the title role as Sarah Foster—a woman troubled by violent dreams that threaten her life and her sanity.   And someone is now stalking and trying to harm her—in the dream, and maybe in real life.  So the film seems to be in the psychological thriller film genre.


Richard Armitage<br /> Empfang Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg anläßlich der Berlinale 2016, Hotel Ritz-Carlton, Berlin, 13.2.2016<br /> Foto: Eva Oertwig/SCHROEWIG<br /><br /> SCHROEWIG/News &amp; Images<br /> Hohenzollerndamm 152<br /> D-14199 Berlin (Germany)<br /> Fon +49 - 30 - 892 10 76<br /> Fax +49 - 30 - 893 36 17<br /> Mobil +49 - 157 - 80 35 69 28<br /> Commerzbank<br /> IBAN: DE18100400000194364600 / BIC: COBADEFFXXX

And the film also stars British actor Richard Armitage (left as himself, representing his tv show Berlin Station in 2016) as her sleep/dream psychologist Dr. Scott White who is trying to piece together her dreams and what they mean, before it’s too late.


In the trailer above, we are introduced to the major protagonists—and an antagonist or two.  But I don’t think that I would have given away the mistress angle in the trailer–in case it gives away the ending.   I would have held that tidbit back from the trailer—and maybe only alluded to Ahna O’Reilly’s initially  uncertain relationship to the man who died.

And my lover of classic films and film noir buff self is already wondering about plot twists and such–with this other world angle.  As in, which world is the real world?  Her waking self?  Or her sleeping self?  Or is it some combination of the two worlds?

In a previous blog post of mine, I had wondered if “Sleepwalker” might be an homage to Hitchcock’s masterful 1945 film “Spellbound” (right) starring Gregory Peck as the patient and Ingrid Bergman as the doctor—with the gender roles flipped from “Sleepwalker”, he is the patient and she is the doctor.

In the “Spellbound”  film, its darkly violent dreams portended danger and ultimately a sense of guilt.  Danger is certainly present with “Sleepwalker” , but guilt is yet to be seen when we watch the whole film.

And in one very creepy “Spellbound” dream sequence film still (right) — that seems emblematic of a Salvador Dali-esque surrealism, by virtue of the eyes floating in a detached from reality collage.  We can only hope that the dream symbolism/clues in the “Sleepwalker” film will be equally as intriguing.


The “Sleepwalker” trailer already hints at malevolence in the form of  suffocation and/or disguise with the bag being pulled over Sarah’s head in violence–and also fabric being pulled over her head more slowly in another scene, as if she were behind what looks like drapery sheers, concealing herself or her identity.  And notice that Sarah’s nightgown is rather diaphanous, in a drapery sheer vein.

And the more recent dream themed film—if one can call 1984 recent, Ha!— “Dreamscape”  involved an other worldly dream world, wherein actions taken while asleep and dreaming had real life consequences.  Although “Dreamscape” —with its plot about psychics trying to plant ideas in the president’s mind–was a bit of a cross between the films “Manchurian Candidate” (1962) and “Future World” (1976), to me.

So, with the exquisitely talented British actor Richard Armitage portraying Dr. Scott White (below, shown on the phone  in an editing room still)—a perhaps deceptively bland character name–with a credible American accent, I am eager to see how he approaches the role, especially since in film noir genre nothing is what it seems to be.

Where the twists and turns of the psychological thriller film “Sleepwalker” –and Richard Armitage’s character of Dr. Scott White–will take us, is anyone’s guess.  And I am definitely looking forward to seeing the film and finding out.


P.S.  And then Ultra Veloce (Thanks!) giffed a rather steamy section of the trailer that is even more of an enticement to see “Sleepwalker”:



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THTHT—Richard Armitage Sizzles as the Grill Man Dad in “Brain on Fire”, June 06, 2017 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #1066)

First off, my hubby has been bugging me for us to get a new gas grill.  Our old one conked out at the end of last Summer—and developed a wasp’s nest through disuse.  So out it went to the curb.  Ouch!  And since he has been such a wonderful hubby during my convalescence, how could I say no?

So he purchased a discontinued gas grill model on clearance for under $90.  Woo hoo!  He put it together on Sunday and we might have our first cookout next weekend, if the weather outside is cooler than 89 degrees F.  And we already had the gas canister.  So we’re ready to barbecue.

And my hubby is quite the Grill Man—very tasty, the food.  From meats to fish to vegetables.  Though he does get a little distracted at times—and he does like his meat well done.  So I do have to remind him now and again that I like medium rare beef, and my chicken fully cooked without my dinner looking like it is burnt to a cinder.  And though he tried grilling some of my vegetarian meat substitutes last Summer for me, it just wasn’t the same.  So this Summer my dietary restrictions are few and far between.

And when I saw this Brain on Fire image of Richard Armitage as the Grill Man Dad (below from Isabella Misceo), I just had to share.  Richard is already smoulderingly Hottt in so many ways.  Sighhh!  To bring liquid propane into the volatile mix, makes this image positively sizzling!

I love how Richard multi-tasks in the above Brain on Fire scene still—grilling out (see the mitt) and drinking beer at the same time.  Though a disclaimer for the young (or old) and foolish, don’t drink (too much) and grill—your food should be singed, not you.

And Richard as Grill Man’s sartorial splendor looks smoking hot with his open pale green shirt over his thin t-shirt underneath.  And this style choice is one that I predict will catch on with sizzle minded husband’s everywhere—with wives/girlfriends who are Richard Armitage fans.  *wink*

And like in the picture above, our home’s backyard deck is a large one (12’ x 24’) and also made of wood.  So Richard?  You’re welcome to fly over the pond anytime and test your grill skills against my hubby. Ha!

I hope that you have a lovely day—on Too Hottt to Handle Tuesday—and a much cooler day than we’re having here in the Midwest.  Cheers!  Grati  ;->

P.S.  Thanks again to Teresa A.​ for sharing the Isabella Misceo instagram link with the picture above and other Brain on Fire stills!

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Keep Calm Sunday with Richard Armitage Posters, June 04, 2017 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #1065)

A couple of years ago the “keep calm” poster phenomenon caught on with Richard Armitage fans.



Why? Because, of course, we can’t “keep calm” when we think about Richard.  *THUD!*  Ha!



And I had fun making several of the Keep Calm Richard Armitage posters myself.



So I hope that you enjoyed these “Keep Calm Richard Armitage” posters created by myself and others, and have a very lovely day!


And if you have any favorite Richard Armitage Keep Calm posters, please share them.  Cheers!

P.S.  If you open these posters into a new window tab—or if you download any of these posters–you will find that the I embedded where I found the poster into its file name.  Cheers!



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Fun Day Sunday!  Spring Flowers and Richarding, May 28, 2017Gratiana Lovelace (Post#1064)

With all of the lovely Spring weather we’re having in the Midwest, my mind turns to flowers–both in our gardens front and back and yet to be planted on my deck. Flowers are so cheerful.

Our dark purple lilac bush has come and gone, but our vibrant burgundy peony bushes, pink spirea, purple lavendar and sage, and orange and yellow tiger lillies and such are blooming or will bloom soon.

So I hope that you will enjoy the day, and some Richarding along the way.  Cheers! Grati

Images with a flower theme from (Thanks!):  Kitty, CynDainty, Grati, RAnet, RobinT, . &   Eileen FF

P.S. And if you have more Richard Armitage and flowers images, please share them!

    by Kitty            via Cyn Dainty


by Grati         via RAnet


 via Robin T         via EileenFF

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