Sexy SatuRdAy! Richard Armitage’s Sexy Scruffy Style as Chop in Urban and the Shed Crew, August 29, 2015 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #801)

What makes a man sexy? Handsomeness? Longish hair which you can run you fingers through? Clothes–or lack thereof? Bearing and deportment? Talent/achievement? Demeanor? Compassion toward others? Purpose driven? Humility? Sense of humor and fun? All of that–and more.

And if he has a sexy scruffy side to him such as Richard Armitage does in reel and real life? Then he is all the more delicious!

And the exquisitely talented British actor Richard Armitage looks like he will shine portraying Social Worker Chop in the latest images from Director Candida Brady for the soon to be released film Urban and the Shed Crew. Richard Armitage as Chop and Fraser Kelly as Urban look to portray their respective characters in powerful performances.


  1. Isabelle W. (Thanks!) shared this Richard Armitage as Chop in Urban and the Shed Crew portrait (below). Scruffily handsome guy with goofy smile wins my heart every time. Sighhh! Of course, the plaid is a nice touch. Plaid seems rather egalitarian to me. And if it is a warm flannel? All the better

Below is Richard Armitage at Waterstones Piccadilly for his 2013 Desolation of Smaug press (not scruffy, but a somewhat humorous smiling hard pose taken out of context). He is probably listening politely to someone–as is his wont. Lovely neckage there. Sighhh! This Hugo boss sweater/jumper Mr. Armitage is wearing fits him perfectly! The scruffy in this picture might be construed as his stubble. Though I love love love his stubble! Sighhhh!


And I do prefer a scruffy Richard Armitage when he is smoulderingly scruffy as a dog lover (Thanks to jollytr tumblr!) below:


I just had an inkling that Mr. Armitage is more of a dog person. And there is a whole post we could get into on what breed of dog he might prefer. Ha!


As opposed to disheveled slouching scruffy (below)–but I do love the lack of buttoning up here–with a hint of sparse chest hair. *wink* Thanks to Velvet’s 2014 tweet of a clearly relaxed Richard Armitage. But on second thought, I’m thighingggg! Darn that water bottle! Purrrr!



  1. Teresa A edit (Thanks!) shared this UATSC Scene still of Richard Armitage as Chop from Director Candida Brady (below). I love chop! Here, he looks like a combo between modernized Guy sexiness–hair & beard & pout–and John Thornton’s honorable gentleman because Chop saves Urban. Sighhhh!



The hair follicles don’t lie. Chop’s full hair salon blow out look is nearly a a hair match to Richard Armitage as Sir Guy below (Thanks to RANet!).


But Chop’s poignantly sad facial expression is more like Richard Armitage when he portrayed John Thornton in North & South below (Thanks RANet!):


  1. But I digress.  Back to UATSC and another Candida Brady offering of Richard Armitage as Chop below. A scruffy casual Richard Armitage looking sanguine is sexy? Oh yes! *wink*


For more Richard Armitage as Chop images, visit RANet’s Urban and the Shed Crew gallery.


And a special thanks for Isabelle W’s and Teresa A’s RA as Chop picture inspirations!


P.S. I can’t wait for the film Urban and the Shed Crew to be released in the U.S! And if the film plays in Chicago? I’m there in a heartbeat!


Below is the latest UATSC trailer shared by Director Candida Brady:



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My Blog is Brought to you by the Number 4–as in My Years of Blogging, August 25, 2015 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #800)

A few days ago, a certain gentleman turned 44–and we all had a blast celebRAting it! I 2015--RichardArmitage-44thBirthday-Guy-wallpaper_Aug0215GratianaLovelaceremember 44 with fondness–and some distant waving. More than that, I will not reveal. Ha!

But today, I’m celebrating only one of those 4’s–my 4th blogiversary for Something About Love!

I launched my blog August 24-25 in 2011 with the help of several blogging friends as I navigated the settings setups–most notably, Miss Judiang, and bccmee. Both felt that I was such a wordy girl, that I needed an outlet beyond Facebook. They were right. *wink* So my blogging and storytelling sharing began.

4 is a small number, but yet, not so small. As a child, 4 year olds are on the cusp of 2014--UrbanandtheShedCrew--BTS-RAasChopandFraserKellyasUrban_Feb1715TeresaA-Grati-sized-4manipRevschooling–or at least, the pre-K variety of school these days.

4 is generally one year past the three year extended service agreement one can purchase on a new computer.
And in 4 years, this little blog of mine here at Something About Love has seen:

1) 800 posts, counting this one–though with some posts labeled a, b, c, d, for Richard Armitage theme weeks, it’s actually 815 posts;2003Promo_RichardArmiage19sttngfeet_Oct2511ranet-sized-GratianaLovelace-4manip-watermark

2) As I write this Monday evening, SAL has had 432,888 views over all time. And yes, it divides evenly by 4; and

3) I have uploaded graphics to my blog totaling only 1GB of WordPress’ 3GB of free space. So at this rate, I have 8 more years of blogging/storytelling before I have to pay to upgrade and buy more upload space in WordPress; Snap!

My thoughts about blogging for 4 years are really ones of astonishment. It is both gratifying and humbling to see that my writings have life long after their initial posting. And I enjoy sharing my stories and my little life and Richard Armitage essays. But in particular, I enjoy the interaction with visitors and the friendships I have made along the way. And the richness of interacting with others who live around the world is endlessly fascinating to me as peoples from 203 countries and counting have visited my blog.

The blogging community revolving around Richard Armitage’s fans is a dynamic group of N&S-triptych-RichardArmitage-&DanielaDenby-Ashe_Aug2515GratianaLovelace-4manipRevunique bloggers and commenters who ebb and flow over time. My blog is somewhere in the middle of the pack. And I find it interesting to see where our thoughts converge–most notably, loving Richard Armitage and appreciating his talent–and where we diverge, often over RA again. Was John Mulligan wholly bad, or did he attempt something decent by setting his lover free at the end? Are RA’s best looks leather, jeans, cravat, or nothing at all? And one of my favorites, ways to bring back Lucas for future Spooks movies. Hey! If Harry Pearce has nine lives, then so does Lucas North. Ha!

And I really do have to thank the man, the exquisitely talented British actor Richard Armitage, for inspiring me to return to a more creative life with my writing and blogging. He is a pied piper of creativity for myself and others. We blog, we draw, we Photoshop, we vid, we write stories, etc.   It’s all in good fun.

So thanks for visiting, liking, and/or commenting here at my blog Something About Love. I hope that you will continue to visit and share here. Hugs & Cheers!   Grati ;->

P.S. See? I buried the lead. I am a wordy girl. Ha! (595 words)

Original images are courtesy of RANet, TeresaA, or are my screen caps–edits are mine/Grati.

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Wishing Richard Armitage a Very Happy 44th Birthday on Saturday, August 22, 2015 Gratiana Lovelace (Post#799)

The birthdays of children are always excitement filled as they gleefully rip through carefully and brightly wrapped gift packages. This delight can carry far into our adulthood. But at some point, we care less about receiving gifts and take more joy in being with our loved ones. At least I do.


At this point in my life, the only gifts to me that I would welcome would be hand lotion or hot cocoa. Seriously–both are consumables, eminently practical, and do not require dusting. I would rather see the money spent in better ways than in a gift to me–that would require dusting. However, gifts of time spent shared together? They are priceless and much appreciated!


And the exquisitely talented British actor Richard Armitage (right for The Crucible) has 2014Crucible_Poster_686x1020-RichardArmitage-5StarReviews_Aug2115ranet-sizedlong expressed a similar perspective–he asks his fans to kindly not send him gifts. But if his fans are in a giving mood, he humbly asks them to please consider donating to charity. And Mr. Armitage’s Just Giving sites currently boasts a variety of charities that he supports, several charities having to do with the welfare of children, such as Childline that I tend to donate to via RA’s Just Giving site.

So this year for his 44th birthday, Richard Armitage [below] invites/challenges gift giving minded fans to consider making a donation to The Cybersmile Foundation link on his Just Giving site. He recently became and Ambassador for Cybersmile’s anti cyberbullying initiatives.

RichardArmitageTweet--44BDayDonations-toCyberSmileFoundation_Aug2015RCAThanks to RANet for pointing me to this RCA tweet link above!


GratianaLovelace--donationtoCyberSmile-onRichardArmitage-JustGiving-site_Aug2115gratiSo I took up Mr. Armitage’s 44th birthday donation challenge and donated a modest $14.44 GBP. And remember if you’re in the US–as I am–be sure to check the exchange rate and which currency you are donating in.

But hey, Richard, we fans have to celebrate a little bit–with birthday wishes, and fan 2015--RichardArmitage-44th-Birthday-wallpaper_Aug2215byAnnBoudreau-sizedparties, too! Ha! And with lovely Birthday message wallpapers (such as by Ann Boudreau, right). These activities are part of the great fun of this fandom, the camaraderie and friendships that we enjoy with each other. Now that is a true gift–and it is born of our shared admiration for and appreciation of the gentlemanly Richard Armitage.   Thank you, sir!


And I’m sure that there will be a plethora of Richard Armitage 44th (2015) birthday videos by fans that we will all enjoy–in addition to the lovely 44th birthday video that I shared earlier–as well as my post with a retrospective of past years’ RA bday fan made vids. So I will try to post those video links in the comments as I see them.  But RA Fans with posts and creative content about Richard Armitage’s birthday are also invited to share their URL link in a comment below.


But in the mean time, below is a lovely new 2015 Richard Armitage 44th Birthday video by Patty Hale for us to enjoy–with my absolute favorite song. Cheers!


To close, here is a wish for all of us that Richard Armitage shared on his Weibo site (image 2015--RichardArmitage-let-us-cherish-each-other_Aug2115rcaweibo-viaRAC-sizedright):

“Let us in the online world, cherish each other, care about each other.”

Well said Mr. Armitage! Thanks to Teresa A for sharing this Armitage Army @ Richard Armitage Central image capture!


And my sentiments to Richard Armitage every year on his birthday are:

I wish for you every happiness that you wish for yourself.   Hugs & Cheers!




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Tuesday Musings: Prior Years’ Richard Armitage Birthday Videos! August 18,2015 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #798)

As the exquisitely talented British actor Richard Armitage’s 44th birthday looms this 2007--BAFTAs-RichardArmitage-handsome-in-tuxedo_Aug1715terricoming Saturday, August 22nd, 2015, I feel nostalgic.

And this Richard Armitage portrait at right looks like 2007 BAFTA’s to me. Love Richard Armitage’s sweet handsomeness in a tux–with a clip on bow tie. He is so classically beautiful! Sighhh! *THUD*

Thanks to Terri for tweeting the image! Her tweet with one RA, one Guy, and two Thorin images (*THUD*).

And to add to our Richard Armitage memories reflections, below are three RA fans’ prior years’ birthday videos to enjoy:

1) Dear Faboamanto’s “Happy Birthday Dear Richard Armitage- 2013”:


2) The lovely Phoenix Lupin’s 2012 video “Heart|Happy birthday Richard Armitage!| Heart




3) The incomparable Angela Smith’s 2011 Moonlight Sonata “Richard Armitage Fortieth Birthday Video”


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Fun Day Sunday: Inner Cheers for Reaching My Next Goal! August 16, 2015 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #797)

I look forward to the day–in a few decades from now–when my age will mold-age-quotes_Aug1515someecardsean that I no longer have a self censorship chip (image right). I presume that I had that freedom of thought and expression as a little child–my recollections of that time being so far distant that they fade into hazy memory. But along the way in life, we are taught to be polite, to be courteous, to be proper, and above all, to be self effacing. At least, those are the lessons that I learned growing up.

So as an adult, when I have one of those moments when I reach a goal that has been hard won–as I did recently, last Friday–I looked around and wondered who I could shout my joy to. But, no one of my intimate acquaintance was nearby. And I had left my cell phone at home on the charger. Though, I am not one proclaim every minute of my existence on social media. Yet I do enjoy hearing about other peoples’ lives–in a limited way.

Anyway, back to me. I was at one of my doctors’ offices for a checkup and the nurse showing me the results did so benignly. Obviously, she wasn’t clued in to my health issues/struggles. Instead, she smiled in that matronly motherly way of health care practitioners who have seen it all, and blithely continued to recheck my medicine list from my various healthcare specialists.

Couldn’t she tell that I was bursting to share something with her? Has my practiced self restraint become so polished that she couldn’t tell that I was giddy with excitement?   No, of course that wasn’t it. I had never seen her before in my previous doctor visits, so it is unlikely that she would have taken the time to see in my health folder what might make me happy.

But surely my doctor would notice. He had been so encouraging of me in the beginning about my improved health and other benefits that I was hesitant to believe him. But when the improvements happened–and continued–I was thrilled that at least one medical practitioner had figured out part of my medical diagnosis puzzle. My health wasn’t my fault.

And the improved health I experienced with proper medication and treatments have been a lifting of a lifelong burden. Because when you have health issues, it seems like people want to blame you–possibly to avoid thinking that they could also randomly develop your kind of health issues. They prefer to think that you must have done something wrong to be ill. They think they can control their lives. And if they do everything right, they won’t have health issues. To that I say unequivocally, dream on!

So when my doctor arrived, I greeted him warmly, then I sat brightly waiting as her perused my health folder for him to notice the improvement since I last saw him. But he didn’t, which made me pout, I’m sure. Then he asked me how well I was following my treatment plan–interested in how well I was complying with his medication instructions.   I will grant that this is important. And we discovered that though he had wanted me to do a followup appointment with him a year ago–him saying he wanted to see me every six months to adjust my medications–his staff had not contacted me to make the appointment which they were supposed to do, because they don’t make appointments more than 1 month in advance.

So my doctor was interested in seeing me due to him needing to lower my asthma medicine dosages since I was managing my symptoms and I hadn’t had any bronchitis attacks–severe or otherwise–since I went on the medication. Okay, that is important. But heck! The side effect of his prescribed medicine and treatments of me had other benefits that he didn’t notice.  But I sure did!

So I gently stopped my doctor in mid sentence and shared my good news about the other health improvement. I felt a little odd–as if I was bragging, which I was. And I had grown up being taught not to brag. But to give my doctor credit, he smiled and checked my chart, then congratulated me on this ancillary improved result. Acknowledgement! Snap!

I really wanted my doctor to share this milestone with me, because he had started me on this path of health improvement over five years ago when he got my diagnosis right. It has been a slow and steady journey of health improvement–and I am not near done.

It’s amazing how much a person takes a simple thing like breathing for granted–until your respiratory system has a hiccup or two. But with treatment, my quality of life has vastly improved. And for that, I am extremely grateful.

And I have learned over time that you shouldn’t just accept your new normal–because ill health often comes on so gradually that you and your loved ones cannot see the change is an illness that might be able to be treated.

And I have also learned that you need to advocate for yourself health wise until you find a doctor who can diagnose you correctly. And in my case, to find a doctor who would not attribute my health problems to my age, or my body size, or to my gender–the trifecta of prejudices that I have experienced with health care providers during my life. Instead, my pulmonologist recognized instantly that my larger body size issues were symptoms of my SOSA health issues.

And as my respiratory health has improved, so have other aspects of my overall health. Such that I have slept away pounds wearing a CPAP breathing machine mask overnight and such. According to my pulmonologist, when you don’t get restorative sleep–because you’re waking up choking every 30 seconds because your airway collapses when lying down sleeping (me, six years ago)–your body thinks it is in survival mode and holds in all of the calories and fats it can. Therefore if you sleep well, you will lose weight.  I’m living proof for that one.

Coupled with my carb counting since last August to bump me off a plateau–which for me since I eat healthily any way, meant halving my evening milk intake, eating one slice of bread sandwiches, and munching lots of celery daily (they use up more calories in digestion than you consume in eating them) –I am now more than halfway to my goal weight.

So my big news that I want to shout to the roof tops is that: I am under the next to last weight loss benchmark that I set for myself. And I even weigh 20 pounds less–that’s a stone and a half for you Brits–than my drivers’ license weight. But happily, I get to obtain a new license at my birthday this year. So you can be sure that I will proudly state whatever my new lower weight is when I get my new driver’s license. Snap!

And though, I am still a very big girl–I’m a shorty at 5 foot 2.5 inches tall, so by weight, I should probably be six foot tall, judging by my bigger hubby who is 6 foot 4 inches tall. Ha!–I am smiling. So though it took me till the end of this post to let my inner cheer out, I am unabashedly proud of myself reaching this latest weight loss goal.  I even had to buy a smaller desk chair for my office so it could be more supportive of my back. Snap!

And I hope that all of you out there with health issues and goals–or any other hopes and 2006--Vicar-of-Dibley-promo07_Aug1515ranetdreams that you have and are working toward–believe that you will reach your goal, you can do it! And give yourselves a pat on the back, and sing out a little cheer for yourselves each step along the way. You deserve it!


Hugs & Love! Grati ;->

P.S. At right (top) is one of my favorite pictures of the exquisitely talented British actor Richard Armitage with Dawn French from their 2006 Vicar of Dibley promos for his two guest episodes. The talented and tiny 5 foot zero inch Dawn French–who is more petite than I am–had to be standing on a box to be able 2006--Vicar-of-Dibley-epi1-cap378_Aug1515ranet-crop-brtto reach the 6 foot 2 inch tall Richard Armitage here. Elsewhere, Dawn had RA sit down in a lovely scene from VofD (right, bottom) –which is what I do to reach my tally hubby, and for similar reasons. *wink*



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Richard Armitage and Cooling Thoughts, August 13, 2015 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #796)

Banal reality of everyday life: the central air conditioning genie has deserted our home. Yes, the air conditioning has failed. It is 80F now in early Wednesday evening in the Midwest, with 85F expected on Thursday.

Floor fans are blowing at high speed and the house temp is still in the upper 70’sF. We’re hoping the ancient window unit we bought decades ago for the other house when we had to wait for its AC to be replaced–and just positioned in our bedroom window as I begin to write this Wednesday evening–will cool our bedroom down for sleeping later. However, we’re sitting around our great room with modesty losing out to comfort. Sure hope no one stops by for an unannounced visit. *grins sheepishly*

Normally, we don’t like unannounced visits because we are a very happily married couple of long standing–25 years and counting. And it’s not like we’re rabbits. But we wouldn’t want to be interrupted–if you know what I mean. *delicately raises eyebrow*

And steamy, hot, and/or humid weather–or lack of air conditioning–is a real romance killer for me. I like my environment briskly cool–normally keeping our home hovering around 68F for all seasons.

I never understand movie love scenes where the couple starts out sweaty, and they end up more so after. It’s like that love scene in the film “Heat and Dust”(1983) with actress Greta Scacchi bemoaning the heat, but going for it with her hubby anyway (at 1:07 in the trailer). Or Kathleen Turner and William Hurt turning up the heat in the aptly named film “Body Heat”(1981).

Of course, one might become overheated and glistening, in the normal course of events–whether you are in a movie love scene, or at home. But then you need to cool off. So having working central air conditioning is a key aphrodisiac for me. I’m just saying. I like my creature comforts. So it’s a deal breaker for me. Ha!

But, we’re hoping for relief from the heat on Thursday, if the HVAC company can repair our central air unit–or give it a Freon injection.

So until our home returns to cooler temperatures, below are some of my favorite portraits of the exquisitely talented British actor Richard Armitage chillin and looking cool (with various color, cropping, and sizing manips by moi; images are courtesy of RANet Gallery, except where noted) (I changed the pix to single file for smart  phone loading.):

Staged      (1999)

(Grati’s trailer cap)


Between the Sheets (2003)

Cold Feet (2003)


Ultimate Force (2003)

Golden Hour (2005)


The Impressionists (2006)


Robin Hood  (2006/7)
Courtesy of Holly


Strike Back I (2010)


Magazine (2011)
Courtesy of Mar Omana


Wellington, NZ
THAUJ Premiere
Arrival (2012)
Courtesy of Laura


DofS Berlin
Premiere (2013)
Courtesy of Marianna

The Crucible timeframe, London
(Summer 2014)
Courtesy of Laura


P.S.1 That window air conditioner in our bedroom is cooling the room down nicely–which, in hindsight, I think the cooling will be needed after viewing these Richard Armitage pictures. Sighhhh!

P.S.2 And have I mentioned how crotchety husbands can get when asked to install air conditioning window units? That we already own–and that we don’t have to even shell out more money for? You see, hubbies will only acquiesce so far to their wives’ requests, and then a man puts his foot down. Of course, that is when we wives become intractable until we get our way–coolness, in this instance. That intractability is the “worse” part that husband’s nebulously agree to in the marriage vows. And the “better” part, is the result of husbands catering to their wives’ creature comforts, etc. ;-)




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Beautifully made Richard Armitage 44th Birthday Video by A British Angels Group on Facebook! August 10, 2015 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #795)

In just 12 days, the exquisitely talented British actor Richard Armitage [2015 Saturn Award 2015--aSaturnAwards--RichardArmitageAwardWallpaper_Jun2915byAnnBoudreaucongratulations image right, by Ann Boudreau] will turn 44 years old, on August 22, 2015.


Below is the link for a beautiful video encompassing the entirety of Mr. Armitage’s career to date, by A British Angels Group on Facebook:


An early Happy Birthday to you, Richard!


Thanks to Terri for tweet sharing this video link!


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