I’m Choosing Richard Armitage as my Fantasy Physical TheRApist,  March 27, 2017 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #1051)

Now that the 27 staples at my left achilles tendon reattachment surgery site are out as of last week—no, that’s a good thing!  No more 54 pointy metal ends poking me with endless pain—I’m on the mend for a several weeks more in a new cast (my fourth one) before I am likely to have physical therapy (PT) on my left leg.

But there is no time like the present to start thinking about PT.  And as far as my HMO health insurance goes, I don’t know what kind of copay they might charge for a fantasy physical therapist who will inspire and encourage me.

But at the $30 copay for 45 minutes of PT that I have paid in the past for other injuries, I would love to have the exquisitely talented British actor Richard Armitage cheering me on–as he does as the Dad in Brain on Fire (2016) in the production still below (via TeresaA, Thanks!):

So Richard?  Love your legs! Care to help me out with mine?  *wink*

P.S.  And I love Cyn Dainty’s (Thanks!) Richard Armitage luscious legs triptych below!  Now that is real inspiration!


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Guy + Porter: The Mind & Heart of a Warrior wallpaper by Grati, March 24, 2017 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #1050)

It’s Guy/Spy Day Friday!  And though John Porter in Strike Back (2010) wasn’t a “spy” per se–he was a field agent. Ha!–he definitely had some shoulders. And all through RH3, I lamented the lack of Sir Guy of Gisborne revealing his broad shoulders.

But of course, the exquisitely talented British Actor Richard Armitage who portrayed both characters was still trying to beef up from being emaciated Lucas North in Spooks 7.0 (cue the gaunt cheeks) when he then went back to season 3 of Robin Hood as Sir Guy.  So Sir Guy’s designer leather jacket helped in that regard–to make him look filled out.

And what if we put the two images together? Shazzam!

Hope you have a wonderful start to your weekend! Cheers! Grati ;->

P.S. You know how you get an idea to blend two images. Quick, right? 2 hours later, et voila! Ha!

P.S.  And thanks to Maxine Vurley and RAnet – www.RichardArmitageNet.com– respectively, for the original images!







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WCW: Richard Armitage–Flaunt it, if you’ve got it!  March 22, 2017 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #1049)

 The exquisitely talented British actor Richard Armitage often seemed to appeared reserved and quiet in early interviews (Robin Hood, etc., era), that he might have come across to some of us as shy.

Or maybe that was just wishful thinking on our part. Ha!

Does anyone think he is shy now? Enjoy the pix and have a gReAt day! Cheers!






P.S. Thanks (!) to the various RA Fans (& RA himself) who shared these pix: Valentina Ancelotti, Kitty, and Sahraobsessed


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Surreal Thursday:  Putting on my Dancing Shoes Again.   March 02, 2017  Gratiana Lovelace (Post #1048)

As you know, I have quite the funny bone at times.  Perhaps I should say *facetious alert* now.  *wink*    And though not every situation that life throws our way is humorous, I seem to have an inexplicable inner tug to drift into the realm of humor.  I’m not sure where I got it from.  None of my blood family members are remotely humorous—except my hubby, & I—let alone, stand up comedians.  So maybe there was a milkman in our antecedents somewhere.

Now, I am not defaming milkmen, or milkwomen for that matter—some of my favorite ancestors plied that trade.  I’m just recognizing–in a rather Midwest kind of way—that be it nurture or nature, the fates often have a sense of humor with regard to our lives.

Take me for example.  On Wednesday, I was busying myself with:  taking care of last minute details before I’m out for a while, for the university office that I work for; the doctor’s office sawed open my third leg cast (in soothing light blue) in prep for Thursday’s tendon reattachment surgery; and after my husband wiped my back down with an antiseptic cloth Wednesday night, like a scene from Silkwood, then he rewrapped the now clam shell like cast around my leg with that stretchy wrap stuff, while he held the cast halves closed clinched between his thighs.  Sadly, that is as erotic as we got today.  Ha!

But my overriding concerns with my upcoming surgery—my possibly dancing around the real issues at hand—have been three fold:

1. How successfully will the operating room staff be able to turn me over from my back to my stomach after they knock me out and intubate me? I’m a big girl—not as big as I used to be, but still substantial.  And operating room beds/cots/tables (whatever) seemed to get narrower in recent years.  I don’t want them to drop me mid flip.  Oops!  Additional limb injuries, I can do without.  And I might injure more than just myself, were I to fall upon someone—though I would be grateful for the cushion.  And that would be an interesting work men’s comp insurance claim.  Dropped patient onto self.  I bet they would split the liability.  But in my defense, I’ll be unconscious—so I should have the lesser liability.  Right?  However, my surgeon–a very kind and soothing man–assured me that “we will take good care of you”.   Still, I’d love it if they supersized my operating room table to at least the width of a twin sized bed.

2.  Additionally, there is the whole issue of the patient gown that I will have to wear. Believe me, whomever decided to call it a gown had to have a fractured sense of humor. Maybe I read or write too many period romance stories, but to me, a gown is made of satin or silk, trimmed in lace, has many petticoats, and is accessorized with diamonds and pearls.  But what I will be wearing will be more akin to a frequently washed (I hope so) and used scratchy cotton apron—because only the front has sufficient coverage, and then only just, with ekg lead wires running out of strategically placed holes.  Somehow, medical electronic cables are not my kind of jewelry—but I bet they cost a pretty penny.  Although, I could start a new fashion, I suppose.  My having strategically placed stick-on patches with snap-on ekg lead cables dangling around me as I twirl on the dance floor—with my either looking like a Twenties flapper, or Cousin Itt.  And fringe seems to be the latest fashion trim trend.  I would make a great hit at the next Met Gala theme focusing on science and fashion. Clare Danes in her 2016 shimmery fiber optic dress (below)?  Eat your heart out!

3. My final concern with surgery patient attire has to do with an ancillary issue of the naked nature one is underneath, the gown/apron. I am resigned to the notion that my backside will be ignominiously on display—though I’m rooting for wearing loose underpants, with my permission for them to cut me out of them if need be.  I haven’t read nor seen Fifty Shades of Gray, but it sounds like something that would happen in that film—or so I’m told.  No, my overriding concern is that my girls need support, and proper placement underneath me if I’m going to be lying on them.  And yes, I had the moxy to pose this issue to my surgeon Wednesday while my hubby groaned from the sidelines.  My surgeon gave me his pat “we’ll take good care of you” line.  And then, although I almost lifted my clothed C+ cup girls to impart to him the evidence for the depth of my concern, to get my point across—I always dress demurely, not a breast crevice in sight, so he might not realize what we’re talking about–the lady medical assistant sawing my cast open intervened and explained to my male surgeon that if a woman’s breasts weren’t arranged properly when lying on them, that it could be quite painful after surgery.  “Ah.”  My surgeon nodded his head. Did he have his Eureka(!) moment?  Hard to tell.   “We’ll take good care of you.” He said.  But he did relent and say that I could bring my loose stretchy cotton cami that I mentioned to wear underneath my gown after he reviewed it.  So it seems that I will be flashing my cami covered breasts at my surgeon on Thursday—not something I ever dreamed of in my prim upbringing.  Ha!

I guess I just have to put my trust in my surgeon and his operating room staff not to drop, squish, or gawk at me while they’re cutting my left lower leg and heel open.  Ooh!  Too graphic?  Sorry.  At least I won’t have to see it.  And the only fifty in my near future are the supposedly not allergic reaction inducing in me, but still fabulous pain med pills for after my operation’s lower leg nerve block fades and the pain really kicks in.

So I’m likely to be mostly asleep, and slightly loopy for a few days after my surgery–with what I hope are excellent pain meds.   And I probably won’t dare get online.  Ha!   thorin-andelrond-inthauj-isrichardarmitage-andhugoweaving_mar0117viapinterest

So why am I putting myself through this surgery?  Maybe not for dancing with my 14 inches taller than me hubby.  We would look like shipping Thorin with Lord Elrond (right).    Ha!  But walking again—even with assistance, would be very nice.  You don’t realize the gift that mobility is, until you no longer have it.  So mobility is what I’m focusing on.

P.S. And oh yeah, I’m envisioning a younger, more muscular version of my very nice surgeon as my relaxation focus.  Calling Dr. Track (below)! *wink*  *THUD*!


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AdmiRAtion Saturday:  Richard Armitage’s Hands, February 25, 2017  Gratiana Lovelace (Post #1047)

The exquisitely talented British actor Richard Armitage has many qualities to admire.  But today, I am focusing upon his hands.

Richard looks so fierce as Thorin Oakenshield wielding a sword (below: gorgeous edit by RAFrance, Thanks!)—his hand is out of frame, but the strong thrust of Orcrist toward the enemy is palpable and illustrative of intent—to harm, to strike fear, to fight, etc.thorin-2013x-thorin-worcrist-wallpaper-ofrichardarmitage_feb2317byrafrance

and Richard Armitage also looks so manly wielding a pen below in his real life (Getty images viaDinny’sChild and RAC, Thanks!):

He holds each implement with firmness, gallantry, poise, and grace.  And in this image of him autographing a wall (above, October 10, 2016 at AOL Build Series), we also get a glimpse of … his muscular digits.  Sighhh!

  1. A man’s hands in action or at rest are also a telling feature to his character, or his sense of mood. And Richard’s hand movements are purposeful, complementary, and natural. Though sometimes—for a role—he can illustrate the charming innocence of a character through exhibiting unabashed glee, as shown in his role of John Standring in 2002’s Spark House, with his thumbs up gesture in the image below (via Grati):

And then again, Richard has even used this gesture in real life below (2015?, by Audible via Valentina Ancelotti Thanks!):

And whereas the character John Standring’s thumbs up glee seems tempered and reserved by the close nature of his hands.  And by contrast, Richard Armitage’s far apart thumbs up hands during the Audible interview seem more open.  Though notice, the character John Standring is looking up, whereas Richard Armitage is not looking up.  So there seems to be a counterbalance for displaying the emotion of glee/joy via gesture, size of gesture, and whether or not eye contact is involved.

  1. As a contrast to the above open handed gestures, the closed hand gestures below by Richard Armitage with his hands clasped tightly while covering his mouth as Sir Guy in Robin Hood (2009), conveys the character’s brooding and desperation to me:

Though I also rather like Richard’s hands reaching for his cheeks because he is laughing quite mirthfully and joyfully in the image below (from Audible again, viaTerri):

His face is only partially covered and he is clearly laughing in the above image.  So that subtle shift from his hands hiding his mouth in the Sir Guy image to him lightly cupping his cheeks in mirth are worlds apart in conveying mood and emotions.

I could go on and on with examples of his hands—such as when Richard Armitage touches or caresses another.  But that is a post for another day.  And I’ll stop myself here—at one page, 470 words, 8pt font.  Ha!

What are your favorite Richard Armitage hand gestures?


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Stirring my senses and calming my soul, February 21, 2017  Gratiana Lovelace (Post #1046)

I am drawn to the color blue—as I mentioned in a previous post.  Mostly a dark indigo blue, but also lighter blues and in blues combination feel soothing to me.

And the other day, I ran across a beautiful Van Gogh painting shared on twitter by History of Art (Thanks!) called Starry Night over the Rhone (1888) that really moved me with its interplay of blues and yellows simulating a brightly twinkling night sky.
vangogh-starry-night-over-therhone-1888-c4-ujb7wcai6mre_feb1917musay-dorsay_viahistoryofartShared by HISTORY OF ART‏@AHistoryOfArt

“Vincent Willem Van Gogh (Dutch: 30 March 1853 –29 July 1890) Starry Night over the Rhone, September 1888. Musée d’Orsay, Paris.”

Initially, I was so captivated by the representation of the yellow gold twinkling stars and city lights reflected in the blue water, that it was only belatedly–as I wrote this post–that I also noticed the strolling couple in the lower right hand corner, as well as the small boats just above and to the left of them.  It looks like a lovely night, clear and calm, with a light cool breeze.  Soothing.

So as I do a countdown of sorts to my upcoming leg tendon repair surgery—which, as you might imagine, has me a bit unsettled—I am seeking calming and soothing atmospheres.  Sight and sound.

Music often soothes me, too.  And though I love the Josh Groban version of the Don McLean song Starry Starry Night with Groban’s rich baritone, the lyrics toward the end can be a bit of a downer.  Ha!  And I actually have a small gilt framed print of the Van Gogh 1889 painting The Starry Night (below):


So instead, I chose to include a more uplifting ballad sung by Josh Groban, You Raise Me Up:

My other senses also engage in soothing and comfort with fruity or chocolate tastes, light flowery scents, and softness like our beagle’s fur as she lies beside me and sleeps.

So if you’re like me, and want a little calming and soothing, then surround yourself with a comfort zone of sight, sound, taste, touch, and scents, then rest and relax.   Peace, love, & hugs!  Grati  ;->

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Richard Armitage’s Sexy Over the Shoulder Smoulder in his “newer” IMDB profile pix, February 18, 2017 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #1045)

I love the staying power of some images and looks that the exquisitely talented British actor Richard Armitage has—as evidenced by the recent newer portrait accompanying Mr. Armitage’s IMDB profile portrait.raportrait-2011-richardarmitage-inblshearling-coat-over-theshoulder-smoulder_feb1717imdb_grati-szdsmlr-blur

This 2011 portrait of Richard Armitage from the 2011 Project Magazine photoshoot (right; edited for higher resolution at a smaller size, and with some gaussian blurring) and its feature article was part of The Hobbit early press—and is fabulous!
However the original portrait image saved from the IMDB site was rather large, but not high resolution—and rather pixelated.  So though one could discern the distinct detail of the seams stitching on the gorgeous midnight blue coat, it left his face looked rather dappled. And I like sharp images. Ha!

A while back, I had dubbed this pose of Richard Armitage’s the “over the shoulder smoulder”—which contributed to my whimsical spelling of the word smolder as smoulder, which means to burn slowly–with the assonance and alliteration of those two words.


To me, this portrait pose does not look posed—a tribute to Richard Armitage’s ability to immerse himself in the moment, and for him to create a curiosity in me of what might have interested him as he turned to look back.

Because to me, he certainly looks interested, bored, or perhaps critical?  Was it something that he saw in the studio that annoyed him?  Someone in the background who walked into his eyeline?  Was he thinking about something and his thoughts were transferred to his focused and brooding look?  Or since he was being wrapped in heavy and hot winter coats, had they cooled the studio down—thus making him merely chilled?

Yet Richard Armitage also looks fierce, him having a don’t mess with me gaze.  At the time these 2011 Project Magazine portraits of Richard Armitage were released (see more examples at RAnet), I felt that he was channeling his role of Thorin Oakenshield in this photo shoot–fierce, determined, warrior like, regal.  I still do.

And when many of Richard Armitage’s past (most familiarly, right in 2009) and later portrait promos had him looking directly at the camera lens—as if he was looking out to 2009-richardarmitage-in-blue-shirt-open-collar-headshotcolour-byclairenewmanwilliams_feb1817ranethis fans—the averted gazes in some of the 2011 portraits leant both a departure and a mystery for me.  Because his later portraits have a smattering of both straight on and averted gazes.

First, in 2011, he was engaging the camera lens in a different way, by not engaging with it.  His averted gaze with a scowl/frown does not let you in, as if he is being wary, suspicious, uncommunicative (below again).

2011-projectmag-07-richardarmitage-indigo-blue-shearling-coat-gazing-over-theshoulder-smoulder_feb1717              raportrait-2011-richardarmitage-inblshearling-coat-over-theshoulder-smoulder_feb1717imdb_grati-szdsmlr-blur

uncropped image           IMDB cropped image, edit for resolution

I know that sounds like a conundrum.  But it seems to fit the King Under the Mountain persona.  Thorin was reserved, a man of few words—more a man of action.  Again, Richard Armitage might have been channeling that studied aloofness to preserve a sense of privacy that as a people’s King might get lost.

So the scowl or frown on his face was different than his prior portraits which mostly had smiles or half smiles—or at least, no frowns.  And for whatever reason, the stern 2011 portrait images above seemed more in control of his image than the smiling faced or come hither look (below from 2008)  Richard Armitage portraits were of the past.



And second, in the full image we see his arms and hands folded over himself, hugging himself—seemingly keeping his jacket closed—perhaps in protection, or even as a self comforting gesture.

They say it is lonely at the top, and a King without a Queen might be quite lonely.  While thorin-2013x-richardarmitage-asthorincls-flowing-hair_feb1717vialeewhitley-fiumanoThorin helped his people rebuild their lives and families, he was not able to do that for himself.  So I also return to a theme again of isolation for Thorin—the unrelenting loneliness (right via LeeW-F) that his purpose driven life forged.


So, yes, Richard Armitage with his over the shoulder smoulder looks sexy as hell in these 2011 images—full size or cropped.  And he could gaze in my direction—or not– with his smolder any time. Ha!  So though there are yet still underlying questions that I have regarding his portrait photo shoots in general—and the 2011 ones in specific—pertaining to context and temperament and intention of Richard Armitage as elucidated above, I think that I will just enjoy the smoulder for now..  ;->

P.S.  And just for fun, below is a more teasingly smiling over the shoulder smoulder from Richard Armitage at the 2015 Comic Con that I had written about previously.  Ooh!  Now that’s a sexy over the shoulder smoulder!  Ha!

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