James Corden rocks in countering that Bill Maher’s “fat shaming” rant is bullying, September 18, 2019 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #1262)


James Corden rocks in countering that Bill Maher’s “fat shaming” rant is bullying:


Thanks to KatieC for retweeting this video link!

As I have mentioned in previous blog posts of mine, I have health issues related to being overweight and my metabolism.  It is only in the last six or seven years that through medication and treatments, that my doctors were able to help me start to get my weight under control.

I have always eaten nutritiously–no portion control problem for me.  And with my arthritis, strenuous exercise isn’t possible–not even the low impact lap swimming that I loved, because the chlorine damages my eyes.  So my pulmonologist’s treatment plan of putting me on a CPAP breathing machine over night was a revelation to me.

I always say that I slept off the first 60 pounds, because after a sleep study, the pulmonologist found that I had SOSA (severe obstructive sleep apna), and I was waking up several times an hour choking because my airway collapsed–126 times per hour. to be exact.  So he put me on a CPAP breathing machine at night and my life changed immeasurably for the better–being able to sleep through the night, being much more well rested, and not waking up choking.

By now, I have lost over 118 pounds–with about 50 pounds more to go for my goal weight–notice, I don’t say my “ideal” weight.  And a new medication that I started taking a few months ago has also helped me decrease my A1C by 1.8 pts!  The A1C blood test is the diabetes severity indicator.  And I have also lost 10 pounds more in the last few months.  My weightloss has been steady and gradual over the years, with only a few plateau bumps along the way, before I started losing weight again.  So overall, I am wearing three sizes smaller in clothing than I did several years ago. Ta dah!

Yet on the outside to someone who hasn’t known me a long time or at all, I still just look like a fat person–with all their attendant preconceived notions and prejudices about my being fat.  This means that situations arise such as the blood lab work receptionist who ignored my doctor’s order for a pregnancy test for me on Monday before I have an MRI with contrast isotopes on Wednesday/today for an unrelated vision/depth-perception issue.

The lab work receptionist lied to me and said that the doctor hadn’t ordered it, and if he did, that the MRI lab (in another facility) would give me that test when I arrived, if they thought that I needed the pre-MRI test.

I checked with the MRI testing facility and they do not do any lab tests there.  So I screencapped my medical portal test orders listing from my doctor  and I showed it to the blood lab work receptionist today and I challenged her false and downright unhealthy (for me) actions and behaviors.  What if I had been pregnant and they did the MRI with contrast isotopes injected into me without knowing that I was pregnant, and the baby was harmed?  That would have been a monumental and preventable tragedy.

My educated guess is that in the receptionist’s mind, a fat person wouldn’t have even a possibility of becoming pregnant.  Why?  Because she probably thought that I wasn’t having sex with my husband.  Well wake up, world!  We are a very happily married and loving couple.  Though infertility was a side issue to my metabolism problems–and my husband also had fertility issues that went unaddressed for a long time–my becoming pregnant is a possibility, if not a probability.

So for obvious health safety reasons, doctors test and other medical orders need to be strictly followed by non medical staff handling the clerical end of medical procedures and tests–and not thwarted by their prejudice, which could possibly endanger lives in the process.

Okay, I’m off my soap box now.  But as James Corden shared himself, every day as a person who is chubby/fat/obese the world can be a cruel and biased place.  And that is compounded when the public and health care staff also buy into bullying/fat shaming–thereby compromising our health further until a truly knowledgeable and insightful doctor or two comes along.  And as my story illustrates, one has to be one’s own best health care advocate–whatever your health issue.

I have been most fortunate in receiving love and encouragement from my wonderful husband, some other family, friends, work, and community service colleagues who treat me as a person, not as someone with the obesity disease.

So whenever I could over the years, I would and do put myself out there publicly for conference presentations, programs, award ceremony announcing, event MCing, etc.  So that if one young, middle school, or high school aged kid sees me and my professional success and my confidence, that they can visualize professional success and confidence for themselves.

And over the years, I have developed my own unique way of describing my self as a person of size, and in comparison to others, in a positive way:  My little great niece is a rosebud, her mother my niece is a bouquet of flowers, and I am a garden of flowers.  And who doesn’t like flowers?

Hugs & Love!  Grati  ;->

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Stun Day Sunday–More Richard Armitage at TIFF portraits via the Getty Images site, September 15, 2019 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #1261)

The latest Richard Armitage portrait images from TIFF and on the Getty site are stunning!  Thanks to TeresaA for pointing me there.

And below is an example of Richard’s wonderful smoulder:

Richard Armitage posing for Gareth Cattermole during TIFF 2019

TORONTO, ONTARIO – SEPTEMBER 08: Actor Richard Armitage from the film ‘My Zoe’ poses for a portrait during the 2019 Toronto International Film Festival at Intercontinental Hotel on September 08, 2019 in Toronto, Canada. (Photo by Gareth Cattermole/Contour by Getty Images)

As we all know, Richard Armitage and his “My Zoe” Director/Writer Julie Delphy were at TIFF 2019 to promote the premiere of their new film “My Zoe”.

I presume that any free publicity celebrities can get for their film projects is helpful in promoting those and future projects by the actors, etc.  However, when the Getty site has charges for each picture of $499 and up for publication–as it does for the image above–presumably going to the photographer and Getty, one wonders about the business side of selling celebrity images.  Or at least, it makes me wonder.

Does the subject of each picture get a cut of the sale of his or her image?   How about a sitting fee paid to the celebrity?  Or even, might some form of remuneration be given to that celebrity’s charities?  Doubtful.

Though not every photo taken gets used in a publication–so Getty and the photographer are probably amortizing each photo’s publication charge against that.  The Getty site and the photographer are providing a service, afterall–not only in selling images, but in curating images for their vast library of celebrity events.  So, it stands to reason that they should get paid.  And the prices quoted are probably very reasonable for publications–just beyond the realm of this fan’s purse.  Ha!

And the image I shared above–the $499 one–was retrieved via Getty’s complimentary free download for non commercial or non publications use that is good for 30 days.  At which point, I wonder if the image above goes invisible on this post?  Poof!  Ha!

So enjoy perusing the TIFF portraits of the talented British actor Richard Armitage on the wonderful Getty images site!


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“Expectations” (Book 2)–Ch. 34:  Their first morning of wedded bliss,  September 12, 2019  by Gratiana Lovelace (Post #1260)


“Expectations” (Book 2)–Ch. 34:  Their first morning of wedded bliss,
September 12, 2019  by Gratiana Lovelace  (Post #1260)

[an original Regency romance copyrighted by Gratiana Lovelace, 2018 – 2019; all rights reserved);  [(1) story cover art, left]

 [As is my custom, from time to time  I will illustrate my story with my ideal cast consisting of (in order of importance/mention in this chapter):   Lord Duncan of York, the Viscount Lindsay (portrayed by Rupert Penry-Jones); and his wife Lady Elizabeth the Viscountess Lindsay  (portrayed by Jessica Brown Findlay)]

Author’s story content and serializing scheduling notes:  For the most part, my ratings for the chapters will be PG-13—for romantic interludes and dramatic moments.  If you are unable or unwilling to attend a movie with these ratings, then please do not read that chapter.  This is my disclaimer.   And I always put the previous chapter’s brief recap at the top of the next chapter.  Also, I hope to post new chapters nearly weekly.  I hope that you enjoy this chapter.


Ch. 34:  Their first morning of wedded bliss

Awakening first the morning after they wed, Lord Duncan gazes upon the sleeping beauty who is his bride Lady Elizabeth.  Her waist length hair is a riot of tousled brunette waves fanned out upon their pillows and upon her person.  Owing to the chill in their bed chamber now that the fireplace embers have dwindled low, he suspects, he finds her hugging the bedding around her torso—enticingly hiding her womanly curvy treasures underneath.  Her soft breaths puffing out her mouth and lips that seem to beg him to press his lips to hers.

But Lord Duncan must first rise to attend to his morning waking routine, and he reluctantly leaves their marriage bed.  First he stokes the fireplace hearth and adds a log to the flames.  Then ducking into the adjacent bathroom, Lord Duncan looks at himself in the mirror and smiles in remembrance of the night of love he and his young wife Elizabeth just shared, and he smiles at himself whilst rubbing his slightly stubbled chin.


After splashing his face with water, he shaves.  Lord Duncan shaves as less of a morning grooming routine, than it is in consideration for his lovely young wife’s delicate skin.  It would not do for him to have his whiskers scratch her skin’s creamy surface as he kisses her, causing an irritation and redness there for all to see.  And he does plan to kiss her again this morn.


Returning to their marriage bed, Lord Duncan slides into bed behind his sleeping wife Lady Elizabeth.  He remembers her mentioning the chill last night—and how he warmed her with the fever of his warm chest.  So he repeats that warming embrace.


Lady Elizabeth: “Hmmm!”  She sighs, grateful for the warmth now enveloping her body.  As her husband’s kisses trail from the tips of her fingers, up her hand, wrist, arm, shoulders, neck, and face, Lady Elizabeth unconsciously turns toward the kisses for a morning kiss with her husband.  And now she is fully awake, and she pulls back a bit with her one hand over her mouth.  “Oh Duncan!  My apologies!  I have not visited the bathing chamber yet this morning and chewed on a mint leaf.”  She does not think that her mouth tastes sour from sleep, but then she is accustomed to how her mouth tastes in the morning.


Lord Duncan: “Elizabeth, My Darling! Welcome to a new day!”  He smiles tenderly and passionately toward her.

Lady Elizabeth: “Thank you!  Happy morning to you as well.  But I must arise and … well tend to some things.”  She blushes.  Her husband Lord Duncan nods and does not prevent her from getting out of bed.  But she has a dilemma.  “Duncan?”

Lord Duncan: “Yes, My Love?”  He waits patiently for her query.

Lady Elizabeth:  Lady Elizabeth rubs her bare upper arms with the still slight chill in the air.  “I seem to have misplaced …  I mean, last night I wore …”

Lord Duncan: “Yes?”  His smile and voice smoulders desirously now.

Lady Elizabeth: “I do not recall removing my nightgown.”  She cutely pouts and hugs the bed sheet and blanket to her bare form as she sits up in bed—her unintentionally exposing her bare back to his appreciative gaze and to his caress.

Lord Duncan: “Oh you did not.”

Lady Elizabeth:  “But how am I without my nightgown now?”  She asks quizzically, for she really thinks that she ought to know when she removed her night gown.

Lord Duncan: “It was I who helped you remove your nightgown, My Love—earlier this morning.” He smoulders in loving and lustful remembrance of her beauteous womanly curvy form then finally revealed to him.

Lady Elizabeth:  “Are you certain?  I do not recall.”  Lady Elizabeth wears a most charming piquant expression upon her face—one part disbelieving, and one part wondering why her husband removed her nightgown, after she had expressly told him the night before that she always sleeps wearing a nightgown.

Lord Duncan:  “Perhaps if I remind you of the circumstances, My Darling.”  He leans in and whispers loving descriptions to her of how he adored her again in the early hours of the morning.  Her blush deepens as she recalls their entwined and entangled bodies [(2) below].

Lady Elizabeth: “Oh! I thought that I only dreamt that we ….”  And Lady Elizabeth was worried that she would have to do prayerful penance for having such brazenly pleasurable  dreams.  For now she must surely need to offer more prayers for actually having made love with her husband a third time. Yet somehow, she cannot find it within herself to mind about the extra prayers—nor her supposed need for them.


Lord Duncan:  “Elizabeth Love, I admit that I also dreamed about our third romantic interlude  as well after I finally fell  into a deep slumber.  So much so that now I wish for us to …”  He leaves the rest of his request  unspoken, but for his wickedly raised eyebrow and him nibbling gently upon her fingers.


Lady Elizabeth:  “Well!  Let us delay discussing that for the moment.  I must splash some water upon my face and such.  If you will excuse me.” She grabs her discarded silken robe lying on the end of the bed and pulls it around herself as she slips out of bed and toward the bathing chamber.


Lord Duncan: “Of course, My Love.  Hurry back!”  He calls out to her with his lustfully loving heart.  Lord Duncan lies back upon the bed pillows a very happy man.  And he is a man who hopes to be ecstatically happy within the next half hour, or less.


Lady Elizabeth washes up and such in the bathing chamber—with her especially chewing a mint leaf, to dispel the taste of last evening’s wine upon her tongue.  Then she spies herself in the mirror and realizes—to her mortification—that her silken robe does not hide her womanly curvy form from view.  Her robe is almost transparent.  What must her husband think of her, she wonders?  Yet, he did not complain about it to her when she slipped out of bed.  So she reasons that he might not have noticed.


Then Lord Duncan sees his wife Lady Elizabeth returning to him—after she had segued through their dressing chamber and put on a simple cotton chemise under her silken robe.  He smiles for her modesty—and for his delight in helping her to overcome it, with time and patience.


Lady Elizabeth: “Ooh!  Duncan Dearest, I am feeling slightly hungry!  Might we request some eggs, toast, and marmalade be sent up to us with a steaming pot of tea?”  She asks specifically and hopefully as she sits down upon the bed—her still wearing her silken robe over her cotton chemise.


Lord Duncan: “I am also working up an appetite.  But, let us cuddle more in our marriage bed.”  He gently guides her to lie back down and he kisses her tenderly, adoringly, and passionately—whilst embracing her with tenderly passionate caresses—leaving her in no doubt of his wish to adore her again.  But she breaks off their kiss.


Lady Elizabeth: “Again?”  She asks incredulously, blushing again for her liking their being together intimately as husband and wife.


Lord Duncan: “I cannot think of a lovelier way to greet the morning, than with a tender romantic interlude between us.” Lord Duncan gently kisses her lips—inviting her to join him in their marital bliss.  “Oh and I have already shaved so that my morning bristle does not irritate your delicate skin, My Love.”


Lady Elizabeth: “Thank you, Duncan.  That is very kind.”

Lord Duncan:  He hesitates.  “But?”  There is always a but.

Lady Elizabeth:   “Duncan Dearest, It is just that …”  She leans in to him to whisper her concern.  Her face is blushing crimson now—for her many newly wedded loving experiences.

Lord Duncan:  “Ah!  Of course, My Love.  My apologies.  Of course you wish to … rest a bit before  we … again.”  He smiles in loving understanding.

Lord Duncan the Viscount Lindsay of York is ever solicitous of his new bride of not quite a full day, his Lady Elizabeth the Viscountess Lindsay of York (nee Blount).  For though he might have wished to continue their newly wedded bliss, unabated this first day after they married, his just eighteen year old young bride Lady Elizabeth regretfully requests a few hours respite after their third and last romantic  tryst of their fifteen hours of married life as of the early hours of this morning.

Lady Elizabeth blushingly and sheepishly whispers to her husband this morning that although his loving attentions are exceedingly pleasant and such, it is just that muscles that she did not know that she has have some aches to them—as if she slightly strained them.  And, though she is loathe to admit it to him, she is slightly sore, as might be expected for a newly bedded wife.


So Lord Duncan offers his bride Lady Elizabeth his skills of massage for her aching muscles after her soaking in a warm morning bath—the combination of which leaves her in such a relaxed attitude that she promptly falls back to sleep.  Then Lord Duncan has his own warm bath and then joins her in their bed, cuddling her sleeping form to him, watching her sleep like an angel—her skin glistening dewily from her recent bath.

Lady Elizabeth does not snore in her sleep, a great blessing to her husband.  And Lord Duncan hopes that he does not snore—not so that he has been told anyway. And as he brings his arms around her, she fits against him so perfectly–as if she was always meant to be his, and he to be hers. Then he falls asleep as well.


Yet happily by almost midday, Lady Elizabeth awakens refreshed.  And she is famished by now, as is Lord Duncan—their both having missed breaking their fast earlier this morning.  So they take luncheon alone together in their Sussex  Hall Royal Apartments bridal suite, with her positioning two strategically placed softly padded ice pillows for maximum benefit to her back and such.


Lord Duncan:  “Are you feeling more the thing after your nap, My Love?”  Lord Duncan smiles at her caringly. Then he takes her hand in his and lifts it to his lips for his kiss.


Lady Elizabeth:  “I am.  Thank you.”  Lady Elizabeth blushes—partially for her remembering their pleasurably entangled bodies from their three previous romantic trysts, and partially for wanting to eat more than she feels a lady ought in front of a man, especially her husband.


Lord Duncan: Perusing her small luncheon plate with its meager contents—compared to his overflowing larger luncheon plate—Lord Duncan asks.  “Elizabeth, are you not hungry?  I am famished!”  He smiles.


Lady Elizabeth: “Oh yes. I am feeling a bit peckish.  But …”

Lord Duncan: “But …?

Lady Elizabeth:  “But, I do not wish to … seem to …”  Lord Duncan patiently waits for her to finish her thoughts.  “Well, to eat as much as a man, as much as you.  Twould not be ladylike of me to eat so heartily.”


Lord Duncan: “Merciful heavens!”  He clutches his hand to his chest in mock horror.  Then he smiles tenderly.   “My Dear, Twould be more unladylike for you to faint due to hunger through your lack of eating a sufficient amount of food.  Let us strike a bargain.  I will find no fault with your slightly larger meal portions, if you promise to find no fault with my obviously much larger meal portions.  Deal?”  He extends his hand to his wife.


Lady Elizabeth: Smiling shyly, Lady Elizabeth extends her hand to her husband and they shake hands.  “Deal.”


Lord Duncan: “And?”  He guidingly raises a bemused eyebrow.


Lady Elizabeth:  “And, I will have a few more morsels of this fine meal.”  And with that, she adds to her plate a small chicken thigh, a small potato, assorted fruit, and some still warm fresh bread with butter, for good measure.


And after their private luncheon, Lady Elizabeth and Lord Duncan return to their marriage bed to nap, and then some in the early afternoon—sharing their love with each other in joyous and tenderly passionate and gentle love making ways.  It is their romantic tryst number four—in under 24 hours, far exceeding Lord Duncan’s expectations of such loving joy with his virgin bride.  Scandalous!

To be continued with Chapter 35


Expectations” (Book 2, sequel to “Encouragement):  Chapter 34 images  for  September 12, 2019 by Gratiana Lovelace (Post #1260)

1) “Expectations” (Book 2, sequel to “Encouragement”) story cover art  image represents Lady Elizabeth Blount, sister  to the Earl of Sussex in black evening gown–is that of actress Jessica Brown Findlay as Lady Sybil in Downton Abby found at http://www.internet-d.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/38/2012/02/JESSICA-BROWN-FINDLAY-as-Lady-Sybil-Crawley.jpg ; the text font  is Vivaldi.

2) Lord Duncan’s and Lady Elizabeth’s entangled feet image representation was found at:  feet-coversoct1012instforenergyresearchorg_May1614-crop-sized-stretched

“Expectations” (Book 2) Ch. 34  URL for Wattpad story post for September  12, 2019 (Post#1260):

Previous “Expectations” (Book 2) Ch. 33  URL for Something About Love story post for August 19, 2019 (Post#1256):

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Sweetly Sexy SatuRdAy–Richard Armitage attending TIFF for his “My Zoe” film premiere, September 07, 2019 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #1259)

The talented British actor Richard Armitage only recently expressed his friendly farewell to his new friends in South Korea on his latest project (via TeresaA Thanks!):

Then Richard Armitage flies today to Toronto, Canada to attend the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) for the premiere of his new film “My Zoe” (“My Zoe” was  directed/written by and also stars Julie Delpy), and shares another selfie (via and thanks again to TeresaA) showing his pleasure to be there–via his sweetly sexy smile.  Sighhh!

And in following the link to Richard Armitage’s instagram post about TIFF, here is my cap of it few moments ago–showing his spike to 13K+ likes in a spare 6 hours:


The more I hear about this heart wrenching/warming film “My Zoe” (TIFF synopsis excerpt below–no spoilers), the more eager I am to see it:

“A recently divorced mother is driven to extremes in this seventh film by writer-director-actor Julie Delpy — a suspense drama unlike anything she has done before.    …  Chilling in both its forthrightness and in its grander ethical implications, My Zoe is a psychological drama with hints of science fiction, in which the future already, plausibly exists.”

Best wishes for “My Zoe” having a great premiere at TIFF 2019 this weekend!


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Celebrating my Something About Love 8th Blogiversary!  August 25, 2019 Gratiana Lovelace (Post 1258)

I realized yesterday on August 24, 2019 that it was my 8th Blogiversary of blogging here on my little Something About Love (SAL) blog!

Little could I have known when I started this blog that it would have such a profound impact upon me—nor that I would still be doing it 8 years later.  Ha!

That’s the thing about finding an activity and interest that really speaks to your soul.  If you’re lucky and have the support of those you love—like my dear hubby, in my case—you can flourish.

I love writing my love stories—with a certain handsome and talented and very tallBritish bloke named Richard Armitage (below are images from 2019, see filename for credits) as my muse.


And interspersed with publishing each chapter of my stories—I am currently serializing “Expectations” (Book 2), the sequel to “Encouragement” (Book 1)–are my other Richarding essays about his artistic projects, etc., as well as, my musings/observations  about my life.

Oh, and my various wallpaper and other graphics (sampled below) and videos—that I won’t call “art”, but I enjoy doing them.  Ha!

Most wonderful about this blogging journey are the friendships that I have made and continue to make along the way.

And I give a heartfelt  thank you to each of you who have visited, liked, and generally supported my SAL blog over the past eight years! I truly appreciate your kindness and your thoughtfulness!  Onwards and upwards as the saying goes!

So I leave you with a flowery thank you gift of this lovely wallpaper by Cyn Dainty to enjoy.  Hugs & Cheers!  Grati  ;->

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Happy 48th Birthday Wishes to Richard Armitage–the Star in our firmament, August 22, 2019 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #1257)

Wishing Richard every happiness that he wishes for himself.

P.S.  Thanks to Telegraph.co.uk for the European Southern Observatory background stars image, found at:

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“Expectations” (Book 2)–Ch. 33:  Wedding Night,  August 19, 2019  by Gratiana Lovelace (Post #1256)


“Expectations” (Book 2)–Ch. 33:  Wedding Night,
August 19, 2019  by Gratiana Lovelace  (Post #1256; & on Wattpad)

[an original Regency romance copyrighted by Gratiana Lovelace, 2018 – 2019; all rights reserved);  [(1) story cover art, left]

[As is my custom, from time to time  I will illustrate my story with my ideal cast consisting of (in order of importance/mention in this chapter):   Lord Duncan of York, the Viscount Lindsay (portrayed by Rupert Penry-Jones); and his fiancé Lady Elizabeth Blount of Sussex (portrayed by Jessica Brown Findlay)]


Author’s story content and serializing scheduling notes:  For the most part, my ratings for the chapters will be PG-13—for romantic interludes and dramatic moments.  If you are unable or unwilling to attend a movie with these ratings, then please do not read that chapter.  This is my disclaimer.   And I always put the previous chapter’s brief recap at the top of the next chapter.  Also, I hope to post new chapters weekly on Sundays or Mondays.  I hope that you enjoy this chapter.


Ch. 33:  Wedding Night

The wedding of Lady Elizabeth Blount of Sussex to Lord Duncan the Viscount Lindsay of York is an elegant and intimate affair held in the Sussex Village Church the following Monday.  Lady Elizabeth looks beautiful in her ivory lace overlay of her ice blue satin wedding  gown that had been her Grandmother Sussex’s and also her own late mother’s wedding gown. And she will also be adorned with the delicate York tiara designated for the brides of the Viscounts of Lindsay, Lady Elizabeth looks and feels like a princess. The sentimentality of her choices brings her family to happy tears of joy.


Smiling at the altar as his bride is escorted to him by her elder brother Lord Christian Blount the Earl of Sussex, Lord Duncan looks no less handsome than his bride Lady Elizabeth looks beautiful.  Lord Duncan’s [(2) below] wedding ensemble in colors of cream and ivory cravat and waistcoat, complements hers—without seeming to be overtly matching.  And the church’s decorations of abundant and roses in cream and pink also convey their pleasing aromas throughout the wedding ceremony.


Lady Elizabeth’s and Lord Duncan’s wedding vows are heartfelt as they gaze upon each other and recite after the Vicar of Sussex Village—with the Bridegroom’s elder brother Lord Alfred Lindsay the Marquess of Malten and Vicar serving as his Best Man supporter, rather than officiating at the wedding himself.  And Lady Elizabeth’s sister-in-law Lady Madeline Sinclair Blount the Countess of Sussex, serves as her Matron of Honor supporter


Lord Duncan: “I Duncan Edward Lindsay take you Elizabeth Catherine Blount to be my lawfully wedded wife, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better and for worse, for richer and for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death us do part, according to God’s holy law.  This is my solemn vow–and thereto I plight thee my troth.”


Lord Duncan takes a deep breath after having gotten through his speaking of his wedding vows and smiles lovingly at Lady Elizabeth.  It is her turn to speak her wedding vows to him now—and she surprises him with her strong and steady voice, when her nerves had still been quite evident in the days leading up to their nuptials this day.


Lady Elizabeth:  “I Elizabeth Catherine Blount take you to Duncan Edward Lindsay be my lawfully wedded husband, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better and for worse, for richer and for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to …” Lady Elizabeth pauses there.  For tradition would have her vowing to obey her husband.  And though she is not averse to the general sentiment, the overt expectation that her husband should have dominion over her yet rankles her.  She notices the Vicar leaning forward and mouthing the word obey.  And now the wedding guests lean forward, them also waiting to hear the conclusion of Lady Elizabeth’s wedding vows.  Then she turns back to gaze up into the eyes of her bridegroom Lord Duncan, who grins for her continuing disagreement with this one issue in the wording of the bride’s wedding vows.  And Lord Duncan gives her hands resting in his hands a gentle squeeze, he smiles in chagrin to the vicar, then he turns back to Lady Elizabeth and mouths to her  to cherish, and she continues with a smile. “…to cherish, till death us do part, according to God’s holy law.  This is my solemn vow–and thereto I plight thee my troth.”


The wedding guests sigh in relief.  Though the bride has deviated slightly in the wording of her wedding vows, they should still be considered to be married legally—if slightly unconventionally.


Then Lord Duncan and Lady Elizabeth are pronounced man and wife, introduced as the Viscount and Viscountess Lindsay of York, and sent walking down the church aisle with radiant smiles of joy, to the peeling of church bells, the well wishes of their family and friends, and copious happy tears of the ladies of both families.  And once outside the church, Lord Duncan lifts his bride into his arms above his head and twirls her around to the delight of the Sussex villagers gathered to catch a glimpse of Lady Elizabeth, now the Viscountess of Lindsay—before he brings her back to the ground and kisses her soundly to the clapping and cheering of the local populace.


Lord Duncan’s happiness in wedding his wife Lady Elizabeth this day will not be constrained by station or protocol.  And Lady Elizabeth’s effusive joy shines with her love for her husband Lord Duncan as they sweetly kiss frequently in their open carriage ride back to Sussex Hall for their wedding breakfast, that is really high tea in the late afternoon—a later in the day wedding was a consideration given to the pregnant wives sister-in-laws of  Lady Madeline’s residual and Lady Penelope’s raging  morning sickness with their respective with child conditions.


And after much toasting to the bride and groom at the post wedding, wedding breakfast–eating yummy foods, greeting and thanking everyone as they also show off their new wedding rings–Lord Duncan and Lady Elizabeth are finally able to slip away to their bridal suite for tonight.


However, it seems that there was a slight difficulty at first for where their wedding night will take place.    The Sussex Hall  Manor house with its dozens of bed chamber and sitting room suites seems to be the ideal location.  Then Lord Duncan’s Valet overheard yesterday that some jovial traditional—meaning annoying—interruptions were planned for the wedding couple.  This will not do for Lord Duncan.  He has been tenderness itself in calming his bride’s nerves about their wedding night.  And he can only imagine how mortified, she will feel if they are having an amorous moment and a group of people–comprised of villagers, Sussex Hall Estate staff, and perhaps a few family members–start to sing to the newlyweds under their bed chamber window, or worse.

So after Lord Duncan pleads for privacy on his wedding night with his bride’s brother Lord Christian, a ruse was planned–sending a fake wedding couple away in a carriage.  Lord Duncan’s valet and Lady Elizabeth’s ladies maid were attired in their employers’ clothes.  And from the distance of the stables, no one could tell the difference.


As Lord Duncan leads his bride Lady Elizabeth further into the upper stories of Sussex Hall on the North side—overlooking a small moat—they come to a pair of double doors leading into one of several of the royal state guest apartments, which were last used over fifty years ago.


Lady Elizabeth: “I have never been exploring on this floor of Sussex Hall before.  Is it even habitable?”  She asks uncertainly, her noticing a stray cobweb in the corner of the spacious foyer before the double doors.


Lord Duncan: “I have been promised that our bridal bed chamber would be made habitable for us, My Love.”  He smiles hopefully, wanting this night, their wedding night, to be private and joyful—with every comfort that he can show her, including privacy.  He will bolt the doors to the royal apartment suite once they are inside.


Lord Duncan lifts a lit candle from its nearby wall sconce holder and slowly opens one side of the impressive double doors and walk inside.  There they find several companion wall sconces waiting to be lit.  Lord Duncan lights every other wall sconce as he leads her to what he hopes will be their bed chamber.  The low light casting a forgiving glow upon the elegant but quite out of fashion furnishings.  At least the hall table seems to have been dusted, and no drop cloths are upon the furniture.  So Lord Duncan remains hopeful for the comfort and privacy of their bed chamber this night.


Lady Elizabeth:  Clinging to her new husband’s coat tails, Lady Elizabeth looks around her in awe.  “Everything looks so old, but of the highest quality.  Do you think a King or Queen ever slept here?”


Lord Duncan: “I do not know.  We will have to ask Lord Christian—tomorrow.”  He affirms he intends not to focus upon the history of these rooms, but rather, upon the rooms present occupants, themselves.  “Ah!  Here it is!”  He sighs in relief at finding a door festooned with a fresh floral wreath—that was placed there to indicate which bed chamber had been prepared for them.


Lady Elizabeth: “How lovely!”  She smiles shyly at her husband.


Then she turns the door knob and pushes the bedchamber door open to reveal an enormous room with a large canopied bed in pale blue satin bedding across from a fireplace with a low fire built in its hearth, but plenty of wood nearby to stoke it higher.  They walk inside the bed chamber to find every comfort imaginable provided for them—a small dining table with flagons of wine and water, with a tray of fruit, cheese, and such, underneath a clear glass covering, with crystal goblets, china, sterling silver table ware, and linen table cloths and napkins.

And there is even a separate bathing and necessary chamber behind the bed chamber’s fireplace that they can see through the open hearth.  So they walk through the open door to one side of the fireplace to access the bathing room.  Through this room is a dressing room where they find their trunks of clothes open—with some clothing for tomorrow hung up on hangers, as well as night things left accessible by their being laid folded over some of the chest of drawers pulled open.  Then there is another door that lets out on the other side of the fireplace and they are back in their wedding night bed chamber for this night.


Having previously lit a few more wall candle sconces and then placed the lit candle he was carrying into a wall sconce holder, Lord Duncan draws his new wife into his arms. Lady Elizabeth [(3) below]  gazes up at her husband with loving adoration.


Lord Duncan:  “I am very well pleased that our wish for privacy and for comfort tonight will be accomplished with these rooms.”  Lord Duncan leans down and lightly kisses his young wife.  “Are you also pleased, My Love?”  He asks yearningly.  He is trying to be a patient lover, but he does so hope to get to the loving part of this night.


Having replaced her sense of wonder in her surroundings with the realization that she and her new husband are entirely alone, Lady Elizabeth realizes that she is a bride and will become a wife this night.


Lady Elizabeth:  “I am.”  She replies in a small voice.  Her nervousness is returning.


Lord Duncan: Hoping to ease her nervousness, he asks impishly.  “Shall we try out the bed?”  Then he races out of the dressing room into the bed chamber and jumps onto the top of the bed’s mattress.  He bounces on his bum–him having turned his body as he leapt.     “Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!”  He laughs as he removes his boots.


Lady Elizabeth: Clapping her hands with glee, Lady Elizabeth dashes right after him and jumps onto the bed as well.  “Ha ha ha ha ha!”  She giggles.  “Oh Duncan!  This mattress is so well cushioned!  As old as it must be, I would never have thought it to be this comfortable!”  She marvels. She slips off her wedding slippers.

Of course, her brother Christian Lord Sussex and his wife Madeline Lady Sussex had the mattress and bedding replaced for them.


Lord Duncan: “Nor I.”  Then his eyes gleam.  “Shall we see how high we can bounce?”


Lord Duncan stands on the bed mattress, then holds out his hands and helps her stand up as well.  Then they hold hands and begin to bounce upon the bed, higher, higher, until their heads reach the bed’s tall canopied satin covering.  They collapse onto the mattress in a fit of giggles for being so silly—with them rolling around its large surface.


Lady Elizabeth: “Ha ha ha!  Oh Duncan, I have not bounced on a bed in years!”


Lord Duncan: “Nor I.  But it seemed like something fun that we should do, together.”


Lady Elizabeth: “That was fun, Duncan!”  She smiles sweetly up at her husband now leaning over her in their bridal bed.  “I am glad that we can still have fun as a married couple.”  Afterall, Lady Elizabeth is just eighteen years to Lord Duncan’s twenty five years.  And her youthful exuberance is part of what has endeared her to him.


Lord Duncan:  “I promise that we shall never forget to have fun, My Darling Elizabeth.”  He leans down and kisses her gently, tenderly, lovingly, and adoringly.  “My love?  Shall we remove our wedding clothes and be more comfortable in our night things?”  He smoulders as he gently caresses his index finger down her cheek.


Lady Elizabeth:  “As you wish.”  She sighs.  Then she startles.  “I will …”


Lord Duncan:  “You will…”  He smiles kindly at her slightly trembling voice.


Lady Elizabeth: “This gown has the fastenings in the back.  I will need you to undo them for me.”  She bites her lower lip.  Lady Elizabeth has only ever had her ladies maid help her undress—except for Lady Madeline when she was trying on her wedding gown.  And she realizes that their removing their wedding clothes is possibly a prelude to their loving each other this night.


Lord Duncan: “Of course, My Love.  And will you help me with my cravat?  I was trying to loosen it earlier, but the blasted linen seems to be knotted too tight.”  She playfully swats at him for using such language in front of her.  “My apologies, my dear.  But you would swear, also, were your neck trussed up like a Christmas goose.”  He widens his eyes teasingly at her.


Lady Elizabeth: “Well, we ladies also have constricting garments.  They are called corsets.”  Now she smiles teasingly at him as she tugs at his cravat.  Little does she know that he is as eager to help her out of her corset as he hopes she is in releasing him from his cravat.  “There!  I have your cravat undone.”  She timidly removes her hands from his loosened cravat.


Lord Duncan moves to sit up upon the bed, and he guides her to do so also.

Lord Duncan:  “Will you please help me unravel myself, Elizabeth?”  He asks tenderly.


Lady Elizabeth: “Alright, if you wish.”  She looks at the two strips of his cravat neck cloth that are hanging on either side of his neck.  So she reaches up to his neck, pushing one length of his neck cloth around to the back, and then grabbing it with her other hand.  This causes her to lean in toward him, each time that she reaches behind his neck for the cravat.


Lord Duncan: “I wish to kiss you, My Elizabeth.”  Then he does—tenderly at first, then with growing adoration and passion.  And Lady Elizabeth stops her cravat unraveling and lays her hands upon his shoulders as he kisses her, and she kisses him back.


As her arms eventually reach around his neck and runs her fingers through his hair, his arms and hands embrace her—with his hands deftly untying her wedding gown bodice corset ribbons until her gown bodice loosens and sags.


Lady Elizabeth: “Oh!”  She clutches the front of her wedding gown bodice to her breasts.  “I must change into my night gown.  Thank you for your help, Duncan.  Please excuse me.”


And before he can reach out and draw her back to him, she skitters off of their bed and heads into the dressing room.  Lady Elizabeth now has no trouble removing the rest of her wedding gown skirting, petticoats, etc., before donning her wedding night lingerie gifted to her by her sister-in-law Lady Madeline.  She has not even tried it on before and finds it to be not a very warm garment with her back exposed.  However, there is a matching silk robe that helps cover her back to ward off the dressing room’s chill.


When Lady Elizabeth steps out into the bed chamber again, she finds it empty.


Lord Duncan:  Seeing her in their bed chamber through the pass through fireplace, he calls out to her.  “Elizabeth, I am briefly in the bathing chamber, then to the dressing room.  I will be with you in a moment.”


Lady Elizabeth: “Alright.  Please let me know when you are done in the bathing room, so that … I may visit it briefly.”  She stammers shyly.


Lord Duncan: “Of course!  Have something to eat while you wait.”  He calls out to her as he finishes giving himself a swift shave.  He does not want his manly stubble to unduly irritate her soft skin.  “I am heading into the dressing room now.”


Lady Elizabeth: “Thank you for letting me know.”  She responds to him as she walks into the bathing chamber.  This alerting one’s husband of when she wants to use the bathing room—and vice versa–makes her blush.  Though, for all he knows, she is merely brushing her teeth and chewing on a mint leaf to freshen her breath—which she also does.


Then Lady Elizabeth returns directly into the bed chamber, so as not to intrude upon her husband in their shared dressing room.  But she finds her husband already in their bed chamber, pouring them each a small goblet of wine—while only wearing his night pants with no shirt beneath his open robe.  She finds his muscular chest pleasing, and slightly unsettling—then as she moves closer, he removes his robe [(4) below], and she demurely looks away.


Lord Duncan: “There you are, Elizabeth Darling.”  He smiles warmly at her.  “And I very much like your nightgown and robe.  Very pretty.”  He smiles warmly at her and hands her a goblet of wine.


Lady Elizabeth: “My nightgown and robe set was a gift from Lady Madeline.  But it is a bit chilly.”  She sips her wine twice, then she sets the goblet upon the fireplace mantel.


Lord Duncan:  “Oh?  I am sorry to hear that you feel chilled, My Love.  Stand closer to the fire, but be careful not to singe your flowing robe.  You had best take it off.”


Lady Elizabeth: “What?”  She gazes at him in alarm.  “I cannot.  The open back of my nightgown is why I am so chilled.”


Lord Duncan: “Ah!  Then let us try something.  I am naturally warm.  So stand with your back to my chest as you face the fireplace.”  Then he helps her remove her robe, and he snakes his arm around her waist and brings her to lie flush against his chest.  “See?  Is that better?”


Lady Elizabeth:  “Better?”  She asks tremblingly as he gently kisses her bare neck and shoulders.


Lord Duncan: “Warmer?”  His deep voice purrs with desire for his beautiful bride.


Lady Elizabeth: “Very warm.”  She replies breathily.  “Are you certain you do not have a fever, Duncan?”


Lord Duncan: “Only for you, My Love. Only for you.”  He purrs, then he guides her to turn around and face him.  Her hands rest upon his muscular upper chest.  His hands are resting upon her silken covered hips, stroking her sides.  And she trembles with his tender touch. “You still seem chilled.  Let us remove ourselves to under the sheets and blankets of our bed.”  And he guides her to one side of the bed, lifts the covers for her as she slides in.  Then he goes to the other side of the bed, and he slides into bed.


Lady Elizabeth:  Turning her head to her husband on the next pillow, she nibbles upon her lower lip.  “I do not think I can fall asleep with this many candles lit.”


Lord Duncan:  Stopping himself from smiling, he hops out of bed.  “Very well, My Love.  I will extinguish the wall sconce candles, then the only light will be from the fireplace.”  As he does so, the illumination in the room lessens.  Yet the fireplace still gives a warm glow to the room.  “How is that?”


Lady Elizabeth: “Better.”  She nods.  Then he dashes back over to their bed and slides into it.


Lord Duncan: “Where were we?  Oh yes, I was getting ready to give you a good night kiss.  May I, Elizabeth?”  He asks with loving restraint and patience for her maidenly sensibilities.


Lady Elizabeth: “Oh Yes, Duncan.  I wish to kiss you goodnight as well.”


So Lord Duncan leans over his young bride in their bed and he at first gently, tenderly, lovingly, adoringly, and then passionately kisses and embraces her—many many times.  She responds in kind with loving kisses and embraces for him, her now feeling quite warm, and not sleepy at all.


And the nascent desire that Lord Duncan is awakening in his young bride Lady Elizabeth is something that he can build upon–as he adores his fully night gowned wife with loving tenderness such that she finds that she welcomes his kisses and embraces, and such, long into the night and into the wee hours of the next morning.


To be continued with Chapter 34



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