Richard Armitage finishes filming The Man From Rome, November 28, 2021 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #1427)

This new Richard Armitage RAselfie teased the end of filming yesterday for The Man from Rome/The Seville Communion!

Love the contentment in his smile.  I’m really looking forward to seeing this film!

Many thanks to TeresaA for sharing this image with me and others, since I’m not on Instagram.

Wishing everyone a safe, healthy, & peaceful day!  Hugs & Cheers!  Grati  ;->

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Richard Armitage in action as the Photographer Ray in “Stay Close”, November 24, 2021 by Gratiana Lovelace (Post#1426)

Though I’m very much looking forward to viewing Netflix  upcoming “Stay Close” miniseries starring Richard Armitage, James Nesbit, and Cush Jumbo, I’m not fond of the dark green lighting in the scene still pix (below,  top).

 original image

And so I did a slight skin color 1st edit–via MS Word quickie edit filters (below, middle)–which only seemed to emphasize the green lighting elsewhere in the image.   The poor man’s green hued hair makes him look like a chia pet. Ugh!

GL 1st edit

So, I kept working on editing the image and came up with my 2nd edit as a classic BW image (below, bottom)—courtesy of my hubby’s inspired suggestion—jettisoning the green hues to oblivion. Thank goodness!

 GL 2nd edit

And just to be clear, the talented British actor Richard Armitage portraying his lead character of the photographer Ray looks great!   Oh to be the camera!  Ha!

Thanks to RA Bulgaria, RA Admiration Society (via LynneO) for pointing me to the original  image inspiration, earlier shared by Premier_Telly (Thanks!)!

Wishing everyone a safe, healthy, and peaceful day! Hugs   & Cheers! Grati ;->

P.S. original image link:

P.S. link for all 4 “Stay Close” images:

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Chevron forehead wound on Fr. Quart looks “painful”, November 19, 2020 by Gratiana Lovelace (Post #1425)

Below is a very thorough The Seville Communion (The Man from Rome) filming bts collage via almaazul (Thanks!) of the talented British actor Richard Armitage’s character Fr. Quart sporting a chevron shaped forehead wound. 

Looks like a possible fake burn to me, since bruises are more blue and purple.   

Or, since there are some purported “supernatural” elements to the storyline, could that be a devils’ hoof print?  And since the rest of his everyday ecclesiastical attire is not dissheveled, it must have been a polite fight.

Of course tonight after work, I’ll have to dive into my kindle for PC version of the book and see if I can turn up something.

Wishing everyone a safe, healthy, and peaceful day.  Hugs  & Cheers!  Grati  ;-> 

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“Seeking the Niceties of Marriage”, Ch. 22:  Christmas Blessings, Part 1,  by Gratiana Lovelace, November 13, 2021 (Post #1424)


(An original Regency Romance story copyrighted by Gratiana Lovelace, 2021; All rights reserved);

[(1) story cover below left]

Story cover for Seeking the Niceties of Marriage[Illustrations:  I cast my stories as I write them.  So from time to time, I will illustrate my story with actors and such, including:  Richard Armitage as Lord Edward Carlisle, Daniela Denby-Ashe as Lady Emily Creighton Carlisle, Blake Ritson as Lord Kittredge Wells, Polly Walker as Lady Patience Creighton the Countess of Stoke, Bill Nighy as Lord Nigel Creighton the Earl of Stoke, Christina Cole as Lady Cecily Englewood Wells, and others as noted.]

[Author’s Note:  This original Regency romance is a work of fiction, and as such, any character names, scenes or other descriptions were written at the creative discretion of this author.  And this is a gentle and tender romance (G to PG-13), but with some frank discussions about love and marriage put to humorous effect.  This is my disclaimer.]

Ch. 22:  Christmas Blessings, Part 1

Lord Edward Carlisle hoping that his young and very large with child wife Lady Emily does not stress with the two sets of family visitors to their home this December 24th of their first Christmas together as husband and wife, he finds that their London Townhouse staff has it all under control.  For as soon as the staff found out seven months ago that Lady Emily was to give Lord Edward his first child and hoped for heir, they have been entirely helpful and agreeable to her, their new mistress.  And he finds that even the three baby nurses and midwife that Lady Emily recently engaged are welcome additions to their household—and not bothersome nor vexing to him as Lady Emily’s husband.

So Lord Edward and Lady Emily enjoy brief afternoon visits by her sisters, their husbands, and their one nephew the three year old Robert Nigel and his cousin their one niece the 18 month old Patty (named Patience for her Grandmama Lady Patience Creighton).  The children are delightful and well mannered, considering their young ages.  Though with the little ones curious to see and to touch everything that is new to them, Lord Edward realizes the necessity of their having placed fragile objects quite above their ability to reach them.  This sage advice– given to them by their midwife Mrs. Minton–saved several ceramic figurines from being broken.  And more importantly, saved the children from possibly getting cut from any broken objects.

Of course, Lady Emily received with equanimity the news that each of her sisters would also welcome another child in the new year.  The number of children one has is not a competition.  Though Lady Emily is eager to have a houseful of children to love and to nurture—which Lord Edward will happily help her in achieving.

But for now, the elated parents to be in Lord Edward and Lady Emily concentrate upon just their first baby being born sometime in the next two weeks—and if a boy, he will be the Viscount in waiting to his Papa Lord Edward. Though regarding the two weeks estimate, Mrs. Minton the midwife has said that first babies can come late, rather than early—since it is clear that with Lady Emily being nine months with child, there was no anticipation of their wedding vows between Lord Edward and Lady Emily.  Though who is to say when a baby wishes to be born.  And with Lady Emily’s with child condition on her small petite frame having grown quite large, Mrs. Minton is ever watchful of her Ladyships’ progress.

So blessedly, Christmas Eve is spent quietly by just the young wedded couple of Lord Edward and Lady Emily at their Carlisle’s London Townhouse—no braving the ice and snow to go to church for them.  Instead, they read passages of Jesus’ birthing story from the bible to each other, then fall asleep dreaming of their own little one soon to be born—with each of their hands resting lightly upon Lady Emily’s stomach, where their baby sleeps and grows.


Christmas Day dawns brightly and with four more Creighton and Wells family members expected to arrive for Christmas Midday Luncheon around 2 o’clock in the afternoon and then to stay overnight at the Carlisle’s London Townhouse as their first small holiday house party.

But first, Lord and Lady Carlisle and their servants share a hot breakfast buffet with their household staff at 9 o’clock in the morning in their small ballroom that can comfortably seat 100 people (of which their household and grounds staff number around 40 persons. This large banquet for their staff is Lady Emily’s idea—her wanting them to also have a festive gathering.  The foods are scrumptious and the conversations lively, with many tea cup toasts to their Lordship and Ladyships impending birth of their first child together.

After breakfast, the Viscount and his Viscountess Carlisle distribute their Christmas gifts to their faithful and excellent household staff of an extra week’s wages—as well as, small personalized gifts of yards of fabric and trimmings for the numerous women staff to make new dresses for themselves.  And for the lesser number of men household and grounds staff, they receive new ready made shirts and pints of ale.  Though Lady Emily does not wish to seem to promote the drink amongst her staff, her husband Lord Edward reasoned quite convincingly to her that one small pint of celebratory ale for the men—with cider for their women servants—was better than providing the men with smokes, which Lady Emily abhors.

Then one of the youngest children of four years old named Alene of two of their married household staff of the undercook and a senior footman toddles forward with a small nosegay for Lady Emily and an angel Christmas ornament for them both.

The little girl curtsies as she was taught and practiced. Then thrusting her hands out to each of the flowers to Lady Emily and the angel Christmas ornament to Lord Edward becomes amusing. For you see though the flowers are in her left hand and the ornament in her right hand, Lord Edward and Lady Emily are standing in the reverse order.  So after giving a puzzling look at the gifts in her hands, little Alene crosses her arms most amusingly, in order to have the household staff’s gifts to their Lord and Lady be received correctly, to everyone’s chuckling delight.

Alene:  “For you from all of us!  Happy Christmas!”  Well, she is only 4 years, and could not be expected to memorize a long speech.  But the gifts are received with pleasure by Lord Edward and Lady Emily.

Lady Emily caresses the cherubic cheek of the little girl, then brings her nosegay gift of pink and white roses to her face and sniffs the lovely fragrance. Now that Lady Emily is well past her first months of pregnancy she enjoys flowers again.

Lady Emily:  “Oh thank you Alene, and everyone!  You are very kind to gift me with this nosegay for my first of many Christmases with you all.  And I shall treasure it and your angel ornament gift always.”  Lady Emily smiles gratefully with tears in her eyes—as do their senior women household staff.

Putting his hand to his heart in gratitude, for Lord Edward’s many long time staff know of his struggles to find happiness after his first wife died—and now he has found love and happiness with his second wife Lady Emily–he gives his heartfelt thanks.

Lord Edward: “This is a lovely ornament given to mark my Lady Wife and my first Christmas together.  Thank you most kindly.”  Though Lord Edward is perhaps less effusive than his wife—no tears shining in his eyes–his sincere sentiments are still appreciated.

Lady Emily nods in admiring the fine hand carved wooden angel ornament made by one of their stable grooms, and delicately painted in gold accents [(2) right].  Then Lord Edward and Lady Emily place it on the tree in the ballroom together.


Then just as everyone begins to think about dispersing around 11am with the servants tending to their duties to ready for the mid-afternoon family meal of their Lord and Lady—and Lord Edward and Lady Emily decide that a morning nap to fortify them will give Lady Emily more much needed rest, since they will truly nap—sharp pounding on their Townhouse’s front door alerts them to unexpected visitors.  Well, unexpected at this hour.

After being admitted to the large Carlisle House foyer, Lord Kittredge Wells carrying his still sleeping deeply wife Lady Cecily intones in a loud whisper in the empty foyer.

Lord Kittredge:  “Edward!  Emily!  My Lady Cecily must have a proper bed to sleep in.  She is quite done in with all of our traveling.” He rather grunts under the strain of carrying his very petite wife, whose own with child state has naturally rendered Lady Cecily’s weight heavier than when they first wed.

Leaving their household staff to finish their breakfasts in the smallish Carlisle House ballroom, Lord Edward and Lady Emily find their cousins to be quite covered in snow from their brief walk from their carriage to their front door.  Lord Edward and Lady Emily share a small smile as much for their cousins bedraggled appearance, as well as, for their very early arrival.

Lord Edward:   “Kitt and Lady Cecily!  Welcome! We are glad that you were able to make it to London through the snow fall that we are having.  We were uncertain if you would try to make the attempt.”

Lord Kittredge:  “Oh no!  My Darling wife insisted that we brave the roads—that took us three hours to travel from Wells Castle, to London when it normally takes only two hours.”

Yet asleep, Lady Cecily is cuddled in her husband’s arms.

Lady Emily: “Have you had breakfast?”  She asks ever thoughtfully as a hostess and loving cousin.

Lord Kittredge: “Hours ago!  But I am famished again!”  Then he adds caringly.  “And Lady Cecily also needs sustenance.”

Lady Emily: “Very well.  Follow us up to your bedchamber suite—we are going to nap some as well, before our 2 o’clock Christmas mid day luncheon later.”  Then she nods to their butler to give her next direction to their housekeeper and cook. “And we will have a selection of hot and cold breakfast meals and hot tea brought up to your suite for you.”  The butler will also direct the footmen where to deposit the Earl and Countess of Fielding’s luggage and such.

Lord Edward: “Follow us!”  Lord Edward smiles as he marches up the stairs whilst carrying his wife Lady Emily.

And Lord Kitt follows suit, carrying his wife Lady Cecily—but a bit slower than Lord Edward.  And as a taller and more muscular man than Lord Kittredge, Lord Edward is more easily able to carry his wife Lady Emily up the stairs to the family and guest bed chambers suites.

The Midwife Mrs. Minton hovers in the family bed chambers hallway to see how Lady Emily fares after her morning breakfast event for the servants.  And Mrs. Minton finds that with the early arrival addition of the Countess of Fielding—Lady Cecily Wells—she has a potential second lady in a far advanced with child state.  Mrs. Minton leans over to Baby Nurse Greta and gives her a command.  The young women nods then goes to complete her task by heading down the servant stairs. Baby Nurse Daisy is still, as of yet, still standing with Mrs. Minton.

Mrs. Minton: “Your Ladyship, let us get you changed for your comfort.” She states obliquely in front of the other stylish noble couple whom she had previously been told are their young married cousins the Earl and Countess of Fielding.  It would not do for her as a servant to mention Lady Emily’s nightgowns in the presence of others, even if they are family.

Lady Emily: “Thank you, Mrs. Minton.”  Lady Emily smiles gratefully.  She has become so much more tired of late—and she would have her baby tomorrow, if that were possible.

Mrs. Minton:  “And would Lord Fielding and his Countess wish to have our other junior baby nurse Daisy to attend her until their own personal servants arrive?”  She asks considerately.

Lord Kittredge: “Oh I do not know if My Lady Wife would welcome a stranger attending her.”  He blanches—more so, because he enjoys tending to his wife’s smallest needs as a measure of his devotion to her.

Lady Cecily:  Drowsily coming awake, she replies.  “Oh, I would like to have a lady attend me My Lord Husband.”  There are some mysteries of womanhood that Lady Cecily will not relinquish to her husband’s understanding.

Lord Kittredge: Pouting, he replies.  “As you wish, My Darling.”  Then he kisses her forehead and follows nurse Daisy into their guest bedchamber suite, and he gently sets Lady Cecily upon their bed—him still hovering nervously about her.

Nurse Daisy: “My Lord and Lady Fielding, it will be my honor to tend to you until your personal attendants arrive.”  She states with warmth and a smile, greatly consoling Lord Kittredge.

Lady Cecily:  “Thank you, Nurse Daisy. I welcome your assistance.”  She smiles graciously.  Lady Cecily has become ever so less brittle and more charming after her marriage to Lord Kittridge.

Lady Cecily smilingly shoos her husband away so that Nurse Daisy may help her with a personal matter.  And seeing Lord Edward pop his head into their guest bedchamber suite, she beckons to him.

Lord Edward: “Come away Lord Kittredge.  Our ladies are both well cared for. Maybe we can see if any foods remain in our servant’s breakfast in the ballroom to fortify you.”  For knowing his best friend from their childhood quite well, Lord Edward feels Lord Kittredge being fed will greatly  improve his mood.

So the two men trek downstairs to the ballroom, grab plates, fill them up, and head to Lord Edward’s study to eat—leaving the few servants yet remaining in the ballroom to finish their meals unhurriedly.

And after Nurse Daisy helping her become freshened and changed into her lounging attire, Lady Cecily enjoys her breakfast in her guest bedchamber suite—with Lady Emily having joined her and nibbling on what would have been Lord Kittredge’s portion of the meal.

So all is fine and dandy for the moment.  Though Head Baby Nurse and Midwife Mrs. Minton hovers in the outer family bedchambers hallway pondering over the two noble ladies eating within Lady Fielding’s guest bedchamber suite’s sitting room—and their possible need for her services sooner than everyone might think.

To be continued with Chapter 23

References for Ch. 22  of “Seeking the Niceties of Marriage”, by Gratiana Lovelace (Post #1424)  November 13, 2021

  1. My “Seeking the Niceties of Marriage” story cover  illustration is comprised of:  a) an  ivory lace background  with Grati edit, found at;   b)  a Victorian roses bouquet painting by the Boston Public Library, via Atlas Obscura (with some Grati edits ), found at; and with c) the text in deep pinkish coral in a Vivaldi font.
  1. link for this lovely gold hued ornament was found at

Gratiana Lovelace Wattpad site link for Ch. 22   of “Seeking the Niceties of Marriage”:

Previous SAL blog Post #1419  link for Ch. 21  “Seeking the Niceties of Marriage”:

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My new November 2021 sidebar image CelebRAtes the 17th Anniversary of Richard Armitage in North & South (2004), by Gratiana Lovelace, November 07, 2021  (Post #1423)  


Though my 2010 introduction to the multi-talented British actor Richard Armitage’s character portrayals (RA portrait below in 2021, courtesy of KatieC) came more than midway through his now  twenty nine years and counting tv, film, stage, and audiobook, etc., career–it was with his iconic portrayal of John Thornton in the 2004 BBC production of Elizabeth Gaskell’s period novel “North & South” set in the industrial revolution in England that drew me in as a solid Fan of this and his other works.

So my SAL blog’s November 2021 top right sidebar image celebRAtes the 17th anniversary of Richard Armitage in the BBC’s “North & South” (2004). The image below (and at my SAL blog’s top right sidebar) is courtesy of Netflix, which ran the N&S (2004)  miniseries’ four episodes for a time about two years ago.

And below is a bonus N&S (2004) bts image of Daniela Denby-Ashe and Richard Armitage in costume as Margaret Hale and John Thornton, respectively, (image courtesy of fanpop):

Margaret Hale (Daniella Denby-Ashe) und John Thornton (Richard Armittage)

And, of course, one cannot reminisce about this romantic N&S story of John and Margaret without sharing some of  their final kisses at the close of the miniseries (courtesy of Tempella Tumblr, and the gif is also in my right sidebar):
John Thornton kissing Margaret Hale at the end of

Wishing everyone a safe, healthy, & peaceful day.  Hugs & Cheers!  Grati  ;->


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A Virtual Halloween Party with Richard Armitage Characters,  October 31, 2021 by Gratiana Lovelace (Post #1422) 


Happy Halloween!  Over the years, I have attended several Halloween parties/events and was costumed quite amusingly.  I usually liked/like to go for the laugh. 

My earliest recollection of being in a Halloween costume was likely the polka dot clown outfit lovingly made for me by my mother’s childhood friend and my honorary aunt.  My brother and I were 5yrs and 3.5yrs , respectively, and had the flu.  So since we couldn’t go out into the cold night air without getting more sick, Mom and Dad stood with bags of candy at two different doors in our home and we knocked on each door several times to get our Halloween candy rush.  I hope that we left some candy for the neighborhood kids.  Ha!

Then jump forward to junior high school, and I was in a vampire mood—wearing a dark navy and burgundy paisley maxi dress with an empire bust (but with hardly anything to fill it at that point), fake plastic vampire teeth, and a long brunette wig (even though I had shoulder length hair at the time).  I wore my vampy costume to a Halloween Party that our church’s youth choir director gave in her home.  We had fun and it was very nice of her to host us.  And I can think of one vampy guy who would have been my dream date (below right; move over Yael;  Ha!).

Later still in college, my and my college friends Halloween costumes ramped up for both comic and inventive zeal.   I borrowed a bowler like black hat and one of my Dad’s darkish dark suit jackets—with his permission—and painted a small square mustache upon my upper lip, happily not with permanent marker.  I was the 30’s comic actor Oliver Hardy—my not needing much padding—and one of my friends was to be Stan Laurel.  But you guessed it!  She changed her mind at the last minute and went glam with her costume.  But we still had fun at our all friends party. I think the funniest and best conceived costume that one of our male friends wore that year was a play on the band name of  AC /DC—our friend wore his beard, a plaid flannel shirt, over a solid color wrap skirt, pantyhose, and ladies heels.  I tipped my costume’s bowler hat to him! Ha!

But my absolute favorite Halloween costume that I put together for a party at our neighbors’ house over twenty years ago was my wearing the poofy petticoats from my equally poofy wedding dress, a white blouse, rhinestone tiara, and a white opalescent lace star topped wand with streamers and sparkly glitter that I had made. I was going for a young fairy godmother look.   I don’t remember what my hubby’s costume was.  But our next door neighbor’s adults Halloween party—who also hosted earlier that evening a spooky not scary haunted house in their garage for their little kids and their little friends—was quite fun.   But again, my costume was quite outshone by our hostess’ costume as Xena Warrior Princess—complete with fake big chest boobs under the costume, wig, and shield.  Frankly, her costume was so realistic and bountiful that until we realized that her chest area was plastic/rubber, we politely looked away.  Ha!

But this year, I think it would be fun to  fantasize about having one of the multi-talented and handsome British actor Richard Armitage’s (above) characters as my/our Virtual Halloween Party date!  So listed below are some possible RA character options  for my/our Virtual Halloween Party dates:


  1. Sir Guy of Gisborne or  Thorin Oakenshield—both men have long manes, smouldering gazes, and leather gear;

  2. John Standring, John Thornton, John Porter, or John Proctor—these good and true men go from sweet to sizzling;


  3. Lee Preston, Ricky Deeming, John Mulligan, or Claude Becker—these bad boys can be tempting when they smile;


  4. Claude Monet, Harry Kennedy, Lucas North, Chop, Daniel Miller, or Dr. Astrov—these fellows are passionate, and each character kisses like a starving man;

For my Virtual Halloween Party RA character date this year—and it is so hard to pick just one—I choose … the shy awkward and completely adorkable John Standring.  He had me at  “…shall we hold hands then?”  Sighhh!  

And I always say that I married my John Standring, the love of my life!  Now where is my wedding dress petticoat and wand!  Ha!

So please pick your own Virtual Halloween Party date from the RA character choices above or provide your own RA character choice.  And I would also love to hear in a comment below what your costume/character will be.   Have fun and enjoy!

Happy Halloween! 

And you’ll find all of Tanni’s wonderful RA graphics here.


P.S.  Many thanks to the RA fans who had previously shared these images and picture edits  that I included in my post above—their provenance is listed in each picture’s filename.


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Man of the Cloth Crush Monday!  Our first good look at Richard Armitage as Fr. Quart,  October 18, 2021  Gratiana Lovelace (Post #1421)

The oh so talented, tall,  and too hottt to handle British actor Richard Armitage casually leaning against a marble column in the images below as Fr. Quart in The Seville Communion/The Man from Rome  is definitely going to send many of us/me to the confessional.  Sighhh!


Many thanks to TeresaA for sharing the original image (with my edits above are: left/sized-smlr/hi-res, middle/cropped/sepia, & right/ close-crop)!   I’m not on Instagram, so I really appreciate her sharing the original image!

And as I had commented previously elsewhere, what is it about an unavailable and unattainable man (a priest, in this character’s case) who causes our/my hearts to go all aflutter?  Perhaps our imaginations lend themselves to creative possibilities as a harmless distRAction.  *wink*

Wishing everyone a safe, healthy, & peaceful day! Hugs & Cheers! Grati ;->

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Richard Armitage’s new Netflix series “Stay Close” being released December 31st! October 14, 2021 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #1420)

Thanks to RABulgaria for sharing that the talented British actor Richard Armitage‘s new Netflix series “Stay Close” will be released December 31st!


And here is the Netflix announcement:

Wishing everyone a safe, healthy, & peaceful day!  Hugs & Cheers!  Grati  ;->

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“Seeking the Niceties of Marriage”, Ch. 21:  Holiday and Baby Preparations, by Gratiana Lovelace, October 11, 2021 (Post #1419) 

(An original Regency Romance story copyrighted by Gratiana Lovelace, 2021; All rights reserved);
[(1) story cover below left]

Story cover for Seeking the Niceties of Marriage [Illustrations:  I cast my stories as I write them.  So from time to time, I will illustrate my story with actors and such, including:  Richard Armitage as Lord Edward Carlisle, Daniela Denby-Ashe as Lady Emily Creighton Carlisle, Blake Ritson as Lord Kittredge Wells, Polly Walker as Lady Patience Creighton the Countess of Stoke, Bill Nighy as Lord Nigel Creighton the Earl of Stoke, Christina Cole as Lady Cecily Englewood Wells, and others as noted.]

[Author’s Note:  This original Regency romance is a work of fiction, and as such, any character names, scenes or other descriptions were written at the creative discretion of this author.  And this is a gentle and tender romance (G to PG-13), but with some frank discussions about love and marriage put to humorous effect.  This is my disclaimer.]

Ch. 21:  Holiday and Baby Preparations

The next six months or so in the lives of Lord Edward and Lady Emily Carlisle, and Lord Kitt and Lady Cecily Wells proves to be loving and fruitful as they look forward to their first married Christmas together as husbands and wives and soon to be parents.  They just have to tussle with their extended families for where they celebrate the holiday this season.

And with both noble ladies very much with child—with Lady Emily due in early January, and Lady Cecily due in late January—their conditions give them the advantage in setting their own itineraries.

So Lord Edward and Lady Emily elect to celebrate the Christmas Holiday in their own London Townhouse—without them traveling elsewhere, so close to her pregnancy due date is Lady Emily.  And her devoted husband Lord Edward will not risk her slipping and falling trying to get to and from places.  So they will host Lady Emily’s parents and her cousin Lord Kitt and his bride Lady Cecily for Christmas Day supper at midday and an overnight stay.

Whereas the Creighton’s will host their other daughters and their families for luncheon Christmas Eve day—allowing Lady Emily’s sisters and their families to visit Lord Edward and Lady Emily Christmas Eve afternoon, before returning home for their own Christmases and their husbands’ families’ gatherings out of town.

And the week preceding Christmas, Lord Kittredge Wells and Lady Cecily Englewood Wells as the newly minted Earl and Countess of Fielding decide to split their time between Wells Castle as the seat of his Barony of Lakeland and Ellerton Abbey as the seat of his Earldom–before returning to their London townhouse early Christmas Day, from Wells Castle, in order to join Lord Edward, Lady Emily and her parents for Christmas Day luncheon.


And Lady Patience delights in having her elder daughters and current grandchildren around her for a few days prior to Christmas Eve day.  She and Lord Nigel Creighton enjoy watching their toddler grandchildren of one boy and one girl glow with wide eyed wonder at their holiday decorations and the many presents for them under their Christmas tree.

Of course little Patty who is only 18 months old—and she is also named Patience after her maternal Grandmama Lady Patience–mostly likes small and soft things to play with.  So her gifts from her grandparents are a soft pink pillow, soft fabric dollies, and a soft knitted blankie that she cuddlingly falls asleep upon with her dolly in her Grandmama Lady Patience’s loving arms.

And little Patty’s cousin Rupert Nigel at three years of age—and also honored with his maternal Grandpapa’s name as his middle name—is more enamored of differently shaped and painted wooden blocks and building things.  Then knocking them down, of course.  And blessedly, he is too little yet for a gift of a pony, or even a puppy think his grateful parents.

And both of Lady Emily’s older sisters have a special announcement for their Mama and Papa, the Creighton’s, for they are both with child again—each hoping for a boy and girl, respectively, to balance out their families.  Whereas Lady Patience had three daughters–with their third daughter Lady Emily conceived supposedly as their last chance for a boy and heir to Lord Nigel Creighton’s Earldom of Stoke.  But Lady Emily was and is a much loved and cherished daughter of their family.


Of course with two pre-Christmas locations and fetes to oversee for the Earl and Countess of Fielding, Lord Kittredge and Lady Cecily Wells are quite busy travelers.  And Lady Cecily is bearing up well, considering her own with child state. Though initially quite surprised and perturbed at being with child, Lady Cecily eventually decided to hope for a girl.  And Lord Kitt will happily welcome a girl to please his dear wife Lady Cecily, or a boy to succeed him in his Earldom. So Lady Emily has received her wish for she and Lady Cecily to each bear cousins this year.

First the Earl and Countess of Fielding attend their country mansion Ellerton Abbey’s pre-Christmas fetes for two days—as the official country estate for Lord Kittredge’s Well’s Earldom.  Since their marriage, both the Abbey and the London Mansion  for the Fielding Earldom  have undergone extensive and necessary renovations—since even the basic annual maintenance on both properties were neglected in recent years by Lord Kitt’s late distant cousin, from whom he inherited them.

And though Ellerton Abbey’s redecorations have so far been related to the main public rooms, kitchens, dining room, the master bed chamber, and their servants’ sleeping quarters, the rest will have to wait until Spring—including the Ball room, Music Room (with the large grand piano moved into the large formal Dining Room at present), and other family and guest bedchambers.  So the bonus for Lord Kitt and Lady Cecily is that they cannot entertain any overnight guests at present—unless the guests wish to sleep in the guest quarters in the Ellerton Abbey stables, that is.

So Lord Kitt and Lady Cecily as the Earl and Countess host the requisite Fielding Village fete mid day on Dec. 21st, and the Ellerton Abbey tenants Christmas Party the evening of December 21st, with the Ellerton Abbey Servants Christmas ball and gifts presented to them from their liege Lord and Lady being held the evening of Dec. 22nd.

Then on December 23rd, Lord and Lady Fielding travel one hour north to Wells Castle—their Barony of Lakeland country seat—and host similar events there through December 24th for their local Lakeland Village citizens, their Wells Castle Tenants, and their Wells Castle Servants.  These events were, perhaps, a bit more convivial–with much singing and spirited punch drinking—since Lord Fielding has been the Baron for the past thirty years, from his childhood.

And though Lady Cecily being nearly eight months with child has been very understanding of the necessity of these various fetes and events, she has become increasingly fatigued by it all.  And she has quite rightly fallen completely asleep after them for her and Lord Kitt’s two hour carriage ride back to London on Christmas Day morning—so they can join Lord Edward and Lady Emily for Christmas Day luncheon.


And Lord Edward and Lady Emily’s activities leading up to Christmas will also include various family visitors—her sisters and their families.  But first, they have one final baby clothes and such buying outing by Lady Emily and Lord Edward Carlisle, at her insistence, on Wednesday December 23rd.

Lord Edward sits in a small corner of the Bond Street “Wee Ones” shop, sipping hot tea from a man sizedLordEdward-DrinkingTea-isRichardArmitage-inNorth&Southepi1-106Oct2013ranet--Grati-res-brt2-szd-flip fine bone china cup and saucer [(2) right], as he watches his dear Lady Emily—who is also sitting due to her nearly nine months with child state—hold court whilst all manner of baby goods and wares are brought to her by the store’s proprietors for Lady Emily’s inspection and approval before they buy them.

Lord Edward:  He leans over to his wife in confusion, and whispers a pertinently incredulous question.  “Emmy Darling.  Why must we buy two of everything?  Two cribs and their linens, blankets, two drawer cabinets, and such.  Let alone ten baby sleeping outfits, ten baby day time outfits, and forty wrappers, etc.?”  Lord Edward has not been much around babies, obviously.

Lady Emily: “Edward Dearest, babies need changing constantly throughout the day to keep them clean and fresh.  So even with laundering their clothes, wrappers, and such every day, it takes overnight for the laundered items to dry.  And we must have all in readiness every day.”

Lord Edward: “Ah!”  Is all Lord Edward replies. He is finally able to understand that their soon to be born little one comes with much complications to their lives.  But happily so.  Yet, he senses that his wife is holding back. “What about the two cribs and the two drawer cabinets?”

Lady Emily: She blushingly whispers back to him, hoping the store’s staff do not overhear her private explanation.  “Edward, though we have set up a daytime nursery for our soon to be born baby across the hall from our bedchamber suite–with my planning to nurse our baby every four hours—our baby will sleep in our bed chamber at night.  So we also need baby supplies in our bed chamber’s sitting area.  I cannot feed our baby at two or three  o’clock in the morning and expect its baby nurse to always be awake—nor do I always want to have to leave our bedchamber and go to the nursery to tend to our baby.”

Lord Edward: “Oh, I had not thought that you would have to feed the baby, too.”  He states obtusely.  Thus far, his wife has not bought baby bottles nor baby bowls, plates, and spoons.

Lady Emily: “Edward? Do you know what I mean by my nursing our baby?”

Lord Edward: Now Lord Edward blushes.  “Well, … not… exactly.  Is it something that I will have to do, as well?”  He thinks that nursing implies tending to the baby.  And though holding and rocking his child will be most pleasant, he does not want to have to change its wrappers.

Lady Emily:  “Ha ha ha ha ha!  No, indeed.  Edward, mothers provide nourishment in feeding their babies mother’s milk, by having their babies suckle at their breasts.”  She states succinctly, while her blushing face deepens to crimson.  And nursing their own babies is only nascently becoming a relatively accepted practice by a small number of noble women of her high station—though not practiced by all, due to the practice of using wet nurses.

Lord Edward: “Of course I’m not doing that.”  He shakes his head.  “But I will be happy to hold and rock our baby to sleep.”  He smiles, thinking that he is being a progressive husband and father in that regard.

Lady Emily: “And if our baby needs its wrapper changed after I feed it in our bed and I am too tired to do it?  Will you tend to our baby’s needs then?” Her imperious eyebrow rises.

Lord Edward: “B b but isn’t that what a nurse is for?”  Lord Edward sputters and sticks his finger in his cravat and tries to loosen it.  “Perhaps we should have two nurses?”

Lady Emily: “Actually, I have already planned for us to engage three nurses, and right away.  I want them conversant with our household well ahead of our baby’s birth in two weeks.” But her counting is slightly off.

Lord Edward: “That plan seems sounds.  When would you like to interview and engage them?”

Lady Emily: She smiles prettily at him [(3) right], while she also approves several LadyEmily-elated-isDanielaDenby-Ashe-inN&S2004_Febr0314GratianaLovelaceCap-crop-clr2-bkgrd-flip-szd3knitted baby blankets brought for her inspection.  “I have already done so.  And they come highly recommended.  Our baby’s nurses arrive this very afternoon.  There is one senior Nurse who will be our primary baby Nurse, Mrs. Minton—who is also an experienced Midwife. And she will oversee the two assistant nurses, Nurse Greta and Nurse Daisy—thereby providing our baby all day and night caretaking—when our baby is not with me, that is.” Just because Lady Emily has baby helpers does not mean that she will relinquish her mothering role to them.

Lord Edward: “Except, it seems, at night.”  He mutters, while wondering how much three baby nurses cost.

Lady Emily: “Now Edward, you are not to start being churlish about our baby expenses, staffing, and baby materials needs.  And if you feel that we need to economize in other ways to afford all of our baby’s needs, I will gladly forego new ball gowns this year—and you can do without a new riding horse.”  She finishes with a flourish.  Besides, Lady Emily doubts that she will even wish to attend evening events in the first year of her baby’s life.  Her baby will be her sole focus–well, in addition to her husband.”

Lord Edward: “No, no, Emmy Darling.  I will presume that you know best, and accede to your baby care requests.”

For most men are not generally informed about baby care taking needs—except for the getting of babies, and the not getting of babies.  And besides, Lord Edward really needs a new riding horse, so that he can retire his old faithful horse to live out the rest of its life at his bucolic country estate.

So the Viscount and Viscountess Carlisle complete their baby purchases—totalling a staggering twenty five pounds—with them taking the clothes, wrappers, blankets and such with them now, quite overflowing their carriage.  And the store will have the baby cribs, baby changing tables, and baby cabinets drawers delivered to them later today.


Upon arriving home to Carlisle House in London, Lady Emily and Lord Edward are greeted by their three new baby Nurses—with the stoutly robust Mrs. Minton taking charge almost immediately, lifting the burden from Lady Emily’s shoulders.

Lady Emily:  “Oh thank goodness you and your Baby Nurse staff have arrived, Mrs. Minton!  Lord Carlisle, let me introduce our head Baby Nurse Mrs. Minton, and her Nurse Assistants staff of Nurse Greta and Nurse Daisy.  Oh, I do hope I have the correct name for each of you.”  She looks hopefully at the young Baby Nurses and Mrs. Minton, who curtsey and nod at Lady Carlisle.  Ladies, and this is my husband, Lord Edward, the Viscount Carlisle.”

Lord Edward:  “Mrs. Minton, and Baby Nurses.”  He nods accordingly and a bit awkwardly, for he has not ever had to address anyone of their like before.

Mrs. Minton:  “Right you are, My Lord and Lady.  Now!  Lady Carlisle, I have had tea and refreshments sent to your master bedchamber suite’s sitting room for you and Lord Carlisle.  You must rest, My Dear, since your birth is imminent.”  As an experienced Baby Nurse and Midwife, Mrs. Minton knows a thing or two about baby’s being born, as she observes Lady Carlisle with a knowing eye.

Lady Emily: “Oh thank you, Mrs. Minton!  I am rather tired.”  She smiles at being so taken care of and coddled by her Head Baby Nurse.

Mrs. Minton: “You are welcome, Madam!”  Mrs. Minton smiles.  Then she turns a serious gaze to Lady Emily’s husband.  “So!  Lord Carlisle will you be so good as to assist Lady Carlisle up the stairs to your bed chamber?  And if agreeable to you, I would suggest that you carry her—unless you wish to precipitate your baby’s birth by your wife straining while climbing the stairs?”  For Mrs. Minton believes that her services have been engaged none too soon.  “Then I will help her Ladyship to change into more comfortable lounging attire.”

Sensing the Head Baby Nurse and Midwife’s urgency in her tone, being for his wife’s benefit and not slighting him as her lord and employer, Lord Edward agrees to the plan. He would carry Lady Emily everywhere if it were not so shocking a display of tender solicitude on his part.

Lord Edward: “Well My Lady Wife, lay back into my arms and I shall carry you to our bedchamber so you may rest.”  He states with a rather larger voice than normal, and waggles his eye brows to amuse her.

As Lord Edward carries his wife Lady Emily up the central staircase—not as easily as he did before she became heavy with child, because she has grown quite apace in the last month—he tries not to let her see him straining.  Naturally, Lady Emily is quite sensitive about her now very rounded with child state, when she was merely a voluptuously curvy petite lady when they wed nine months ago.

Once Lord Edward reaches the top of the stairs, he moves quickly to their master bedchamber suite and sets her down near the settee at the end of their bed.  He is not quite winded, but he has definitely had his exercise for the day—or so he thinks.

Lady Emily:  “Edward, since I will be in my comfortable lounging attire soon for our refreshments, might you wish to make yourself comfortable as well?  For I feel that a nap will be needed soon.”

Lady Emily smiles hopefully at her husband, Lord Edward.  For Lady Emily, her expressing her wish to nap with her husband is her delicate way of sharing that she wants to make love with him.

Lord Edward:  “I thank you for your solicitude on my behalf, My Darling Emily!”  He tenderly kisses her and she melts into his arms.  They come up for air and lean their foreheads together.  “I do feel that a nap will be delightful this afternoon.”  Then he stands and smiles wolfishly at her.  Even now, he removes his jacket and begins unbuttoning his waistcoat as he walks toward his dressing room.  “I will leave you the room for Mrs. Minton to help you change clothes.”


Mrs. Minton knocks twice upon the bedchamber door and is allowed entry verbally by a sitting Lady Emily.  Mrs. Minton is quite efficient while yet gentle in helping Lady Emily change from her carriage gown and  into a more comfortable and light weight nightgown and peignoir set—all the while surreptitiously observing Lady Emily’s size and her with child roundness.

Then sensing that Lady Emily should not be too far from her bed, Mrs. Minton goes into their sitting room and returns with the silver tray with their tea, small sandwiches, and cakes refreshments—setting them down upon  a low table in front of the settee at the end of Lady Emily’s bed.  Then Mrs. Minton curtsies and leaves Lady Emily to her privacy, with her husband.

And Lord Edward has his ear up to his dressing room door these last several minutes.  Finally not hearing any more sounds of the slightly clinking china on the tea tray, he pokes his head into their bed chamber.

Lord Edward: “Are we alone, Emily Darling?”

Lady Emily: “We are, Edward Dearest.  Shall I pour?” She asks while touching the china teapot, because she has already started nibbling on some small sandwiches and cakes.

Lord Edward: “Of course, My Love.”  Lord Edward walks out of his dressing LordEdward-barechested-isRichardArmitage-inSpooks9Promo-45Mar2913ranetCropTatoosRemovedGratianaLovelaceClr2Drk-brt-szdroom wearing naught  but his night pants.  Lord Edward is a fine figure of a man [(4) right]—with his finely toned muscled shoulders, arms, and such.

Lord Edward fairly smoulders with loving desire for his very pregnant wife.  The frequency of their loving trysts have tapered off as his Lady Emily became larger and she did not feel as well.  So it has been a month since they last loved each other as husband and wife.  Lord Edward  realizes that they will need to be creative in their loving coupling this afternoon—and he smiles, quite wickedly.

Lady Emily gazes up at her husband and stills as she sees his lusting gaze for her. And the crumbs from her bite of one of the small frosted cakes she had chosen to nosh upon, fall haphazardly onto her full rounded bosoms encased in ruched pink satin as he approaches her.

Lord Edward: “Allow me to assist you, Emily Darling.”  He then proceeds to kiss the sweet cake crumbs from the corner of her mouth, the base of her neck, and elsewhere—all the while caressing her cheek, shoulders, and hips.

Lady Emily: “Oh Edward!”  She sighs with his tender loving ministrations.  With her being pregnant, her body seems to her to feel even more alive with his loving ministrations.

Lord Edward helps Lady Emily remove her peignoir robe, then lifts her into his arms again and gently places her in the middle of their bed.  He joins her in their bed after similarly disrobing.  They kiss each other lovingly, cleaving unto each other as they seek their romantic bliss in each others’ arms—the oneness of being that Lady Emily has come to know so well with her loving husband. And then in rapturous bliss and total relaxation they promptly fall fast asleep—for very pregnant ladies need their rest. And their loving husbands watching over them also need rest from their worry and concerns for their beloved.

Tomorrow, December 24th, they will have afternoon visits by Lady Emily’s sisters and their families.  Then on Christmas Day, they will have Christmas Day luncheon  midday with her parents Lord and Lady Creighton, and Lord Kitt and Lady Cecily Wells. However, though it will be a small gathering of close family and friends, the joy and blessings of the Christmas season will be multiplied.

To be continued with Chapter 22

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Gratiana Lovelace Wattpad site link for Ch. 21  of “Seeking the Niceties of Marriage”:

Previous SAL blog Post #1414  link for Ch. 20  “Seeking the Niceties of Marriage”:

“Seeking the Niceties of Marriage”, Ch. 20:  A Mother’s Love, by Gratiana Lovelace, September 20, 2021 (Post #1414) 

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Richard Armitage bts image filming as Fr. Quart from The Seville Communion via Guylty, October 07, 2021 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #1418) 

And be sure to also follow the link to Guylty’s blog post about the bts filming of The Man from Rome/The Seville Communion.

For finally, Richard Armitage is portraying the handsome priest Fr. Quart in The Seville Communion, sleuthing his way through a Vatican mystery.  Fr. Quart is the guy in black pants and a dark blue shirt with a clerical collar versus a tie in the bts (behind the scenes) pix below (image via Guylty, with Grati crop):

Or as the actor teasingly changed his twitter header to recently (image via TeresaA):

Sighhh!  What is it about handsome emotionally unavailable men–like the “handsome Fr. Quart”–that make us/me go weak at the knees?

Well…Let’s unpack that question/observation:

1.  The oh so talented British actor Richard Armitage is also  quite handsome himself—check.  So would it be too much to ask for the film’s costumer to have a sandy  beach scene that Fr. Quart has to walk upon?  He could still wear black, just not quite so much of it.  Ha!

  1. Richard Armitage’s character Fr. Quart is supposed to deny himself earthy pleasures of love and lust as a man of God. Sure, that always works.  My not having read the book yet—though The Seville Communion is in my Kindle for PC library—I can only hope that he, Fr. Quart, will be sorely tempted.  Though my preference is for any love scenes to be filmed discreetly, as in the movies of old—with lots of tender kissing, and perhaps, bare shoulders.  Women want romance, not an instructional video.   And afterall, there was mention made of a seductive Macarena—and we’re not talking the dance—check.
  2. And my weak in the knees orthopedic joints needing replacements aside, Richard Armitage and his character portrayals always—with a few exceptions– make me figuratively melt into a puddle of womanly essence at his feet. Afterall, it wouldn’t do to actually faint in front of the man or his character portrayals—let alone the sleuthing priest Fr. Quart, check.

And for added fun, the image below is a lovely RA as Quart wallpaper fan art via Mat Khal:

Oh yes!  I can definitely see the appeal of Richard Armitage as Fr. Quart!  Check.

Wishing everyone a safe, healthy, & peaceful day!  Hugs & Cheers!  Grati  ;->

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Celebrating Richard Armitage as Thorin Oakenshield with my sidebar’s October 2021 Wallpaper, October 02, 2021 by Gratiana Lovelace (Post #1417)

October is a busy month for Durin Dwarves in The Hobbit trilogy of films (2012,2013, & 2014), and for the talented British actor Richard Armitage  (see below in September 2010, via RAnet):

who portrayed Thorin Oakenshield in The Hobbit trilogy of films (below left), and with the film trilogy’s esteemed director Sir Peter Jackson lauding Richard Armitage with praise (below right, via Jan Smith):
Thorin-CharacterScroll-38-2012THAUJ_Oct1216viaRAnet    Thorin--SirPJ-quote-wallpaper-about-RichardArmitage-being-great-as-Thorin__Jan0918viaJanSmith

For October 19th was the date set by author JRR Tolkien as Durin’s Day—the Dwarvish date for the start of Winter—with all manner of celebrations ensuing, though perhaps not as gleeful as the fountain hopping that the Dwarves of Durin did at Rivendale (via the video below with excerpts from The Hobbit extended edition, note that the video contains fake naked Dwarves of Durin frolicking, Ha!):

And October 22, 2010 was the date that Richard Armitage was announced to portray Thorin Oakenshield (as celebrated in my October 2012 commemorative wallpaper below):

So it feels fitting (and fun) for me to create a new October 2021 sidebar wallpaper image celebrating Richard Armitage as Thorin Oakenshield (my wallpaper below; and also at my sidebar, top right):

Enjoy!  Wishing everyone a safe, healthy, & peaceful day!  Hugs  & Cheers!  Grati  ;->

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THUD Thursday!  Richard Armitage grimacing handsomely in Love3! September 30, 2021 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #1416)

Can the multi-talented British actor Richard Armitage as Kenneth in Act 2 of 2016’s Love, Love, Love play still be oh so handsome while grimacing?

Yes he can! Thanks to FranJustFran for sharing the image! ❤

Wishing everyone a safe, healthy, & peaceful day! Hugs ❤ & Cheers! Grati ;->

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Sci-Fi Friday:  #RichardArmitage and #JulieDelpy film “My Zoe” to stream on Amazon, September 24, 2021 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #1415) 

The 2019 My Zoe film poster, courtesy of IMDB, with Sophia Ally as Zoe (left) and Julie Delpy as her Mom Isabelle (right), as well as being the film’s writer and director:

Cool!  I hope iTunes gets it, too!  I’m really looking forward to seeing #RichardArmitage and #JulieDelpy in #MyZoe!

And here is a character poster of Richard Armitage as Zoe’s Dad James, courtesy of an RCAtweet on February 26, 2021:

Wishing everyone a safe, healthy, and peaceful day!  Hugs  & Cheers!  Grati  ;->

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“Seeking the Niceties of Marriage”, Ch. 20:  A Mother’s Love, by Gratiana Lovelace, September 20, 2021 (Post #1414) 

 (An original Regency Romance story copyrighted by Gratiana Lovelace, 2021; All rights reserved);  [(1) story cover below left]

0aaa-Seeking-the-Niceties-ofMarriage-story-cover-200x309_May-2021byGratianaLovelace[Illustrations:  I cast my stories as I write them.  So from time to time, I will illustrate my story with actors and such, including:  Richard Armitage as Lord Edward Carlisle, Daniela Denby-Ashe as Lady Emily Creighton Carlisle, Blake Ritson as Lord Kittredge Wells, Polly Walker as Lady Patience Creighton the Countess of Stoke, Bill Nighy as Lord Nigel Creighton the Earl of Stoke, Christina Cole as Lady Cecily Englewood Wells, and others as noted.]

[Author’s Note:  This original Regency romance is a work of fiction, and as such, any character names, scenes or other descriptions were written at the creative discretion of this author.  And this is a gentle and tender romance (G to PG-13), but with some frank discussions about love and marriage put to humorous effect.  This is my disclaimer.]


Ch. 20:  A Mother’s Love

The following week, even as Lord Kittredge and Lady Cecily Wells extend their wedding trip by journeying to France for a few weeks, the fates are with them.  For though as Lord Kittredge and Lady Cecily disembark from their ship at the Port of Calais in France–and Lord Kittredge spies his aunt and uncle the Earl and Countess of Stoke—Lady Emily Creighton Carlisle’s parents blessedly do not see the newlyweds as the Creightons board their ship for Dover, England after an extended pleasure trip in France.

Ostensibly, the Creighton’s trip to France was expertly coordinated by the astute and experienced husband of thirty years Lord Nigel Creighton in order to give their youngest daughter Lady Emily Creighton Carlisle and her new husband Lord Edward Carlisle some private newlywed time to themselves—without familial intrusion or interference.  And with Lord Creighton the only parent in possession of the possible fact that their beloved daughter Lady Emily might gift them with another grandchild in the new year, Lady Patience Creighton is blissfully unaware of that her Grandmama status will be increasing from two to possibly three grandchildren.

But though Lady Patience Creighton was promised by her husband Lord Nigel Creighton a new wardrobe in France—which she delightedly received–she will not be delayed in returning home to England any longer.  She wants to congratulate her much loved nephew Lord Kittredge Wells upon his recent and surprisingly quick marriage to Lady Cecily.  Though the Wells’ ship has literally sailed  to [France] and Lady Patience will be thwarted in that goal.

So it is with the full force of motherly love and devotion, that Lady Patience and Lord Nigel Creighton hurry home to London to see how their daughter Lady Emily Carlisle fares as a newlywed.


[The Creighton’s] ship [sailing] from Calais, France took an interminable six hours to reach England due to little wind, but choppy seas making sailing safely quite arduous.  And though the Creighton’s stayed overnight at Dover, England when they arrived–and then they had two seven hour carriage traveling days to reach London–Lady Patience insists that their first visit the very next day will be to their daughter Lady Emily Creighton Carlisle’s new London town home, Carlisle House.

And sensing that their lack of mother-in-law idyll is at an end—especially, since Lord Edward tasked two footmen to watch the Creighton London townhouse night and day for their arrival—their 11 hour warning from 9pm the night before means that the earliest they might expect Lady Emily’s parents is in the morning after breakfast.

Of course, mornings until about 12 noon are still a most unfortunate time for dear Lady Emily Creighton Carlisle, due to her virulent with child morning sickness.  And if her Mama were to see Lady Emily in that unwell state, Lady Patience [would] know instantly of the [happy event] they anticipate.  And Lady Patience would end up trying everyone else’s—patience, that is.

For you see, Lady Emily does not feel that she could handle morning sickness with her over bearing Mama fluttering around her.  But Lord Edward has a plan to whisk his dear wife two hours away to Wells Castle in the countryside, where they spent their wedding trip—which, as it happens, nicely aligns with his dear wife Lady Emily’s wishes, as well.

So, as Lord Edward and Lady Emily Carlisle’s large traveling carriage is made ready with hot bricks, blankets, a picnic basket of food and drink to nibble upon, etc.—with a small wagon carrying their baggage, along with extra footmen for protection—they plan to set out for Wells Castle.

However, best laid plans, as the saying goes.  Because Lord Edward did not want to risk their safety by traveling at midnight, when marauders and criminals are about in force preying upon unsuspecting travelers.  And Lady Emily’s morning illness comes to her with a vengeance the following morning—and she cannot be moved, with traveling completely out of the question.

So it will remain for Lord Edward to forbid Lady Patience from terrorizing her daughter—his wife, Lady Emily—about her likely [with child] condition.  And he will then truly learn the measure of his Mother-in-law, Lady Patience.  For a Mother’s Love is never to be vanquished.


The following day after the Creighton’s returned from Paris, something extraordinary occurred.  Or rather, it [did not] occur, unexpectedly[–but happily]..  For Lord Edward and Lady Emily receive a short note from her parents relating that they have returned, and hope to pay a visit to them for tea this afternoon, if that is convenient.

Lord Edward is caught off guard by Lady Patience [not] pouncing upon them in the morning when Lady Emily’s [with child] nausea illness is at its worst.  Nor even do [Lade Emoly’s parents] turn up unannounced—nor uninvited.  But rather, Lady Patience requests to make a visit and she waits to hear her daughter and son-in-law’s reply.

Cuddling with his wife in the later morning to aid in her feeling better, Lord Edward and Lady Emily chat a bit.

Lord Edward: “Well, my guess is that we have your father Lord Creighton to thank for your Mama not descending upon us precipitously this day, My Love.”  He smiles, ever more grateful for his father-in-law.

Lady Emily:  “Perhaps.”  She states weakly for her morning travails always weaken her.  And her nausea and such illness seems to [be] becoming more virulent. So during these times of later morning [with child] illness, she is less than her privately loquacious self.

Lord Edward: “So shall I reply to your Mama and Papa that we look forward to seeing them for tea around 4 o’clock today? Hmmm?  Best to get their return visit over with, [do you not] think?”  He asks hopefully.

Lady Emily: “As you wish, Edward Dear.  And I think that I would like to [try to]sleep some now.”  She states rather forlornly[–for her rest is difficult to achieve, just now].

Lord Edward:  “Very good, Emmy Love.  I will join you.”  For he knows that her best comfort is found in his arms.

So first, Lord Edward writes the requisite note of invitation to tea to his Mother-in-law and his Father-in-law, the Creightons.  Then he removes his outer clothes as silently as he can, then slides into bed with his wife as gently as he can so as not to cause unnecessary vibrations upon their bed surface for Lady Emily.


At precisely 4 o’clock in the afternoon, Lord and Lady Creighton’s carriage arrives at Carlisle House in London, in order to take tea with their daughter Lady Emily and her newlywed husband Lord Edward Carlisle.  The Carlisle House Butler shows them to the front parlor and then goes to fetch Lord Carlisle.

For you see, Lord Edward had hoped to be downstairs already to greet them.  But Lady Emily had a relapse of nausea and such after their light luncheon at 1 o’clock.  So she is still abed, and without having gotten any rest yet.  So Lord Edward hastily redresses and promises his wife that he will be back soon.  Lord Edward is so very worried for her health and well being, that he forgets to tie his cravat, leaving it hanging around his neck.  [In fact, it is a wonder that he remembered to don socks under his shoes.]

As Lord Edward bounds down the stairs and then greets his in-laws in the front parlor, he smiles broadly for their benefit.

Lord Edward:  “Lady and Lord Creighton, I am so very glad to welcome you to Carlisle House.  For you are almost our very first visitors since Lady Emily and I married four weeks ago.”

Lady Patience: “Oh?  Who was the first?”  She pouts, her thinking that the Bride’s parents—such as they are—should have been granted the first visit.

Lord Creighton: “My Dear one, we were out of the country.  Or I am certain that [we] would have been the [first].”  Then he changes the subject.  “And the lovely gown you wear now, and the gifts we brought for Emmy and her new husband will be certainly appreciated.”

Lord Edward: “Indeed they will, Lord Creighton.  And you do look very fetching Lady Creighton.”  Lord Edward had caught on to his Father-in-law’s deft handling of his wife.  “And our only other visitors were Lord Kitt and his new bride Lady Cecily before they headed to France as well.”

Lady Patience: “Oh!  We missed seeing them.  Well, c’est la vie, as the French say.  We will see them upon their return.”  She states sanguinely.

And sanguine is not a state that Lady Patience is frequently in, but Lord Edward is grateful for it now.

Lord Edward:  “And we must beg your indulgence, but dear Lady Emily is feeling under the weather.  It came on after luncheon, so perhaps something she ate did not agree with her. So it will be just me hosting you for tea today.  And we hope that you can come back when Lady Emily is feeling better.”  Though he thinks that might be months from now.

Lady Patience:  “Or, her pregnancy illness is even more severe than was my own.  Do you remember, Nigel?”

Lord Creighton: “Oh yes, My Love.  You suffered so greatly, but our daughters were the happy results of your sacrifice.”

Lord Edward is stupefied that has not only Lady Patience guessed the truth—that Lady Emily is [with child]—but that she is so calm about it.

Lady Patience: “Let us not trouble you with hosting us to tea today, Lord Edward.  Your undone cravat tells me that you have been tenderly comforting our Lady Emily, and we do not want to delay you.  But might we at least be able to see our daughter for a few minutes before we leave?”  She requests plaintively, with a worried loving mother’s look.

Lord Edward: “Of course, we thank you [for your understanding].  Now I must ask that you make no loud noises, nor vibrations in walking into the room.  Emmy is very sensitive to both at the moment.”  Her parents nod their heads in agreement.


So it is with only mild trepidation that Lord Edward leads and precedes his in-laws up the stairs to the second floor where his and Lady Emily’s master bedchamber suite is.  Lord Edward gives a light tap of two knocks upon their bed chamber door.

Lord Edward: “Emily Darling, Your parents have come to see you for but a moment before they leave so you can rest.  May we come in?”  He asks solicitously—and alerts her to her parents’ imminent presence.

And with her ladies maid having directed one of the cleaning maids to clear away the evidence of her illness a quarter hour ago—along with her ladies maid helping her refresh herself in her bathing chamber—Lady Emily feels a bit better, though she is still quite unwell.

Lady Emily: “For a moment.”  She states concisely.

So Lord Edward ushers Lady Emily’s parents into their bed chamber, with Lady Emily lying upon several fluffed up pillow in a fresh nightgown.  And at Lord Edward behest, Lady Patience slowly walks to her bedridden daughter with a sweet smile upon her face.  Then she gently kisses her forehead, barely making contact so as not to jostle her.

Lady Patience: “Emily Dear, Your Papa and I are so glad to see you again.  But we’re sorry that your illness prevents us from staying long.  You must have your rest.”

And from standing behind his Mother-in-law Lady Creighton, Lord Edward mouths to his wife and points to Lady Creighton.

Lord Edward:  “She knows.” Not being able to see him clearly, Lady Emily looks quizzically at him.

Lord Creighton: “It’s alright, Emily Dear.  Your Mama knows. Though I did not tell her.”

Lady Patience:  “Well, not directly anyway.”  Seeing the lingeringly confused expression upon her daughter’s face, her Mama enlightens her.  “He talks in his sleep.  So I have known for several days now that you hope to make me a Grandmama again in the new year.  Congratulations to you both!” Lady Patience smiles radiantly and gently kisses her daughter’s forehead again.

Lord Edward: “Hmmm.”  That solves that puzzle, thinks Lord Edward.  But he really wants to find a diplomatic way to end this audience so his Dear Wife Lady Emily can try to rest.

Lord Creighton: “But you rest now, Emmy Dear.  We have brought you and Edward some presents from France, that you may look at later.”  He sets down one of the two bags that he is holding.  Then Lady Patience takes the other bag from him.

Lady Patience: “And Emmy Sweetheart, we brought a few things you might like from your oldLadyEmilys-Fabric-dolly-MissPetunia_Sept19-2021byCerisebbcom--Grati-edit-crop-szd room to cheer you.”  First, she pulls out of the second bag a much loved medium sized cloth dolly with a flower patterned dress [(2) right].

Lady Emily: “Miss Petunia!”  Lady Emily whispers in hushed wonder as she takes her much loved dolly from her Mama, kisses it, and then hugs it to her breast.  [The four and twenty year old] Lady Emily is petite anyway.  So with her now cradling her dolly in her arms, she looks almost child like.

Lady Patience:  After setting out a few more decorative items, [Lady Patience] brings out of the bag a small wooden angel and sets it on her daughter’s bedside table.  She pushes a switch and the angel turns while a lilting lullaby plays. “When you’re feeling better, you can tell us what else to bring you from your old room.”

Lady Emily tearingly holds up her arms for her Mama’s embrace, and Lady Patience gently hugs her daughter.

Lord Creighton: “We must go, Patience Dear, so Emmy may get some rest.”  Lady Patience nods her head and blows her daughter a kiss before they leave.

The Butler hovering nearby, guides Lord and Lady Creighton back downstairs and out to their waiting carriage.

Lord Edward quickly and gratefully removes his outer clothes not [10] minutes since he donned them again.  And then he gently slides into his wife’s bed again, in order to cradle her in his arms as she tries to rest.

Lord Edward: “Your parents short visit was lovely, Emily Darling.  Now you rest.”  He kisses her temple.  But Lady Emily is already fast asleep, clutching her childhood dolly Miss Petunia—as the angel music box continues to play a lilting lullaby.

And Lord Edward thinks that though his Mother-in-law Lady Patience can be overbearing at times, she is also a loving Mother toward his dear wife Lady Emily.  And with Lady Emily becoming a  new mother in the new year, that Lady Patience’s loving mothering might be just what Lady Emily needs to help get her through the long months ahead—in moderation, of course.

And with his own parents having passed on, Lord Edward finds it a welcome boon to have kind parental figures in the form of his in-laws Lord and Lady Creighton.  Who, along with Lord Kittredge Wells and his new bride, are family to him now.  And expanding Lord Edward’s family is certainly a very nice bonus of his being married to Lady Emily.

To be continued with Chapter 21

References for Ch. 20  of “Seeking the Niceties of Marriage”, by Gratiana Lovelace (Post #1414)   September 20, 2021

  1. My “Seeking the Niceties of Marriage” story cover  illustration is comprised of:  a) an  ivory lace background  with Grati edit, found at;   b)  a Victorian roses bouquet painting by the Boston Public Library, via Atlas Obscura (with some Grati edits ), found at; and with c) the text in deep pinkish coral in a Vivaldi font.
  2. Lady Emily’s much loved medium sized cloth dolly Miss Petunia with a flower patterned dress was found at


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“Seeking the Niceties of Marriage”, Ch. 19 (PG-13):  In the family way, by Gratiana Lovelace, September 07, 2021 (Post#1411) 

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Sir Guy Day Friday! Richard Armitage as Sir Guy smiles sweetly, September 17, 2021 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #1413)

Sometimes we just need the talented British Actor  #RichardArmitage as Sir Guy’s smile. Thanks to CatiaB for sharing the RA image! ❤
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And here are a few more RAndom smiles to brighten our day (their file names contain who previously shared the image):

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And I find that smiles often elicit a smile in others, brightening their day.

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“Seeking the Niceties of Marriage”, Ch. 19 (PG-13):  In the family way, by Gratiana Lovelace, September 07, 2021 (Post#1411) 

(An original Regency Romance story copyrighted by Gratiana Lovelace, 2021; All rights reserved);  [(1) story cover below left]

0aaa-Seeking-the-Niceties-ofMarriage-story-cover-200x309_May-2021byGratianaLovelace[Illustrations:  I cast my stories as I write them.  So from time to time, I will illustrate my story with actors and such, including:  Richard Armitage as Lord Edward Carlisle, Daniela Denby-Ashe as Lady Emily Creighton Carlisle, Blake Ritson as Lord Kittredge Wells, Polly Walker as Lady Patience Creighton the Countess of Stoke, Bill Nighy as Lord Nigel Creighton the Earl of Stoke, Christina Cole as Lady Cecily Englewood Wells, and others as noted.]

[Author’s Note:  This original Regency romance is a work of fiction, and as such, any character names, scenes or other descriptions were written at the creative discretion of this author.  And this is a gentle and tender romance (G to PG-13), but with some frank discussions about love and marriage put to humorous effect.  This is my disclaimer.]

Ch. 19 (PG-13):  In the family way

Elsewhere in London, Lord Edward Carlisle muses upon his lifelong best friend Lord [Kittredge Wells] hasty wedding as his young and also newlywed wife Lady Emily naps next to him in their London Carlisle House bed chamber’s large bed after a lovely romantic tryst after returning home from Lord Kitt’s and Lady Cecily’s wedding this Saturday evening.  He hopes that the new Earl and Countess of Fielding will come to a marital understanding that is mutually agreeable to them both—him not knowing that they already have reached an understanding.  Lord Edward is especially concerned because he knows how blessed he is with his dear wife Lady Emily. She is his treasure and his sweet love.

And the also recently wed Lord Edward’s own wife Lady Emily dreams happily in the loving cocoon of romantic tenderness that she and her husband share.  She also dreams of their child that is to be in eight months time.  It will be a long wait, but they will be rewarded at the end with their baby son or baby daughter.  She cannot wait to be its Mama.  Of course Lady Emily’s Mama Lady Creighton will also be a doting Grandmama—Lady Emily only prays that her Mama will not be too doting.  And she thanks the stars that her Mama Lady Creighton is still in France.  For now.

Lady Emily also hopes that Lord Kitt and Lady Cecily will be similarly blessed with children so they can be playmates and second cousins to each other—since she and Lord Kitt are first cousins.  So it is accurate to surmise that Lady Emily has also not been taken into Lord Kitt and Lady Cecily’s confidences about their marital arrangement.

So the Viscount and Viscountess of Carlisle—Lord Edward and Lady Emily—will be in for a surprise about their newlywed friends and cousins Lord Kittredge Wells and his new bride Lady Cecily Englewood Wells.


And so it is that the [second] weekend following the Earl and Countess of Fielding’s nuptials that the newlyweds return home to London in order to arrange their subsequent departure to journey to France that Lord Kitt promised his new wife Lady Cecily.

And they are both delighted to be back in London to see friends and family before they are off to a real foreign country on an extended wedding trip.  So after refreshing themselves at Lord Wells main London Townhouse—with first a loving tumble in their master bed chamber, since their two hour journey back to London from Wells Castle did not afford them enough privacy [and comfort] within their carriage to be loving with each other, and then baths—the newlyweds visit their cousins, the Carlisle’s this fine afternoon.

Upon being announced by the Carlisle House butler upon the back terrace,  the newlyweds are engulfed in hugs and handshakes.

Lady Emily: “Cecily!”  She squeals in delight with her usual youthful zeal as she embraces her new cousin by marriage warmly.  “How was your wedding trip?  Did you have a nice time at Wells Castle?  We loved our wedding trip there.”  Lady Emily asks the usual questions,

Lady Cecily: “Emily.”  She smiles blushingly at being questioned so directly about their wedding trip.  “Our stay at Wells Castle was lovely.”  Lady Cecily replies sweetly, with her being more reserved than Lady Emily.

Lord Kittredge:   Grasping his best friend’s hand Lord Edward and shaking it warmly, he seems to have boundless energy and radiant smiles. “Old man, you are a sight for sore eyes.”

Lord Edward: “Am I?  And look at you, Kitt.  I have never seen you look so happy.  I trust all is well.”  He phrases his last statement sotto voce, so the ladies do not over hear.

Lord Kittredge: “Oh my yes!”  He grins sheepishly happily.  Then he sneaks a little look at his wife Lady Cecily, and winks at her.  She blinks and blushes shyly at him in response.

Lord Edward: “Hmmmm!  By the look of the both of you, everything is very well.” He smiles as his wife Lady Emily gracefully takes his arm and the two couples stand gazing at each other.

Lady Emily: “And I hope that you both will be also blessed with a baby soon, so our children can grow up together.”  She smiles beatifically at them.  Then she notices Lady Cecily’s blush paling somewhat.

Lady Cecily: “Oh I would like nothing better than to adopt a daughter[, to love and nurture].  But I fear that I am too petite to become pregnant.”

Lord Kitt: “Yes, My Dear wife Lady Cecily and I have agreed to co-parent an adopted daughter together.”  Then he spontaneously kisses her temple as she snuggles into her husband’s side.  Scandalous!  But they are merely mirroring Lord Edward and Lady Emily’s loving embrace now.

Lord Edward: “Ahh!  Well, we wish you well in that endeavor.”  And Lord Edward guesses that Lord Kitt’s seemingly radiant happiness is due to him not having to bed his wife Lady Cecily—which was Lord Kitt’s lifelong philosophy, before he met and married his wife Lady Cecily.  It is just that Lord Edward has not been informed of a change in his best friend’s philosophy.

Then as couples do, the ladies break off to talk about womanly  topics in Lady Emily’s very feminine boudoir, and the men repair to Lord Edward’s study to discuss manly topics.


Lord Edward: Ever one to get to the point, he manfully asks.  “So, Kitt.  Any developments that I should know about?”

Lord Kittredge: “Developments?”  He asks quizzically, not understanding his best friend’s line of questioning.

Lord Edward: “Did you, or did you not bed your wife, Lady Cecily [during your wedding trip]?” He asks bemusedly.

Lord Kittredge: “That, Old Man, is private and personal.” He blushingly bristles.

Lord Edward: “Oh really?  You were not so private about [disdaining] taking a wife to bed [prior] to getting married.”

Lord Kittredge: “Well[, um, I …].”  He stammers embarrassedly.  “I do not understand it, Edward.”  He shakes his head.  “[But my] wife and I are quite in sympathy with each other.”  He states vaguely[–again, with a smile].

Lord Edward: “I see.”  Lord Edwards nods his head knowingly.  “And about how many times have you been in sympathy with each other since you married [two weeks ago]?”  He asks knowingly, as nearly a newlywed himself.

Lord Kittredge:  “So far, about two or three times [… each] day.”  Lord Kittredge’s smile is half astonishment and half a silly grin.

Lord Edward:  “Well then Kitt, you should be well on your way to setting up your nursery.  Congratulations!”

Lord Kittredge:  “What do you mean setting up my nursery, Edward?” He looks quizzically at his best friend.

Lord Edward:  Lord Kitt’s question causes Lord Edward to stare at him in incredulity.  “Kitt.  You do know where babies come from, do you not?”

Lord Kittredge:  “Of course.” Lord Kittredge huffs in annoyance.  “From their mothers.” He rolls his eyes.

Lord Edward’s eyes widen in shock at Lord Kittredge’s seeming [lack of] understanding about the cause and effect of marital loving.

Lord Edward: “Khhh!”  He coughs at his best friends seemingly total [ignorance about procreation].  Then he proceeds to relate the basic knowledge of how babies come into being for his friend.

Lord Kittredge: Lord Kittredge’s face now ashen pale, he turns to Lord Edward.  “But my wife is adamantly opposed to becoming pregnant herself—due to her belief that she is too petite for child bearing.  Good Lord! She could already be with child, but we simply do not know it yet.  And if she is not with child, how do we prevent her becoming so?”

Lord Edward enlightens Lord Kittredge further, giving him options for baby making prevention—with the caveat about the only certain way to prevent babies.   Lord Kittredge vehemently shakes his head no to that option.  For given Lord Kittredge’s and his wife Lady Cecily’s loving passions, that seem to only grow stronger, they will not be giving them up.


The ladies are having a much more enjoyable time chatting about all things being newly married.

Lady Cecily: “Oh and Emily, Lord Kitt gave me carte blanche to change the decoration of any room I wish in our London townhouse–well, except for his study.”

Lady Emily: “Ha ha ha ha ha!  Our husbands must have their little enclaves of manliness.”  She cutely rolls her eyes.  “But that is a small indulgence that we give them, when they are so tender and loving with us.”  Lady Emily pinkens to think of her husband’s [loving] consideration of her.

Lady Emily:  “Oh yes!”  Then Lady Cecily forthrightly shares her changed views upon the subject of marriage.  “Our first time [loving] was a bit awkward—with seemingly neither of us knowing what we were doing.  But now?”  She wistfully gazes up at the ceiling.  “Now?  We are quite enamored of our loving trysts.”  She smiles sweetly saucily—if they are not considered to be mutually exclusive descriptors.

Lady Emily:  “I am so glad for you both, Cecily!  And perhaps our future children will be playmates, as well as cousins.”  She adds gleefully.

Lady Cecily:  “Indeed!”  She smiles [sweetly].

And though neither Lord Kittredge nor Lady Cecily Wells has an inkling yet about her possible with child state as they prepare to visit the real foreign country of France for their extended wedding trip, Lady Emily might just get her wish for a new generation of cousin friends, in their children.

To be continued with Chapter 20

References for Ch. 19  of “Seeking the Niceties of Marriage”, by Gratiana Lovelace
(Post #1411)   September 07, 2021

  1. My “Seeking the Niceties of Marriage” story cover  illustration is comprised of:  a)  an ivory lace background  with Grati edit, found at;  b)   a Victorian roses bouquet painting by the Boston Public Library, via Atlas Obscura (with some Grati edits), found at; and with c) the text in deep pinkish coral in a Vivaldi font.

Gratiana Lovelace Wattpad site link for Ch.19  of “Seeking the Niceties of Marriage”:

Previous SAL blog Post #1410  link for Ch. 18  “Seeking the Niceties of Marriage”:

“Seeking the Niceties of Marriage”, Ch. 18 (PG-13):  Loving Tenderness,  by Gratiana Lovelace, August 28, 2021 (Post #1410)

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“Seeking the Niceties of Marriage”, Ch. 18 (PG-13):  Loving Tenderness,  by Gratiana Lovelace, August 28, 2021 (Post #1410)

(An original Regency Romance story copyrighted by Gratiana Lovelace, 2021; All rights reserved);   [(1) story cover below left]

Story cover for Seeking the Niceties of Marriage[Illustrations:  I cast my stories as I write them.  So from time to time, I will illustrate my story with actors and such, including:  Richard Armitage as Lord Edward Carlisle, Daniela Denby-Ashe as Lady Emily Creighton Carlisle, Blake Ritson as Lord Kittredge Wells, Polly Walker as Lady Patience Creighton, Bill Nighy as Lord Nigel Creighton the Earl of Stoke, Christina Cole as Lady Cecily Englewood Wells, and others as noted.]

[Author’s Note:  This original Regency romance is a work of fiction, and as such, any character names, scenes or other descriptions were written at the creative discretion of this author.  And this is a gentle and tender romance (G to PG-13), but with some frank discussions about love and marriage put to humorous effect.  This is my disclaimer.]

Ch. 18:  Loving Tenderness

Silk. His wife’s skin feels so soft and smooth, like fine ivory silk.  And her long golden curly locks smell of rosewater.  Then Lord Kittredge gently, softly bestows a tender kiss upon her soft bare shoulder.  His senses are heightened as he awakens upon their first morning after their wedding night.  He smiles drowsily to find himself with his arms wrapped around his newlywed wife Lady Cecily, with her bare back flush against his bare chest.  She is a tiny thing and fits perfectly within the tenderness of his arms’ loving caresses.

Then memories of their tenderly loving wedding night flood back into his thoughts and become a waking dream as he remembers their each tender moment together—evoking feelings of newness and wonder, in him at least.  He has yet to solicit her opinions upon the matter, she is still sleeping.  And he will not intrude upon her rest. Though happily, her sweet responsiveness to his kisses, caresses, and such, last night were wholly encouraging of his nascent loving ministrations.

Then Lady Cecily moves slightly—she wiggles actually, nestling further into her husband’s loving embrace of her from behind.  And quite naturally, Lord Kittredge finds himself quite not so sleepy any more.  And this pleasing tactile intimacy of husband and wife is all so new to him, that he is uncertain whether his wife will want to be not sleepy with him, again.

For their marriage was [finalized] last evening with their consummating their marriage. The towel with the Earl of Fielding crest embroidered upon it lies slightly folded in the wicker basket to the side of the bed, with the towel bearing the legal evidence of their union.  And they had agreed to only one loving coupling. So he feels that he must respect her wishes upon the matter—unless, of course, they have altered, as have his.  And he muses that they do have a second embroidered linen towel, under her bed pillow.

Lady Cecily: “Hhhh!”  She sighs in her still sleeping state, her feeling warm and cared for within her loving husband’s arms. Her memories of their loving wedding night inhabited her sleeping dreams in a very pleasant way—for Lord Kittredge was a most tender and considerately loving husband—despite the painful bit in the middle.

Realizing their bed chamber has turned cold, Lord Kittredge moves to slip out of their bed to stoke up the fire. Lady Cecily instantly feels his absence—of his personal body warmth and his loving embrace.  She turns [onto] her back and drowsily opens her eyes to see her husband sitting up in their bed, and she reaches out to gently touch his arm.

Lord Kittredge: He turns back toward her.  “Ohhh! Good morning, Cecily Darling.   I am sorry to have woken you.  I am simply going to stoke up the fire to warm our room.”  He pauses.  “Uhh.  Then I must, ah, …do a few things before returning to bed.”  He strokes his stubbly chin, which needs a shave if he is to not irritate her skin with his kisses, he hopes.  And he must chew on a mint leaf to freshen his breath, and such.

Lady Cecily:  “Oh yes, of course.  Perhaps while you are increasing the fireplace warmth, I will also … do a few things.”  She dissembles cutely as she rises [with her back to him,] and dons her silk robe.

It is early yet, with the sun’s rays of dawn not penetrating their North facing room’s curtains—which are closed, anyway.  So each of them attends to their personal needs in their respective bedrooms’ bathing chambers.  And a mostly clean shaven Lord Kittredge lies back down in his bed in his bedchamber, wondering if his wife Lady Cecily will return to him—or if, she will finish her rest in her bed chamber.  The minutes tick by, and he thinks that she must not be returning to him.  Though, he had interpreted her phrasing this morn as indicating that she would rejoin him.  But perhaps, she had a change of heart.

Lord Kittredge looks fixedly at his closed bed chamber door leading to the sitting room between the two bed chambers.  Then he hears a faint knock at his bed chamber door—and he wonders if it is a servant come to collect the wicker basket to take to Mrs. George, for her to witness the evidence of the legality of his marriage with Lady Cecily.  Though servants usually annoyingly scratch on the doors as a supposedly less jarring way of indicating their presence—except for the need to paint the doors due to the scratching wearing [away] the paint, thinks Lord Kittredge

Lady Cecily: “May I come in, Kitt?”  Lady Cecily asks shyly yet eagerly, betokening her wish to return to her husband’s arms.

Lord Kittredge: “Of course, Cecily!”  He replies eagerly.  He would stand to greet her properly, but he forgot where he placed his robe last night—him not seeing that his robe had fallen onto the floor between the end of the bed and the settee.  When he had tended to the fire in the fireplace this morning he had done so with alacrity due to his unclothed state, when she was out of the room.  So he stays seated in his bed, with the bed linens covering him up to his stomach.

Lady Cecily smiles as she enters her husband’s bed chamber again.  Their wedding being only yesterday—and their unplanned wedding night loving tenderness last night to legalize their union—making her uncertain if her husband wants to extend their understanding as she does of their visit to a foreign country as she metaphorically described their marital loving last night.

Lady Cecily: Not yet moving to return to her husband’s bed, she remarks with a smile.  “Oh, the fireplace is emitting a pleasing warmth again.  Thank you.  I had found that my bed chamber and bathing chamber were quite cold.”

Lord Kittredge:  Him seeing her standing still and not moving toward him, he asks solicitously.  “Would you like me to stoke up those fires in your bed chamber and bathing chamber for you, or did you ring for a servant?”

Lady Cecily: “Thank you, no.  It is warm in here, if I may stay?”  She asks hopefully.

Lord Kittredge: “Of course, come back to bed and warm up.”  Then he blushes at his bold entreaty  to her, then adds.  “If you want to.”

Lady Cecily:  “I do.”  She smiles and walks around the bed to her side, removes her robe with her bare back to him, and then she gracefully slides back into bed and lies down, covering herself up to her bare shoulders..

They are each a little shy with the other, not knowing the protocol for their post wedding night interactions—since they have yet to reaffirm or to set new terms.  Then they each speak at the same time.

Lord Kittredge: “Good morning, My Darling Cecily.” He smiles brightly at her, his admiration for her shining through.

Lady Cecily:  “Good morning, Kitt [Dear].”  She smiles sweetly at him.  He nods, encouraging her to continue as they each turn to their sides facing each other.  “I just wanted to thank you for your loving tenderness toward me last night, as we … finalized our union, for the legal formalities.”  She blushes.

Lord Kittredge: “Of course!  It was my honor to treat you gently.”  Now he smiles, also slightly blushing.  “Are you feeling well this morning, My Dear?”  He asks solicitously of her.  Because he does not know if her wedding night pain still lingers.

Lady Cecily: “I am well, thank you.”  She smiles shyly, understanding what he was referring to.  “And you, are you well?”

Lord Kittredge:  “I am, thank you.” He nods.  Actually, Lord Kittredge feels more than well.  But he does not want to intrude upon his wife’s person, if she wants to keep them to their original agreement of loving only once, for the formalities.  And his face must be showing his possible disappointment.

Lady Cecily:  “You frowned, Kitt.  What is wrong?  Did I do something wrong?”  She worries because what they did together on their wedding night was something that she never would have expected—let alone, that she would like it so much.

Lord Kittredge:  “Oh!  Nothing to trouble you about, My Dear.”  He replies stoically.  Lord Kittredge is too untutored in the ways of love and romance to discern her feelings upon the matter.

Lady Cecily: “Very well. Shall we sleep in a bit longer?” She asks coaxingly.

Lord Kittredge:  “Of course.”  He agrees congenially, then he lies flat upon his back and closes his eyes.  And he tries to relax his face, so that he does not frown in disappointment—of their not loving again this morning.

Lady Cecily:  “And, Kitt, though the fireplace is emitting a pleasing warmth, may I cuddle with you again?”  She asks boldly, for they are each unclothed under the bed covers. And for a recently bedded and formerly innocent wife, Lady Cecily is quite the alluring seductress of her husband.

Without opening his eyes, Lord Kittredge raises his left arm from lying over the bed linens—inviting her to cuddle with him.  She scoots over to him and lifts up the bed linens and cuddles closely with her husband.  Naturally, Lord Kittredge reacts to her closeness [lying] upon his person.

Lord Kittredge: “Ohhh!”  He gasps in eager desire and opens his eyes to gaze into her eyes.

Lady Cecily: “Hmmm.”  She purrs in answering accord, her pupils dilated with desire as she gazes into her husband’s eyes.

Then as Lord Kittredge’s other arm also embraces her, Lady Cecily leans up and tenderly kisses her husband upon his lips.  Naturally, he kisses her back–as they begin their very loving morning.

So the newlyweds Lord Kittredge and Lady Cecily decide that they will LO7802~1
very happily continue with the rest of their two week wedding trip at Wells Castle as if they are still visiting a foreign country–as well as, them also enjoying visiting the local village shops and having idyllic countryside picnics [(2) right], now and again.  Besides, they can also truly visit a foreign country at some other point in time—maybe even France as they had first settled upon.

And when the newlyweds will eventually return to London at the end of their wedding trip, their friends and family will be in for quite the surprise.

To be continued with Chapter 19


References for Ch. 18  of “Seeking the Niceties of Marriage”, by Gratiana Lovelace (Post #1410)   August 28, 2021 

  1. My “Seeking the Niceties of Marriage” story cover  illustration is comprised of:  a)  ivory lace background  with Grati edit, found at;  and  a b)  Victorian roses bouquet painting by the Boston Public Library, via Atlas Obscura (with some Grati edits ), found at; and with c) the text in deep pinkish coral in a Vivaldi font.
  2. Lord Kittredge and Lady Cecily happily and cozily  picnicking during their wedding trip to Wells Castle is represented by an image of Blake Ritson as Rev. Elton and Christina Cole as Mrs. Elton in Emma (2009) and found at; photo by Laurence Cendrowicz

Gratiana Lovelace Wattpad site link for Ch.18  of “Seeking the Niceties of Marriage”:

Previous SAL blog Post #1406  link for Ch. 17  “Seeking the Niceties of Marriage”:

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Grati’s Something About Love blog celebrates 10 year blogiversary! August 25, 2021 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #1409)

Today is my 10 year blogiversary for my Something About Love blog here.  Wow!  Time flies when you’re having fun, as the saying goes!

Thank you to all of you, my friends across the miles and around the world, for making my experience of sharing with you my stories, essays, and graphics–and my admiRAtion for a certain tall, dark, handsome & brilliant British actor and storyteller named Richard Armitage [below]–such a joyous one!
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I continue to strive to have my SAL blog be a positive place where you can come to relax and enjoy–perhaps, letting go of your cares as a respite, to recharge your batteries and to renew your energies.

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I wish for you you every happiness that you wish for yourselves–including safety, health, and peace.

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Happy 50th Birthday to the talented British actor Richard Armitage!  Wishing you every happiness that you wish for yourself!

And here is his fabulous 50th Birthday video message:

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With the talented Richard Armitage turning 50 on August 22nd, 2021,  what are his admiring fans to do? And thanks to KatieC for the RA image below!


Celebrate by making donations to one or more of his designated charities. 


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“All auctions are set to run for three days, hopefully making it possible for everyone, no matter what time-zone, to take a look and bid.ETA: NOTE: In case you experience problems accessing the auctions by navigating to eBay directly, there is a work-around. Instead of going to eBay and searching for my name, access my page on eBay via the link above ( Once there, change the country ending “.ie” to “” (or your local eBay) and press enter, and you will hopefully see my page with all the auctions on offer. Thank you to Rachel for this tip! …”

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“Seeking the Niceties of Marriage”, Ch. 17:  Newlyweds’ Dilemma,  by Gratiana Lovelace, August 15, 2021 (Post#1406) 

(An original Regency Romance story copyrighted by Gratiana Lovelace, 2021; All rights reserved);  [(1) story cover below left]

0aaa-Seeking-the-Niceties-ofMarriage-story-cover-200x309_May-2021byGratianaLovelace[Illustrations:  I cast my stories as I write them.  So from time to time, I will illustrate my story with actors and such, including:  Richard Armitage as Lord Edward Carlisle, Daniela Denby-Ashe as Lady Emily Creighton Carlisle, Blake Ritson as Lord Kittredge Wells, Polly Walker as Lady Patience Creighton, Bill Nighy as Lord Nigel Creighton the Earl of Stoke, Christina Cole as Lady Cecily Englewood Wells, and others as noted.]

[Author’s Note:  This original Regency romance is a work of fiction, and as such, any character names, scenes or other descriptions were written at the creative discretion of this author.  And this is a gentle and tender romance (G to PG-13), but with some frank discussions about love and marriage put to humorous effect.  This is my disclaimer.]

Ch. 17 (PG-13):  Newlyweds’ Dilemma

As their friends and family wave them off for their wedding trip, Lord Kittredge and Lady Cecily Wells—as the new Earl and Countess of Fielding–the newlyweds settle into their large sumptuously comfortable enclosed carriage with small talk.

However, Lord Kittredge is feeling a bit nervous as a new husband LordKittredgeWells--isBlakeRitson-asRevElton-in-Emma-2009-looking-pensive_Apr18-2021viaIMDBcom[(2) right], and he is not well versed in making small talk with ladies as his blanching countenance attests. Whereas his Bride Lady Cecily initially looks interestedly outside the window.  So silence ensues for a bit.  They are a handsome couple, who with the rush to the altar had little time for true courtship—wherein a feeling of familiarity might have had a chance to flower.

Eventually, Lady Cecily’s curiosity comes to the forefront and she turns to her new husband, who cordially smiles at her but waits for her to speak.  So her sensing her new husband’s unease in just chatting, Lady Cecily asks a most pertinent question of him.

Lady Cecily: “Where are you taking me?  Us?”  The new Countess of Fielding forthrightly asks her new husband with her piercing gaze [(3) right].  Lady Cecily rarely, if ever, dissembles.  Rather, she poses the central issue in question.  And the central issue in question currently is their wedding trip.

Lord Kittredge:  Warming to the topic and [to] his wife, he cordially responds to her.  “My Dear, we are going to my country estate at Wells Castle, to stay for the week.  Emmy and Edward enjoyed their wedding trip there, so I thought that we might give it a go.  It is a delightful area with lovely landscapes and outdoor activities, as well as small villages for local fare–and also a nearby large port city for wider interests in culture and art.”  He smiles warmly at her.

There will be no romance between them, so they will each or together need to find other activities to enjoy.

Lady Cecily:  “Very well.” She pouts.  “It is just that traveling and new places can be vexing. One always feels out of place.”

Lord Kittredge: “Ah, are you speaking of our trip now, or your family’s residence on the continent many years ago?” He asks with trepidation.

Lady Cecily: “I suppose a bit of both.  Mama Duchess and Papa Duke felt that our spending a year living in each of selected countries would expose me to various cultures—and royal houses in other countries for potential betrothals.” She pouts.

Lord Kittredge: “Oh Dear.”  His eyes twinkle.  “And to think that in your returning to London two years ago–and befriending my Dear cousin Emmy again–would put you into the path of a mere English Earl.”

Lady Cecily:  “Precisely!  But what Papa Duke did not realize, but perhaps my Mama Duchess did realize, was that I was not interested in—let alone enamored of–any of the royals we met in other countries.  Though I did enjoy the cultures and landscapes that we resided in over the years. And though it is possibly non-patriotic to admit it, France claimed my heart. The beauty of their manors and estates—let alone their fashions and food—quite entranced me.”

Lord Kittredge: “Ah!  Parlez vous Francais?” (Do you speak French.)  He asks teasingly while executing a credible French accent.

Lady Cecily:  “Oui!  Je parle un peu.” (Yes! I speak a little.)  Lady Cecily replies animatedly with her thumb and index finger close together.  “Avez-vous visite la France?” (Have you visited France?)

Lord Kittredge:  “Oui.  Juste une fois.” (Yes. Just once.) Then he asks, also in French. “Allons-nous en France? Bientot?”

Lady Cecily:  “Ce sera merveilleux!”  (That will be wonderful!) With sparkling eyes, Lady Cecily lightly claps her hands together five times in that delicately graceful and soundless way that ladies so favor.

Lord Kittredge having secured the knowledge that their visiting France will make his new wife Lady Cecily ecstatically happy, he hopes to make plans for them to do so soon—perhaps, even next week.  So the remainder of their two hour journey to Wells Castle from London this later afternoon after their wedding is interspersed with talk of the delights to be had both at home in the English countryside as well as in France.


When Lord Kittredge and his new Bride Lady Cecily reach Wells Castle, the later afternoon is still bright and sunny.

Lady Cecily:  “Kitt, Truly this is your castle—even before you became an Earl?”  She marvels at Wells Castle’s large size and grandeur.

Lord Kittredge:  “Indeed, My Dear.  Let me show you to one of your new homes.” He emphasizes that they have several homes to share together.

Upon Lord Kittredge assisting his new Bride Lady Cecily in exiting their grand carriage, they are immediately greeted by their Wells Castle Housekeeper Mrs. Griffin.

Mrs. Griffin:  “My Lord and Lady Fielding, it is a pleasure to welcome you home to Wells Castle!” She states brightly as she does a deep curtsy then returns to standing.

For Lord Fielding as he is now called has chosen to make Wells Castle his main country home until they visit his Earldom’s country seat and London home and other properties to assess their suitability, need for repairs or renovation, etc.

Lord Kittredge: “My Lady wife, this is Mrs. Griffin, our longtime Wells Castle Housekeeper.  Mrs. Griffin, my wife, the new Countess of Fielding.”  He gestures proudly to Lady Cecily in her smart coral pink and peach carriage gown.

Lady Cecily: “I am delighted to meet you Mrs. Griffin.”  She states parsimoniously, but bestowing respect to their esteemed longtime Housekeeper.  Again, Lady Cecily’s innate reserve with individuals she is unacquainted with comes to the fore.

Lord Kittredge:  “Mrs. Griffin, Might we trouble your staff for two baths and some food sent to our chambers before … well before we go exploring the castle?”  He realizes that their visit to Wells Castle today and for the following week carries the distinction of them being on their wedding trip—so his activities might be presumed to be of a unique nature from his other visits.  He thinks discomfitedly.

Mrs. Griffin: “Certainly, Lord Fielding.  We have prepared the Royal Suite as you requested for  you and your Bride.” She smiles sweetly at the blushing Lady Cecily who has wandered over to a life sized painting of a long ago knight upon his horse.   Yet, she can still hear what Mrs. Griffin said.

Then Mrs. Griffin tips her head to Lord Fielding and walks six feet further away from Lady Cecily, in order to whisper something to his Lordship.  Lord Kittredge quizzically follows behind her.

Lord Kittredge: “Yes, Mrs. Fielding?”  He asks in a kindly voice.

Mrs. Griffin: “I just wanted you to know that your wedding  night bed chamber has been made ready for you.”  She states whispering portentously.

Lord Kittredge: “Thank you Mrs. Griffin.  I am certain we will find the Royal Suite most comfortable.  Lord and Lady Carlisle remarked how much they enjoyed their visit here on their own wedding trip two weeks ago.

Mrs. Griffin: Still whispering and sneaking a glance at Lady Cecily to make sure she is still engaged with gazing at the painting.  “Yes, My Lord.  But with respect, you are the new Earl, and there are certain wedding  traditions that must be attended to in verifying the … the marital consummation.”  She blushes crimson.

Lord Kittredge: “Oh?”  Lord Kittredge’s eyes go wide as he also blushes crimson.  He had forgotten about the whole issue of someone need to witness the consummation—and the evidence of his wife’s virginity—or the results after the consummation.  But he and Lady Cecily will not be consummating their marriage—at least, that was their negotiation before they married.

Mrs. Griffin:  Continuing delicately, she informs him of the details. “Yes, there is a fine linen hand towel with the Fielding crest placed under each pillow on the bridal bed in your bed chamber, My Lord.” After your Bride lies on the towel during your marital consummation this night, you need only remove the towel to the nearby basket.  And in the morning.  I will then have the basket brought to me and serve as your legal witness.”

Lord Kittredge: “Thank you, Mrs. Griffin.  That is most thoughtful of you.”  He thanks the heavens that noble marriages no longer required actual witnesses [(4)] of the consummation act itself.  He shudders in thinking of the ancient and intrusive practice.

But Lord Kittredge has yet to discern how he and his Bride Lady Cecily can have any consummation results for Mrs. Griffin to witness—when they are not consummating their marriage, this night or any night.  But he will have to think of something.


So Lord Kittredge and Lady Cecily are guided to their bridal bed chambers in the Royal Suite to have their baths—separately.  Lady Cecily is glad to have this luxury afforded to her in her bed chamber’s dressing room in this very old castle.  And she enjoys  the little details of  rose scented bath crystals lending a pleasing aroma.   Lord Kittredge also bathes and shaves in his bed chamber’s dressing room—rather less languorously than Lady Cecily. He has a rather rough later afternoon stubble that he always has to tame with a nightly shave.

Then both will return to their shared Royal Suite sitting room for some late afternoon refreshments. It is now that Lord Kittredge must elaborate what is expected of them this night,  and enlist her help in coming up with an agreeable solution for it.  So he waits for her sitting in a chair and nibbling a biscuit. Then he spies her and stands.

Lady Cecily wearing a pretty white muslin daytime gown with pink ribbon rose embellishments interspersed along the scoop neckline and sleeve cuffs, and  with a lovely 2 inch wide pink satin ribbon detail under her bosoms that is tied in a bow at her back, exits her bedchamber and into the sitting room. Her blond ringlets are still very curly, and Lord Kittredge wonders if she has naturally curly hair. He supposes that as her husband, he will come to know the many womanly secrets of his wife.  Hmmm.

Lord Kittredge: “My Lady Cecily, you look charming.”  He smiles broadly at her and guides her to a cushioned chair at the small table where their light repast has been set.

Lady Cecily:  “Thank you, My Lord Kitt.  You look very handsome, yourself.”  She kindly returns a compliment to him—her admiring his sporty look of shiny brown boots, buff colored pantaloons, a tan waistcoat and a dark blue jacket.

They each select some delicacies to place upon their respective china dining plates, then nosh for a bit—with some lemonade to drink with the cheese, bread, meat, and such, and tea to drink with the fruit and biscuits.

After they are done eating, but still sipping more tea, Lord Kittredge decides to begin the delicate discussion.

Lord Kittredge: “Cecily, My Dear.  As you know, we are not a love match, nor had we planned to be romantic with each other—nor anyone else.”

Lady Cecily: “Yes, that is our understanding.”  Then she picks up on him using the past tense.  “… had planned?”

Lord Kittredge: “Yes, Mrs. Griffin informed me of the marital consummation evidence that we must provide tonight, in order for our marriage to be considered legal as the Earl and Countess of Fielding.”

Lady Cecily: “But…”  Her brow furrows, but Lord Kittredge raises his hand to interrupt her arguments.

Lord Kittredge: “At least in our modern society, the marital act does not need to be witnessed directly by persons. [(4)]  But the results, do seemingly need to be shared.”

Lady Cecily: Crossing her arms in front of herself—unknowing that she is nicely plumping up her bosoms. Though Lord Kittredge does not take notice of it. “What results do you refer to, Sir?”  For her Mother had not given Lady Cecily a detailed marital advice talk.

Lord Kittredge: “Well …  uh.  What do you know about the conjugation of husband and wife?”  He asks, hoping to forestall telling her all.

Lady Cecily: “Nothing directly, nor do I ever wish to know.”  She states plainly.

Lord Kittredge: His hopes dashed, he continues.  “Ah, well, you see.  When a well bred lady, such as yourself, is first married, her virginity is a sacred thing to her family, to her husband, and to society.  Such that, it is only her husband, on their wedding night who may …” He is temporarily at a loss for words.  “Well, her husband lies in bed with his wife and they join their bodies together as one.”  He blushes crimson. Though Lord Kittredge is also a virgin, boys and men are usually informed of the particulars.

Lady Cecily: “Join together?  You mean kissing is what causes babies?” She asks innocently, her pinkening slightly.

Lord Kittredge: “Well passionate kissing can lead to babies coming into being.  But small kisses on the lips or cheek do not.”

Lady Cecily: “And what has that to do with us?  We are not planning to do that, ever.”  She reiterates.

Lord Kittredge: “Of course.  But as you and I had previously discussed whether I had injured my baby fathering parts—and I have not…”  He hastens to remind her.  “There is still the expectation that we will have a wedding night wherein the husband’s baby fathering parts and the wife’s baby mothering parts join together for the first time—with the wife’s virginity being breached, causing her some pain, and causing her to bleed.”  He rushes through that last bit.

Lady Cecily: “You cannot be serious?”  She frowns and shakes her head, her blond ringlets bouncing about.  “That sounds positively beastly—for the husband to cause pain to his wife, that also makes her bleed?”

Lord Kittredge:  “Oh, I agree most heartfeltly with your assessment.  And though the pain and bleeding does not occur again, with subsequent marital couplings—that I am told—the marital couplings are necessary for begetting future blood line children.  Hhhh!”  Lord Kittredge is quite flustered with having to give his bride this marital talk.

Lady Cecily: “So what is your point, Kitt?”  She asks shrewdly.

Lord Kittredge: “Well, Cecily, I foresee only two options before us.  The first option is that we do the marital coupling joining bit, in order to insure that you are legally my countess—lest your virginity be discovered at some later date and our marriage annulled by parties trying to wrest the Earldom and its holdings from us.”  He blanches about what he is proposing.  And she frowns further. “Or, the second option is that we somehow fake the bloody results tonight–without doing the marital coupling joining. Though were your virginity discovered at some later time, our marriage might be considered null and void. So we might eventually have to do it.” He looks forlornly at her.

Lady Cecily:  “These are not true options.  It seems as if we only have one option to protect my legal status as your wife and countess.  Why did you not mention this before?”  She accuses him.

Lord Kittredge: “Truly, I did not think of it.  I had never thought to marry. I am a second son.  So the legalities surrounding marriage were not ones that I contemplated.  In marrying you, I sought only for us to be congenial companions—a lady wife  whom I would enjoy spoiling and indulging.  And perhaps, we could also co-parent an orphan daughter together as you had previously expressed that wish.  Hhhh!”  He sighs in exasperation, because he does not even know if he can do what is required of him physically.

Lady Cecily: “My head aches.”  She rubs her temples with both hands.

Lord Kittredge:  “Mine, too.”  He sighs in sympathy as he also rubs his forehead.

The two forlorn newlyweds stare in shock at each other at what they must do this night.  Their headaches are not helping their state of mind at all.  So Lord Kittredge rings the bell for two tisanes to be brought up to them to sip—after which, they each decide to forgo their castle tour and take naps in their respective bed chambers before their first formal private dinner together in the main dining room downstairs at 9 o’clock this evening, some two hours from now.


Lord Kittredge and Lady Cecily had each drunk copious amounts of wine during dinner as they pondered what awaited them tonight.  And though the Lord Kittredge did not want to get so foxed that he would pass out—him needing to keep his wits about him to remember what he needed to do, and in what order—Lady Cecily kept having her wine glass refilled.  And even though Lady Cecily is a tiny petite woman whom one might wonder if one glass of wine might adversely affect, she drank at least 3 glasses of wine tonight.

Somehow, the newlyweds stumble upstairs to their bed chambers and undress and put on their night clothes and robes.  Then Lord Kittredge waits patiently for Lady Cecily to join him—they decided that since Lady Cecily does not want her bed chamber associated with any marital coupling memories, his bed chamber will be where the deed is done.

A naked Lord Kittredge lies resolutely in his bed in his bed chamber, him still feeling the relaxing affect of the wine whilst he also tries to recall what he has to do.  He is covered by the bed linens up to his chest, with his bare shoulders peeking out.

After a few moments of trying to decide which nightgown she will wear, Lady Cecily chooses a soft silk sleeveless nightgown with an empire waist to support her bosoms.  And she firmly decides to stay in this nightgown tonight, no matter her husband’s entreaty.  So she walks through the sitting room to her husband’s bed chamber.  Her long curled hair falling about her shoulders and back in all of its unpinned golden glory.

As Lady Cecily walks into her husband Lord Kittredge’s bed chamber she notices that only the fireplace glows a warm light onto her husband’s handsome face with his eyes closed.  And she wonders if he is asleep and they will merely sleep with one another,  if that will be sufficient.  Then she realizes, that it will not.  So she resignedly walks to her side of his large bed, removes her robe and slides into bed with him.

With each of them lying in bed, on their backs, near the side edges of the large bed, there is about an arm’s length distance between them.  The moments tick by, waiting for one of them to make the first move.  It is an awkward silence between them.

Lady Cecily: “Kitt?  I have been thinking.”

Lord Kittredge: “Yes, Cecily?” His deep voice trembles a bit in anticipation—of what, he knows not.

And in Lady Cecily’s very relaxed state from the wine she had consumed, she rolls to her side facing him and gazes upon his bare chest and shoulders.  He is handsome, she acknowledges to herself.  Then she gently touches his bare muscular shoulder—which makes clear that his tailor does not need to pad his coats.  Hmm.

Lady Cecily: “Kitt?  Since we are only doing this marital coupling once for the formalities, perhaps we could look upon it as if we were traveling to a foreign country in order to experience its culture and delights, but then return home to what is comfortable and less foreign to us?”

Lord Kitt finally opens his eyes to gaze upon her as he turns his head upon his pillow.

Lord Kittredge: “What are you saying, Cecily?”

Lady Cecily: “Well, that we should not feel ashamed for doing what we are going to do this night as husband and wife.  I would imagine that each of us wants to feel comfortable with each other tonight and after it.”  He nods his head.  “And I believe that we can only do that if we give each other permission to share fully in this experience—and then look forward to different experiences that we shall share as life companions.”  She smiles hazily at him.

Lord Kittredge:  “Hmmm.”  He ponders.  Then he turns his body to face her, now fully seeing her lovely curled blond hair falling about her shoulders, her silk nightgown indicating that she is not naked—which relieves him greatly, as well as seemingly frustrates him.  He feels very vulnerable being unclothed. Perhaps he should put his night shirt on—if he could find it.   Because, if he has to be naked, then she should also be naked to be fair–is the logic running through his mind.

Lady Cecily: “You know, I did not realize that you had such impressive muscles under your jacket.”

Lord Kittredge: “And I did not realize that your hair was so beautifully long and curly on its own.”  He offers his wife a compliment of her.

Lady Cecily: “And your skin is very warm.  You do not have a fever, do you?” She asks in concern as her hand rests flat at the base of his neck.

Lord Kittredge: “I do not have a fever. I am always warm.”  Then he considers her statement.  “Are you chilled, Cecily?  I can put another log upon the fire.  Or, there is another blanket on the settee at the end of the bed.”  He suggests solicitously.

Lady Cecily: “No thank you.  But perhaps I could simply cuddle next to you and be warmed by you.”

Lord Kittredge: “Oh!  Well, um, I am not properly dressed underneath the bed linens.”

Lady Cecily: Scooting toward him in the bed, her curiosity grows.  “Oh?  What do you mean?”  She asks innocently.  Lady Cecily has only ever seen her family wearing their night clothes at night, so she presumes that he is wearing something.

Lord Kittredge: “I am unclothed, below.”  He blushes in embarrassment.

Lady Cecily: “Oh!  Um, such as when a person swims naked in a private lake?  Ladies’ clothes are too voluminous and we would drown with them on.”

Lord Kittredge: His eyes widen, he gazes at her.  “Yes, I have swum naked when I was a boy. Have you swum naked as a girl?”

Lady Cecily:  She lowers her eyes shyly.  “Yes.  But I was wearing my undergarments–except when wet, they became nearly transparent.”  She relates forthrightly.

Lord Kittredge: “Would that I could see you naked now.”  He murmurs deeply.  She blinks.  “I mean, I am naked already.  So if you wish to be also, that would be fine with me.”  He encourages her.

Lady Cecily:  “Yes, but my bosoms need support.”  She has never slept nor swum without such support.

Lord Kittredge: “Please?”  He whines cutely, with a fake pursed lips pout.  “Since we are only doing this once, we want to have the full experience, do we not?” Lord Kitt’s inebriated state has quite made him forget himself, and his previous aversion to taking a woman to wife.

Lady Cecily: “Oh very well.”  She agrees with a smile.

Lady Cecily purses her lips together and Lord Kittredge leans up and kisses her adoringly—bringing her to lay flush to him under the bed linens.  She does not move away, her liking feeling his warmth and the muscularity of his arms, legs, and torso. And though she had intended to sit up and remove her nightgown herself, it seems to be accomplished without too much awkwardness with her lying down, with her husband’s help.

As they tenderly clasp themselves together, their hands and lips roam sweetly exploringly over each other—marveling in pleasing wonder at how different their bodies are, and seemingly more beautiful in person than the marble statues that they have seen in museums.

And at some point during their wedding night, Lord Kittredge and Lady Cecily tenderly and legally finalize their marital union as husband and wife [(5) below]—then they promptly fall asleep.


To be continued with Chapter 18

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August 15, 2021 (Post #1406)

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Gratiana Lovelace Wattpad site link for Ch.17  of “Seeking the Niceties of Marriage”:

Previous SAL blog Post #1403  link for Ch. 16  “Seeking the Niceties of Marriage”:

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A mesmirizing Richard Armitage images gif shared by franjustfran, August 11, 2021 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #1405)

Wow!  Thanks to franjustfran for sharing this talented British actor Richard Armitage images gif! Mesmirizing!  And a non-caffeinated jolt to start our day!

Wishing everyone a safe, healthy, and peaceful day!  Hugs & Cheers!  Grati  ;-> 



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Soothing songs in memory of Angie K. Long, August 04, 2021 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #1404)

Angie K. Long’s passing is a shock and sadness to all of us.  Personally, I was stunned into disbelief and heartbroken to learn Monday of Angie’s passing on August 1st.  She was such a sweet and incandescent soul of joy and kindness as an online friend.  Angie encouraged so many of us on our journey in the Richard Armitage Fandom and as bloggers, writers, and such. 

And Angie was unflinchingly forthright about the difficulties that she faced in her life—such as her recuperation after her harrowing car accident years ago, and  such—helping us to see that even when bad things happen to us, we can overcome them.  We shared laughter and tears together with Angie over the years.  And now her passing brings us more tears.

And the tributes to Angie pouring in from everywhere online and around the world  are merely a scintilla of how much Angie was loved by all of us.  We loved her fearless optimism, her joy, her hats, her gorgeous smiles with red lipstick, her wicked wit, her storytelling  and videos and artistic wallpapers—and so much more.  Her talents and joie de vivre were boundless.   Angie will be dearly missed by us all.

My thoughts are with Angie’s husband, family and friends.  May their memories of their happy times shared together with Angie help sustain them in their grief and sorrow.  One never gets over losing a loved one—especially, in losing dear sweet Angie.  The ache is always there, a poignant echo of the pain of loss.  But loving someone as deeply as Angie was loved in return, reminds us  we will always carry our loved ones  in our hearts, forever and a day.

And for us, Angie’s  online friends across the miles, we are already missing her sweet smiles–she took the best selfies (see below), next to RA!  So in our remembering Angie with the joy that she gave us and everyone, may our broken hearts mend a little bit every day, for her legacy of love and kindness.


So I share below some soothing  songs in memory of Angie.  May we each remember Angie in joy and love—and carry her joy and love forward  in her memory and in her honor.   Hugs & Love, Grati ;->

P.S.  And thanks to Jazzbaby1 and Guylty for sharing their tribute blog posts, and a link to Angie K. Long’s  obituary page.


KD Lang sings Hallelujah


Josh Groban, You raise me up


Israel Kamakawiwo’ole , Somewhere over the Rainbow

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“Seeking the Niceties of Marriage”, Ch. 16:  Leave it to the ladies, August 02, 2021 by Gratiana Lovelace (Post#1403)

(An original Regency Romance story copyrighted by Gratiana Lovelace, 2021; All rights reserved);   [(1) story cover below left]

0aoCh16images-Seeking-the-Niceties-ofMarriage_Aug02-2021byGratianaLovelace[Illustrations:  I cast my stories as I write them.  So from time to time, I will illustrate my story with actors and such, including:  Richard Armitage as Lord Edward Carlisle, Daniela Denby-Ashe as Lady Emily Creighton Carlisle, Blake Ritson as Lord Kittredge Wells, Polly Walker as Lady Patience Creighton, Bill Nighy as Lord Nigel Creighton the Earl of Stoke, Christina Cole as Lady Cecily Englewood, and others as noted.]

[Author’s Note:  This original Regency romance is a work of fiction, and as such, any character names, scenes or other descriptions were written at the creative discretion of this author.  And this is a gentle and tender romance (G to PG-13), but with some frank discussions about love and marriage put to humorous effect.  This is my disclaimer.]

Ch. 16:  Leave it to the ladies

Almost as soon as the Duchess of Marshbanks learn[s] that her youngest daughter Lady Cecily Englewood is likely soon to be affianced—and to a new young Earl with also a Baronial title—that noble Mama launche[s] into raptures of bliss that quite exceed her sentiments upon the night that her dear Lady Cecily was conceived.  Her husband the Duke Marshbanks [bears] her effusive joy with resignation and a small smile.  Though he would not let anyone see him smiling.

His Grace the Duke of Marshbanks plans to put this new Earl of Fielding, Lord Kittredge Wells to the test and [in his place] starting Monday—just as he had done with his other two sons-in-law. A daughter is a precious gift, and [the] Duke [of] Marshbanks plans to ensure that giving her hand in marriage will bestow happiness upon her—especially since Lady Cecily has been so against even entertaining the notion of her marrying anyone.

Though their Graces cannot account for the turnabout in their daughter Lady Cecily’s views, they are delighted and relieved.  For a lady in their society does not have her own legal standing, and therefore she needs the protection of a husband.  And in fairness to the ladies, one might say that for a gentleman in their society, gaining a good and proper wife can be the making of him.

So bright and early this Sunday morning after the momentous events of Lord Kittredge Wells’ and Lady Cecily Englewood’s understanding that developed regarding their mutual benefit in marrying each other, while they were still at the Gosford-Withers wedding reception last evening, Lord Wells escorts his parents to church.  With his parents also retaining their own astonishment that their youngest son Lord Kittredge has found a lady whom he wants to [marry].  And the fact that their son’s intended Lady Cecily Englewood is a Duke’s daughter, is the proverbial icing upon the wedding cake.

Lord Edward and Lady Emily Carlisle will also be present at the same Sunday morning worship services.  And providentially, they are still yet to look forward to her parents Lord and Lady Creighton returning from Paris in a few weeks.  Though Emily would wager her new bonnet that her Mama Lady Creighton will insist upon returning to London as soon as news reaches her about her beloved nephew Lord Kittredge Wells likely to becom[ing] affianced—and with a Duke’s daughter, no less, in Lady Cecily Englewood.  Indeed, upon her return, Lady Patience Creighton will [certainly] try everyone else’s [patience] with her suggestions for Lord Wells wedding planning arrangements.  Though as the intended bride groom, Lord Kittredge will likely have only need to focus upon his wedding attire and being certain to show up.

And though each family sit[s] in their own pew boxes—with church services being as stratified an affair as any other event in society—they still nod cordially at each other before the worship service begins. And Lady Emily delights in noticing the small smiles that her cousin Lord Kittredge exchanges with his likely intended Lady Cecily.  Lady Emily just is not privy to the understanding reached between Lord Kittredge and Lady Cecily—of the particulars regarding their mutually hoped for [companionable] marriage, with no romance involved.  Nor has Lord Kittredge divulged to his lifelong best friend, and now cousin by marriage Lord Edward Carlisle the nature of his hoped for marriage to Lady Cecily.

It was a lovely [Sunday] church service, and Lord Kittredge was glad that the Vicar does not drone on so as he had remembered the last one did.  His Mama Lady Wells is simply glad to get her son inside a church, after his several years of abstaining to attend.


And so it is that after the Sunday worship service, Her Grace the Duchess of Marshbanks formally invites the other set of [betrothal] parents Lord and Lady Wells and [their son] Lord Kittredge [Wells], [and] Lord Edward and Lady Emily Carlisle with her family for an impromptu luncheon at Marshbanks House.  The stated purpose for the luncheon is to get to know each other.  However, not so unnaturally, the men are somewhat alarmed by this [wholly unexpected] change to their schedules.

Whereas the ladies of Her Grace [the] Duchess of Marshbanks, Lady Cecily, Lady [Emily] Carlisle, and Lady Wells knew and accepted the informal invitation before they left the Gosford-Withers wedding reception last evening.  Because, of course, the Duchess of Marshbanks had to inform her cook of the small but important luncheon so they could insure they had enough food to go around.

The ladies are in battle mode in siding for Lady Cecily in her hoped for marriage to Lord Kittredge.  And they will not let any fit of pique or possible recalcitrant reluctance on the part of either of Lady Cecily or Lord Kittredge to wed each other—[if] their fathers to prove stubborn about any issue regarding the marriage settlements, etc.  Ladies can be quite formidable in that regard.  Men may think themselves Masters of the Universe—but that is only true when their wives or fiances are not around.

And the Duchess of Marshbanks refuses to let her husband the Duke of Marshbanks in any way [befoul] her daughter Lady Cecily’s wedding plans.  She had seen his machinations toward her other then future sons-in-laws, and thinks that her husband has quite met his match, with regard to Lord Kittredge Wells, Lord Fielding—not to mention their beloved daughter Lady Cecily being no one’s fool, and a person to be reckoned with [in her own right, of either sex].

It is a lovely luncheon of cold meats, fruits, cheeses, and a warm potato soup.  Then the ladies retire to the Duchess Marshbanks’ private drawing room to discuss wedding planning—assuming the courtship goes well this week.  Similarly, the men proceed to give Lord Kittredge courtship wooing and marital advice—primarily about managing a wife as her husband.

And much to Lord Kittredge’s dismay, Lady Cecily’s father the Duke, his best friend Lord Edward, and even his own father Lord Wells wax poetic about the infinite joys of connubial bliss and the inherent niceties of marriage, in that regard.  If he could do so without attracting attention and unwanted questions, Lord Kittredge would cover his ears with his hands to shut out hearing about the need for tenderness with one’s bride.  With any luck, Lord Kittredge feels that finding an agreeable companion in Lady Cecily—who shares his views about not wanting to be married, let alone [not being] romantic with one’s spouse—will make their marriage both congenial and not a burden to either of them.  He hopes.

But as it happens, Lord Kittredge excuses himself from the gentlemen chatting in the billiards room, for a private moment and a footman discreetly directs him to that which he seeks. And upon exiting that room, he encounters Lady Cecily upon her own expedition.

Lady Cecily:  “Ah!  Lord Kitt.”

Lord Kittredge: “My Lady Cecily.”

Each bows or curtsies to the other, in their turn.  Then there is a shyly awkward moment of silence—each of them wanting to broach a subject, yet dreading it.

Lord Kittredge: “I wonder, Lady Cecily, how you are faring with the Ladies?”

Lady Cecily:  “They are all lovely and helpful.”  She states diplomatically.

Lord Kittredge:  “Ah!  Well perhaps it is different for men then for women.  The gentlemen have been sharing their expertise with me upon how best to court you and to woo you. And that it will all be  worth it, once we are wed.”  He blanches at their implication of what he had bemusedly [teased] his cousins of doing—having [conjugal friction].  Then he smiles [in jest].  “And if I hear one more euphemism regarding the joy of marital relations between a husband and wife, I will insist upon hastening our wedding to cease their marital advice.”  Thinking he had put just enough pathos into his remarks, he finds that Lady Cecily erupts mirthfully, her pealing with laughter.

Lady Cecily: “Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!”  She giggles unrestrainedly.  “Oh Kitt!  Not you as well?  The ladies are also harping on the joy of the union between a husband and wife that I will come to know when you and I are wed.  My Mama and your Mama each are quite encouraging me to realize that it might not be so joyful the first couple of times.  But as with anything, practice makes perfect.  Ha ha ha ha ha!”  She giggles again.  “I wish that I could disabuse them of their seeming need to put me at my ease about my soon to be new duties as a wife—since it will not be happening between us.  But that would reveal the personal understanding that we have reached, and I do not want to breach your confidence, nor my own[.”]

Lord Kittredge: “Thank you, My Lady. So, shall we make a dash for the border and be wed in Scotland this very day?”  He teases.

Lady Cecily: “Oh, do not tempt me, Kitt”  I really do not know how anyone manages not to tear their hair out during wedding planning?”  She almost imperceptibly shakes her head, her being so ladylike as to not give in to publicly disdaining the ladies well meaning help.

Lord Kittredge:  “Indeed!”  Then he changes subjects.  “Would you like to sit in on your father Duke’s and my settlement discussions tomorrow?  My cousin Emmy sat in on Lord Edward’s similar discussion with her father.”

Lady Cecily: “She did?”  She asks in surprise.  Though Lady Cecily is not the easiest of daughters for her parents to deal with, she does not set out to willingly flaunt societal conventions.


So Lord Kittredge Wells courtship and de facto wedding settlement discussions with his Grace the Duke of Marshbanks on Monday morning takes on an added element of urgency, when it is revealed that Lord Kittredge and Lady Cecily wish to marry in less than a week, upon the upcoming Saturday—with a smaller scaled back wedding and reception.  They see no need to wait to marry, and they threaten to make a dash to Gretna Green—to the horror of the Duke of Marshbanks. Neither set of noble parents will countenance them eloping via a Gretna Green marriage.  So the nuptials are moved up to this upcoming Saturday as requested/extorted of them.

Then Lord Kittredge and Lady Cecily take their requisite ride in the Park Monday afternoon as planned—thus signaling to society that they are a couple.  With them also telling everyone they meet of their swiftly upcoming nuptials.  Naturally, hasty marriages usually lead some individuals to believe that an anticipation of their wedding vows has already taken place.  However, that is so not the case here. And each of Lord Kittredge’s and Lady Cecily’s unblemished reputations, dissuade others from thinking anything salaciously negative about them.

And then with not two but three waltzes shared between them at Almack’s on Wednesday evening cement[ing] the notion that Lord Kittredge Wells is wedding—and then likely bedding—Lady Cecily Englewood this coming weekend.  And [the] [reality] will be some variation of that—just without the bedding part.

So it is a lovely small church wedding and then a large wedding breakfast back at Marshbanks House [early] on Saturday [afternoon]—thanks in large part to the ladies [and] their Mama’s as well as their cousin and friend Lady Emily’s help.  The blushing bride in her favorite cream gown that she wore when she met Lord Kittredge looks like any blushing bride.  Except Lady Cecily’s blush is for being so overjoyed not to have her parents harping on her needing to marry anymore—because she will have done it.  And Lord Kittredge, beams smiles at his beautiful bride on their wedding day.  And with no romance destined to happen between them, he still looks forward to getting to know Lady Cecily better—as she does of him.

Meanwhile, though Lady Creighton’s continued absence from London as her husband indulges her with a new wardrobe from the leading Paris couturiers, the latest London [on dits] news still reaches her.  And though it is too late for them to attend and felicitate their nephew Lord Kittredge’s wedding to Lady Cecily, Lady Creighton is determined to be no longer absent from the social whirl of London.

To be continued with Chapter 17

References for Ch. 16  of “Seeking the Niceties of Marriage”,  August 02, 2021 by Gratiana Lovelace (Post #1403)

1.  My “Seeking the Niceties of Marriage” story cover illustration is comprised of: a)  ivory lace background  with Grati edit, found at;  and  a b)  Victorian roses bouquet painting by the Boston Public Library, via Atlas Obscura (with some Grati edits ), found at; and with c) the text in deep pinkish coral in a Vivaldi font.

Gratiana Lovelace Wattpad site link for Ch.16  of “Seeking the Niceties of Marriage”:

Previous SAL blog Post #1397 link for Ch. 15  “Seeking the Niceties of Marriage”:

“Seeking the Niceties of Marriage”, Ch. 15:  A Lady Intrigues Lord Kitt, July 18, 2021 by Gratiana Lovelace (Post #1399)

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