“Love in the Great Pine Woods”, Ch. 45 (PG-13, D):   Baby Love, July 25, 2016 by Gratiana Lovelace (Post #943)

(0aaa-Love-in-the-Great-Pine-Woods_story-cover_Jan0516byGratianaLovelace_3intall-rev7An original story copyrighted by Gratiana Lovelace; all rights reserved)  [(1) story cover, left]

[From time to time, I will illustrate my story characters with:  Richard Armitage as Sam Wakeforest, Marcia Gay Harden as Sam’s older sister Tessa Wakeforest Shoop Delaney, and Emily Deschanel as Tessa’s sister-in-law Olivia Delaney Wakeforest, Viola Davis as Pauletta Perkins, Cicely Tyson as Nellie Newton, Anna Sophia Robb as Alice Trent, Kevin Spacey as Roger Delaney, Sam Heughan as Todd Wakeforest, Idris Elba as Dominic Perkins, the late Polly Holliday as the Waitress Madge, Donald Sutherland as Aldus Warren, Teri Polo as Lillian Warren, and Ewan McGregor as David Warren,  and others as noted.]

Author’s Content Note: “Love in the Great Pine Woods” is a mature love story with dramatic themes of love and relationships.  It will mostly be at the PG and PG-13 movie levels. Specific chapters or passages may have a further rating of:  L for language, D for dramatic emotions, and S for sensual themes.  And I will rate the chapters accordingly. If you are unable or unwilling to attend a movie with the ratings that I provide for a chapter, then please do not read that chapter. This is my disclaimer.  And as is my habit, I will summarize the previous chapter’s events at the beginning of the next chapter.

Author’s Recap from the Previous Chapter:  The attacking male bear is dead, but the injured mother bear might yet be saved.  And Sam discovers that his wife has gone into labor early with their twins while having a baby shower hosted by his sister Tessa at their Hidden Lake Cottage at the base of Wakeforest Mountain.

“Love in the Great Pine Woods”, Ch. 45:  Baby Love

The blood drains from Sam Wakeforest’s face when his niece Alice tells him that his wife Olivia is in labor early for their twins in the cottage.   She isn’t due to deliver for another five weeks.  Then he sprints toward their Hidden Lake cottage where Olivia, his sister Tessa, and the the baby shower guests have taken refuge–still distressed over the almost bear attack.

Sam’s worry is further complicate with frustration because the protective barbed wire screen was dropped over the porch, and he has to run around to the back to get inside the house.  Sam yells dashing inside his cottage via the kitchen door at the back–his niece Alice is closely upon his heels.

Sam: “Olivia!”

Sam is confronted with a nearly surreal view of some of the baby shower ladies still cowering there by the icebox–from their earlier fear of a bear attack.  The ladies are brandishing all manner of wooden and metal cooking utensils as their only means of defense.  Sam makes a mental note to upgrade the kitchen accoutrements with a new set of knives. The ladies startle when he enters.  Except one well known lady—his and Olivia’s Housekeeper–drops her metal soup ladle in relief.

Mrs. Ventura:  “Hi Mister Sam.  You’re going to be a Papa today!”  She smiles cheerfully.

Sam latches onto his housekeeper’s upper arms as if she is his savior.

Sam: “How is Olivia?”  Just then a screeching scream punctuates the air and everyone’s conversations stop.

Olivia in bedroom: “Aaaaarrrrggggg!”

Mrs. Ventura:   “Ah me, such is the fate of women—to suffer in childbirth.”  She crosses herself.

Sam:  “Is she suffering?”  Sam asks worriedly.

Nine pairs of female eyes turn to Sam and knowingly nod their heads.  Having heard a commotion in the kitchen and recognizing that deep voice, Sam’s sister Tessa Wakeforest Shoop Delaney opens the bedroom door to the kitchen.

Tessa:  “Where is my brother?   Sam!”  Tessa squeals and scurries over to him.  Then she literally drags him into the bedroom.  All thoughts of bears chased out of their heads for the moment.

The scene in Sam’s and Olivia’s bedroom is not chaotic, but all eyes are focused up Olivia and the Midwife baby shower guest who is giving her instructions.  And no one notices Sam’s arrival.

Midwife: “Olivia, you’re doing great!  You’re fully dialated.  So push as much as you can when you feel the urge.”

Olivia: In intense pain and annoyed, Olivia moans. “I am already pushing, but nothing his happening.”

Sam: “Oh my Darling!”  Sam rushes to his wife’s side.

Olivia: “Sam!  Oh Sam!”  Olivia is overcome with emotion as her husband Sam embraces here and kisses her lips and forehead.  Then another pain hits her.  “Owwwwww!  Hhhh!  Hhhh!  Hhhh!”  Olivia pants after the worst of the pain.  Her baby delivery plan was to be at Wakeforest County Hospital with their anesthesia gas.  So much for plans.

Olivia Wakeforest has been in active labor for about forty-five minutes, but she is quite far along—with her dilation—that the Midwife thinks that she must have been in some labor earlier in the day.  But now is not the time to question Olivia about if she felt pain earlier, they have no doubt that she is in advanced labor.

Midwife: “Olivia, I can see the head.  So on your next contraction, really push hard!”

Olivia:  “I am pushing hard.  I can’t push any harder.”  Olivia whimpers.

Sam:  “You can do this.  I would trade places with you if I could.”  Sam kneels at Olivia’s side and gently strokes her hair.

Olivia:  “Okay.  Help me up. You’re having these babies for me.” Olivia jests for a moment.

Sam:  Kissing her forehead, Sam smiles lovingly at his wife. “You’re a very brave lady.”  Sam clasps her hand in his and kisses it.

Then the next contraction hits Olivia and Sam comes to know how strong a lady she is as well as her hands grip his hands like a vise.

Olivia: “Aarrgggghh!”

Sam: “Owwwwww!”  Sam yelps with the painful strength of Olivia’s grip during her painful contraction.

Then everything happens very fast.  And not only does the baby’s head pop out, but its shoulders and body follow.”

Midwife:   “I’ve got her!  She’s a sweet little daughter!”  The midwife suctions the baby’s nose and mouth using baby supplies that Olivia had received in her baby shower today.  Then she swiftly but gently taps the baby on her back.

Baby Girl: “Waaahhh!  Waah!”  The baby wails with such clamor that BabyFeetJul1914MSOfcClipArtno one is in doubt that she possesses a really good pair of lungs.  Then Tessa clasps her new niece’s tiny feet [(2) right], then swaddles the baby and shows her to Olivia who kisses her baby’s cheek.

Sam: “May I hold her?”  Sam asks hesitantly.  He thinks that he has held a baby before—one of his brother’s kids.  But that was years ago.

Tessa: “You won’t drop her?”  Tessa narrows her eyes at her brother and first time father.
Sam: “Of course not!”  Sam glowers and Tessa reluctantly relinquishes her baby niece to him.

Securely but gently holding his baby daughter, Sam steps back to allow the ladies to help his wife—knowing that there is another baby yet to come.  He gently lifts his baby daughter up and down in his arms, marveling at how light weight she is—no more than a small bag BabyGirlWakeforestSwaddledinBlanket_Jun1214MSOfcClipArt-sizedof flour.  Yet in his arms is something so precious that he is left speechless. Her baby blue eyes look up [(3) right] at Sam curiously and he realizes that he is a father now. This little life was created by he and Olivia.  Their daughter is the living proof of their love, and he will cherish her and nurture her all the days of his life.  Sam knows that he loves his wife more than anything.  But in this instant—as he offers his pinky finger to his daughter and she grabs onto it with the tiniest fingers imaginable, not even one inch long—Sam knows that his heart also irrevocably belongs to her, their daughter.  And he will see her safe and loved and cared for, until she finds a love of her own—if indeed Sam will consider any man worthy of his sweet baby girl, in twenty or thirty years.

Meanwhile, the Midwife has cleaned up the birthing mess of baby number one for Olivia.  And Olivia is a bit sheepish about it all—this being her first birthing experience.

Olivia: “Sorry.”  Olivia whispers embarrassedly—about her birthy mess.

Midwife: “Not to worry, it happens.”  She assures Olivia.

Sam: “What happens?”  Sam looks up worriedly from letting his sleepy daughter grab his pinky finger.  Sam is not standing at the business end of the bed, but near his wife’s head.

Olivia: “Never mind.”  Olivia pinkens in embarrassment.

Tessa thinks that it is probably unusual for the father to be present during the birth.  And she cannot conceive of her husband Roger performing a similar task.

Then Olivia’s pains return and about twenty efficient minutes later, their baby boy is born.

Baby Boy: “Eeerrrpp!”  The baby burps quite loudly.

After he is cleaned up and swaddled, Sam hands his daughter off to his sister Tessa and then reaches for his baby boy from the midwife.  Sam now marvels at their baby son—a little smaller looking than their daughter, but seemingly heavier.  Sam smiles with pride for he and Olivia to have such a hefty boy as he adoringly gazes over at his beloved wife SleepingBabyBoyWakeforestJun0514MSOfcClipArt-sizedOlivia.  Then Sam leans down and lets Olivia kiss their baby boy who remains fast asleep [(4) right] when he is returned to leaning against his father’s shoulder.  Sam knows that just as with their daughter, their son has carved a place in his heart.  And Sam yearns to teach him about the mountain,  about navigating life, and about the importance of finding and cherishing love.  Sam also hopes to teach both his children about about silly joyous things like tossing a ball, climbing a tree, and skipping stones on a crystal clear lake.

Midwife: “Alright!  Now that we are done with the births, would everyone please step outside while we help make Olivia comfortable?”

It is a request, with the hint of a command underlying it.  There is more cleanup yet to be done with changing the sheets–and they want to give Olivia a sponge bath and change her into a fresh nightgown to make her feel more comfortable.  So Sam kisses his wife’s lips once more—and she kisses each baby.  Then Sam and Tessa walk out to the kitchen where the babies are suitably cooed over by the baby shower guests.


In about twenty minutes, Sam and the babies are invited back into the bedroom with Olivia—just the four of them.  Olivia looks tired, but she seems to be sleeping peacefully as Sam sits down in a nearby chair—one baby in each arm.  But when Olivia hears one of the baby’s make cooing sounds, she wakes up and smiles so beatifically, that Sam cannot help but smile at her in return.

Olivia:  “Our babies!  They’re real.”  Olivia gushes.  “I thought that I had dreamed they had been born.  Please let me hold them.”  Olivia reaches out her arms and Sam hands her their daughter—using a pillow propped under her arm to help support her.  Then he does the same for their son and hands her their other baby.

Sam:  “I am so proud of you, Mrs. Wakeforest!  You were and are amazing!”  Sam leans down and kisses Olivia sweetly.

Olivia: “Well, I had some help.”  She grins.  “I think our babies are the most beautiful babies I have every seen.”

Sam: “I agree.  However, we cannot keep referring to them as just the babies.  They will need names.”

Olivia: “I know.  Are we still sticking by what we agreed upon earlier?  I will name the girls and you will name the boys?”

Sam: “If you like.  Or we can decide together.”  Sam suggests and Olivia nods tiredly.  “What do you wish to name our daughter?

Olivia: “I like Eleanor, after old Nellie, my honorary grandmother.”

Sam: “I like that too.   And how about your first name for her middle name?”

Olivia: “Perhaps the next baby girl we have, we can name Olivia.”

Sam: His eyebrows rise in a teasing way.  “We have just had two children, are they not enough, woman?”

Olivia: “For now.”  Olivia smiles teasingly back.  “I would like her middle name to be Marie, after your sister Tessa Marie.”

Sam: “Oh!”  Sam sighs with tears in his eyes.  “Tessa will be so honored.  Eleanor Marie, Ellie.”

Olivia:  “Ellie, I like that.  And our son?”

Sam gently takes their son into his arms again as Olivia relinquishes him with a small pout.

Sam:  Standing tall and proud, Sam breathes deeply.  “I wish him to be called Daniel.”

Olivia: “After your father?”  Sam nods. “I like it!  And for his middle name?”

Sam: Sam sits on the edge of the bed as he cradles their baby son.  “I have thought long and hard about this.  He is part of both of us, and it is only right that he will bear both our family names and heritages.  I wish him to be called Daniel Delaney Wakeforest.”

Olivia: “Ohhh!”  Olivia tears up.  “Thank you!”  Sam leans down and he and Olivia kiss
sweetly again [(5) right] —being careful not to squish their babies they are holding.

Sam: “Thank you!  The gifts of your love and these precious children were beyond my hoped for imaginings a year ago.”

Olivia: “I know.  I feel the same way.  All my dreams have come true.  I am a wife and a mother and an aunt and a teacher—and I could not be happier!”

Sam: “Nor could I be happier.  These children are our legacy and they will have all the love we have to give them and more.”

Olivia:   “And Sam, I would like to stay with our children while they are little—I don’t want to miss any of their growing up.”

Sam: “Nor do I.  So you want to stop teaching?  We can afford it.  But it is your choice.”

Olivia:  “Perhaps once the children are a year old, I can tutor some children at home–like I did for our niece Alice.  Then when the children start school, I can go back to teach at the Wakeforest County Orphanage School and they can attend there.”

Sam: “That sounds like a fine idea.  And I want to be with my children every day in a meaningful way.”

Olivia: “Even doing diapers?”

Sam: Wrinkling his nose disdainfully, Sam tilts his head. “If you insist.”

Olivia:  “Not insist, suggest.  To truly appreciate the good, one must understand the bad …”

Sam: “Or the poopy, in this case?”  Olivia nods with a knowing smile.  “Very well.”  Sam sighs—pouting half heartedly.

Olivia: “I will hold you to it—diaper duty.”

Sam: “I look forward to it.”

Sam and Olivia kiss again, then the babies seem to be becoming a bit fussy.  And Olivia knows that she needs to try to feed her babies.  So they invite the Midwife back into the bedroom and she helps Olivia with nursing each baby.  And Sam holds the non nursing twin watching on in awe.

Nursing her babies herself gives Olivia a sense of indescribable joy as they eagerly suck the nourishing milk from her breasts. She will love and nurture and guide them to be the good little persons that she knows they will become.  And she wishes for them every happiness that she has known, especially with their father Sam—and every happiness that they will one day wish for themselves.

Finally alone later that evening still at their Hidden Lake Cottage–they will return to their home in Wakeforest tomorrow, but the Midwife felt Olivia needed to rest this night rather than endure a bumpy car ride home–Sam and Olivia delightedly hold their babies as Olivia sings them a lullaby and Sam hums deeply along with her, before putting the babies down to sleep in two blanket cushioned dresser drawers serving as makeshift bassinets.  And then Sam doffs his shoes and outer clothes and slides into bed with his beloved wife Olivia and they drift off to sleep as they cradle each other in their loving arms.  There lives together as parents has only just begun.

To be continued with Chapter 46


References for Ch. 45  by Gratiana Lovelace, July 25, 2016 (Post #943)

1)  The “Love in the Great Pine Woods” story cover is a composite of two images manipped by Grati:
a)  the Richard Armitage portrait is from the 2011 Project Magazine photo shoot and article interview, that was found at http://www.richardarmitagenet.com/images/gallery/Richard/Promos/ProjectMagJuly2011/album/slides/ProjectMag-05.html;
b) the snowy Pine forest vertical image was found on Pinterest at https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/62/fa/ff/62faff1253d55f571eb3659cc7661e73.jpg

2) Image of baby feet is a stock photo from MS Office Clip Art, July 2014

3)  Newborn Baby Girl Wakeforest Swaddled in Blanket Jun1214MSOfcClipArt-sized-crop
4)  Newborn Baby Boy Wakeforest is an MS Office Clip Art stock image from June 2014
5) Image representing Sam and Olivia Wakeforest kissing are Richard Armitage and Daniela Denby-Ashe in North & South-epi4-pix340-Jan0114ranet-Grati-sized-brt-crop2brt


Previous  Blog Ch. 44 Story link with embedded illustrations:




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Richard Armitage New Projects Posters Fever!  July 24, 2016  Gratiana Lovelace (Post #942)

One of the things that I as a fan of the exquisitely talented British actor Richard Armitage enjoy almost as much as his film and tv projects, are the posters that go along with them.  And this past week, we have seen some stunning artwork put out by the production companies for his upcoming Fall/Autumn projects.

1)  Most recently, Richard’s upcoming EPIX produced 10 episode tv show “Berlin Station”—to be broadcast in October/Fall/Autumn of 2016 (via a version posted by Chrissyinwm) gave us an updated banner cover (below) to the “Berlin Station” Facebook page:

BerlinStation--2016--RichardArmitage-in-signature-art-for-show_Jul2316viaBerlinStationCoverThe stunning use of the visual image of Richard Armitage’s face–with a brick texture overlay—gives it a gritty edgy feel.  With his coat collar covering half of his face, it also lends an air of mystery and intrigue to his character of Daniel Miller—a CIA analyst sent into the field in Berlin for his first assignment.  “Trust no one” —perhaps, not even yourself.

And as Cyn@Dainty pointed out on Twitter, the cloaking collar picture composition in the new poster is reminiscent of a Sarah Dunn portrait of Richard Armitage (top left)–with my minimal edit of that image using a brick texturing tool in Photoshop (top right), as well as a color 2011 Project Magazine image (below left) that I brick texture edited (below zoomed in, below right) for comparison (color shows better with the texturizing, IMHO):

RAPortrait--2014--RichardArmitage-and-overcoat-peekaboo-bySarahDunn_July2216viaCyn      RAPortrait--2014--RichardArmitage-and-overcoat-peekaboo-bySarahDunn_July2216viaCyn_GratianaL-bricktexture-edit

RAPortrait--2011--projectmagazinejuly2011richardarmitageportrait07may0612ranetmattholyoakcrop     RAPortrait--2011--projectmagazinejuly2011richardarmitageportrait07may0612ranetmattholyoakcrop_Jul2316GratianaL-bricktexture-crop-clr-edit

So just to whet our interest in “Berlin Station Official Teaser I EPIX” again, here is that jam packed (with pounding rhythm) 30 second teaser trailer again:

2)  And for Richard Armitage’s upcoming NYC Off Broadway play “Love, Love, Love” that is currently in rehearsals, new poster graphics showed a willingness to experiment with an overlay and interplay of colors (off of that earlier garishly bright orange logo, despite my trying to improve upon it. Ha!). The faint light purple background and the deep purple in the first section of images really drew me in for some reason.  Ha!

LoveLoveLove--horiz-poster_Jul2316viaTeresaA     LoveLoveLove--new-multi-colored-poster_Jul1916RoundaboutTheatre

But the overall effect of the color splash is almost like a water color quilt design (example, below left) :

Watercolor-quilt-example-byStitchinTherapy_Jul2316    LoveLoveLove-poster-w-actors-faces_Jul2016-viaFernandaMatias

And, I very much enjoyed Fernanda Matias’ improved and more vibrant  poster edit (above right) that included the actors’ names and faces—thereby tying it more to a specific play and being of more visually interesting:

Notice the placement of the purple is still in my initial eye line at top left, but then across from it at lower right is the red dress of the actresses dress—thus balancing the dominant color shades in the poster.  Then down the middle diagonal from upper right to lower left, we have the calmer color tones of blue and green—with a punch of yellow on the play title’s word text.  Fernanda’s poster edit really grabs me—infusing it with personality with her use of the actor’s images.  Brava!

3)  Finally in comparison to one of Richard Armitages older projects (and also a play), I came across this stunning Richard Armitage as John Proctor in The Crucible at The Old Vic in London poster (photo by Jay Brooks) again in my picture files earlier and nearly I swooned. His bare shoulder jutting toward us is so visceral. This image of his exposed shoulders conveys to me, Proctor’s vulnerability–yet also of his strength of his dignity of character. His visage is one of concentration–and stoicism in the face of his disintegrating world around him. I get chills remembering Richard’s stirring performance as John Proctor. Has it really been two years? Sighhh!


So what do you think about these new “Berlin Station” and “Love, Love, Love” posters?

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Thank god it’s Friday! Car Talk,  July 22, 2016 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #941)

In addition to loving my wonderful hubby, dogs, friends, & family, I wanted one thing that I realized was becoming more of a necessity than a luxury for me:

To hang up my informal hubby chauffeur license

I needed this badly.  Five years ago when my car died, we didn’t replace it—and we just consolidated using my hubby’s compact car for the both of us.  So in addition to the midday doggie lunch run from campus that I do four days a week, I added in an early morning 6am hubby to work drive—necessitating my waking at 5:15am to shower and such.  Then I would repeat the hubby run at the end of the day to return him home after my work day at campus.

I love my hubby and our car chats.  But the toll on me with of all the extra driving and longer days, four days every week of the year was running up against my age and my health issues.  And trying to schedule each of us having multiple activities, makes having only one car shared by my hubby and I complicated.  So despite our liking lessening our carbon footprint by only having one car—since my hubby would ride his bike to campus once or twice a week in good weather—a second car became less of a luxury.

But here’s the thing.  When we started car shopping last week, I said that my basic needs were a car with automatic transmission and air conditioning.  AC is big with me—asthma girl, here.  I stated that I didn’t need any of the fancy newer car technology.  Keyless entry and push button car starting?  Nah! Power car seat adjustments?  Heated seats?  Leather seats? No way!  Navigational mapping?  Back up camera? Now that’s just silly!  Blue tooth radio and cell phone for hands free talking?  Seriously? Isn’t that still distracted driving?  Etc. The list of newer car technologies is dizzying and perplexing.  Who needs all that? And if you don’t need it, why pay for it?  Give me car air conditioning and an automatic transmission any day of the week.

Riiiight!  I am now sheepishly eating crow as my newer used car sits on our driveway.  At least the gas door on it isn’t locked electronically, you just pop it open.  In our defense, a used but very nice (loaded as my hubby says) car just happened to become available—and it was much less expensive than anything else we had looked at, with rock bottom interest rates.

It was surreal.  I almost felt like Eve being enticed with the apple as my shaky hands reached to sign the car loan agreements.  Would I be going against my previous lower carbon footprint, green hugging, luxury eschewing ways by accepting this car?  Should I have instead, stuck with my usual basic used car?

As my hubby rationalized, the backup camera is a must for me.  And he means that in a caring way, not derisively—since I am a short person who can’t see the end of my car–with the way some of the car design elements get in the way.

And the rest of my newer used car’s technology?  I will try not to corrupt myself.  Who am I kidding?  If you want to ride with me, you must empty your pockets and stow any sharp objects and ink pens in the trunk, right next to my transport wheelchair—I’ll have bins for you to stow your stuff like they do at the airport.  Then you may sit on the seat rug/mat/towel—to protect the seats—and enjoy the air conditioning.  *wink*

P.S.  I wonder if this guy would like a lift?  He looks like he could use the air conditioning.

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Man Crush Monday!  Hellooooo Monday! Richard Armitage Style!   July 18, 2016 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #940)

Richard Armitage France kindly wished/tweeted everyone goodnight/ bonne nuit Sunday Evening. Merci!  <heart>

Yet to me, this Richard Armitage 2014 interview image–with his UATSC Chop ponytail discreetly tucked behind him–also invites a hello and good morning!  Hellooooo Richard Armitage!   Sighhhhh!   *THUD*

Hope you have a great start to your week! Cheers! Grati ;->

P.S. I/Grati resized and slightly brightened the original image.

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Something About Love blog by Gratiana Lovelace Hits 500,000 views!  July 16, 2016 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #939)

By the time you read this, my little blog here called Something About Love will have reached 500,000 views!  Ah!  Here we go:




I know!  I can’t believe it!  Neither can the couple at right by RCA.  Ha!  Shock (him)! RAPortrait--2016--NightCruiseSingingSelfie_Mar2616RCAtweet
Mortification (her)!  Dumbfounded to say the least!   And thanks to Armitage Agonistes for the original image above (my/Grati edit)!

And as my dear sweet hubby said—always putting things into perspective—500K is a good sized town.  Ha!  Or I might say–if we had a way to analyze it–probably the number of exclamation points (!) used by me, thus far, to date.  Then again, 500K could be a conservative figure.  *wink*

And all I can say to you, as you visit here, is …  a heartfelt thank you!  Thank you for your comments, your likes, your support and encouragement of my stories and essays, and most especially, for your friendship!

Hugs & Cheers!  Grati  ;->
P.S. Oh and every benchmark moment has to have a little more Richard Armitage in it. Ha! So enjoy!

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Richard Armitage announces that he will star in Love, Love, Love, July 14, 2016 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #938)

What is a fangirl to do?  She has a post already written and ready to build, then the exquisitely talented British Actor Richard Armitage shares his big big big NYC theatre news.  Switch gears, of course!  Ha!

Here is what we know:

Richard Armitage announced via Twitter that he will star in the NYC Off Broadway Roundabout Theatre play Love Love Love:

Screenshots are so helpful—especially these days when tweets are so … ephemeral.  *wink*


And here is the Roundabout Theatre tweet:

The Roundabout Theatre’s sight also shared a brief opening plot synopsis:

“London, 1967. Beatlemania is in full effect, the “Me” generation is in its prime and Kenneth and Sandra have the world at their fingertips. It’s the summer of love, and that’s all they need. But what will happen when the sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll fade away and these boomers have babies of their own?”


Richard also shared links to the Broadway World site’s article about the play that shows the five character lead cast:
LoveLoveLove--play--article-inBroadwayWorldCom_Jul1316viaRCAtweetThe Love, Love, Love play cast are (left to right above, not as listed below):  Zoe Kazan, Alex Hurt, Richard Armitage, Amy Ryan, and Ben Rosenfield.

“Roundabout Theatre Company (Todd Haimes, Artistic Director) is thrilled to announce the complete cast of Mike Bartlett’s (King Charles III) new play, Love, Love Love, directed by Michael Mayer. The cast includes Richard Armitage (The Hobbit), Alex Hurt (Cat on a Hot Tin Roof), Zoe Kazan (The Seagull), Ben Rosenfield (“Boardwalk Empire”) and two-time Tony nominee Amy Ryan (“The Office,” A Streetcar Named Desire). The production is part of Roundabout’s 50th Anniversary Season.

Love, Love, Love begins preview performances on September 22, 2016 and opens officially on October 19, 2016 at the Laura Pels Theatre at the Harold and Miriam Steinberg Center for Theatre. This is a limited engagement Off-Broadway through December 18, 2016.”

And, not to be outdone, the gold standard—or at least, silver—The Hollywood Reporter also shares the tweet with their Love, Love, Love play article link (with pictures left to right of Armitage, Kazan, and Ryan):

And assuming the play’s director Michael Meyer doesn’t Yankicize the play, Brit Richard Armitage will get to use his British accent.  Sighhh!  Oh, and here is some basic plot info:

“The play begins in a North London flat in the late 1960s amid a haze of rock and reefer, then skips forward to cover four decades, reflecting on the changing political, economic and social realities of a world that steers the baby-boomer generation from passion to paranoia.”

Okay, the play’s plot is a bit more complicated than that.  But hey!  Its THR, they do films mostly.  And the film industry likes concise marketing taglines.  So a Love, Love, Love’s play marketing tagline could be, hipsters become oldsters with youngsters?

And then Broadway com also shared an article about the play Love, Love, Love—featuring Richard Armitage and Amy Ryan:

“The London-set play weaves through four decades to tell the story of Kenneth (Armitage) and Sandra (Ryan), who connect over their love for marijuana and rock (amongst other things) when Sandra goes on a date with Kenneth’s brother Henry (Hurt) in the late 1960s. Some 23 years later, the two baby boomers struggle to maintain the bonds of marriage and parenthood.”

And, of course, a new Richard Armitage project isn’t complete without a fan made poster (by moi):

P.S.  My great thanks to TeresaA and Perry at her Armitage Agonistes blog for pointing me back to twitter for this RA news!  I had *gasp* not checked it yet today.  Ha!

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“Love in the Great Pine Woods”, Ch. 44 (PG-13, D):   Mother Nature,  July 12, 2016 by Gratiana Lovelace (Post #937)

0aaaa-Love-in-the-Great-Pine-Woods_story-cover_Jul1116byGratianaLovelace_250x160lrev8(An original story copyrighted by Gratiana Lovelace; all rights reserved)  [(1) story cover, left]

[From time to time, I will illustrate my story characters with:  Richard Armitage as Sam Wakeforest, Marcia Gay Harden as Sam’s older sister Tessa Wakeforest Shoop Delaney, and Emily Deschanel as Tessa’s sister-in-law Olivia Delaney Wakeforest, Viola Davis as Pauletta Perkins, Cicely Tyson as Nellie Newton, Anna Sophia Robb as Alice Trent, Kevin Spacey as Roger Delaney, Sam Heughan as Todd Wakeforest, Idris Elba as Dominic Perkins, the late Polly Holliday as the Waitress Madge, Donald Sutherland as Aldus Warren, Teri Polo as Lillian Warren, and Ewan McGregor as David Warren,  and others as noted.]

Author’s Content Note: “Love in the Great Pine Woods” is a mature love story with dramatic themes of love and relationships.  It will mostly be at the PG and PG-13 movie levels. Specific chapters or passages may have a further rating of:  L for language, D for dramatic emotions, and S for sensual themes.  And I will rate the chapters accordingly. If you are unable or unwilling to attend a movie with the ratings that I provide for a chapter, then please do not read that chapter. This is my disclaimer.  And as is my habit, I will summarize the previous chapter’s events at the beginning of the next chapter.

Author’s Recap from the Previous Chapter:  The Hidden Lake cottage location for Olivia Delaney Wakeforest’s twins baby shower proved to be a terrifying choice by her sister-in-law Tessa Wakeforest Shoop Delaney as bears invade the cabin’s property.   And Kevin and then also Sam Wakeforest must fend off a very large 400 pound enraged male bear ready to pounce upon a mother bear who it had fought earlier over the mother bear protecting her baby cub bear.  Then Olivia’s water breaks a month early—out at her and her husband Sam’s Hidden Lake cottage


“Love in the Great Pine Woods”, Ch. 44:  Mother Nature

Not knowing that his wife Olivia’s water has broken and that she has gone into labor not twenty yards from him inside their Hidden Lake Cottage, Sam Wakeforest and his brother Kevin are focused upon the two bears before them.  Though an injured bear can often be a dangerous bear, they realized that the smaller adult bear had been in a vicious fight with the larger male bear—and come out on the losing end.  So the brothers did the only thing they could do to save everyone’s lives.  They both shot their rifles at the enraged male bear heading to finish off the smaller female bear.

Standing over the dead male bear, Sam Wakeforest checks the bear’s ear tags for identification.  Not all bears are able to be tagged on the mountain.  But this bear is tagged.  And the code number on the tag indicates the year the bear was tagged, its approximate age at the time, and location.  And Sam knows this bear.

Sam:  “You see that marking between his ears?  This fellow was one of the first bears that I tagged on the Mountain when I returned from the war ten years ago.”

Kevin: “I don’t remember his markings.”

Sam: “No, William was with me.  We had gone into their hibernation cave in mid Winter.”  The best time to tag bears since they are usually lethargic and less of a threat.   “He was not yet an adult bear then.”

Sam mourns the necessity of needing to kill the bear to save another bear’s life and their own lives.  Sam and Kevin roll the dead bear onto a tarp and load it into Sam’s truck bed.  It will be transferred to the State Natural Resources facility in Valley View 60 miles away.  The bear’s body will be autopsied to ascertain the state of its overall health at its death—both for disease as well as nutrition and such.  Learning what this bear can tell them about its life and habitat might help them manage the other bears on Wakeforest Mountain.

Sam closes the back gate on his truck after they placed the dead bear inside.

Kevin:  “Did you name him?”

Sam:  “No. Ha.” Sam shake his head.  “There is no point to naming something that I’m not likely ever to see again in my life time.”

Kevin: “Except Majestic?”

Sam:  “Except Majestic.”  Sam nods with finality.

Then the two men turn their attention to the smaller wounded bear on the edge of the forest.  Though the female bear is conscious—the men, as of yet, have not seen the baby bear cub so they do not realize this is a nursing mother—it is in no shape to fight them, nor find its baby bear cub, let alone, crawl away into the woods.

Kevin carefully checks the smaller wounded Brown bear [(2)] for ear tags—which also clue them into the sex of the animal, without them having to endanger themselves by doing a visual inspection should the bear have a sudden surge of strength.

Kevin: “It’s a female—about eight years old.  And it’s nursing based on the size of its teats.  It must have a cub around somewhere.”  Kevin looks around.

Sam: “Ah!  The mother defending her cub from an attacking male wanting to mate with her.”  Sam shakes his head.  “The male bear probably already killed it. Natures’ way—removing competition for its potential offspring’s survival.”  Sam recounts soberly.  Yet why was she trying so hard to get to his property, he wonders?

Kevin:  “She looks to be in a bad way.  Do we relocate her, or put her out of her misery and load her on the truck with the other one?”

Perhaps sensing her life was being discussed, the mama bear focuses her eyes on them.

Sam: “Step back!”  He hisses.  Bears can be dangerous when injured—and even more so when protecting their young.

Kevin: “Whoa!  I thought she was out cold.”

Sam:  “She needs medical attention.”

Kevin: “And just where is she supposed to get it?”  Kevin asks incredulously.  “This is a bear, not a person.”

Sam: “I have my tranquilizer dart gun with me.  I’ll give her the lowest dose—just to make her comfortable and woozy for the hour long trip to the State Natural Resources Facility.  They can patch her up there.  Then in a week or so, we can reintroduce her to the Mountain habitat.”

But then, the Mama bear turns her head and looks at the two men again–in a calm and focused way—as if she wanted to communicate something.   Yet, her being too weakend from blood loss and the pain of her injuries to do anything more.  The look in the bear’s eyes is a bit unnerving to Sam as he goes to his truck to collect his tranquilizer dart gun and set the proper low dosage.

Then Sam gently administers the tranquilizer dart into the female bear’s buttocks whilst he and his brother Kevin stand about twenty feet away.  The bears usually fight the tranquilizer—sensing that something has happened to them—and this bear is no different, as it half heartedly thrashes about for a few minutes.

Staring down at the now much calmer, but still awake female bear, Sam and Kevin Wakeforest do not notice their niece Alice Delaney walk up behind them carrying the bear cub.  Alice had walked out the back door of the cottage after watching what Sam and Kevin were doing through the front windows.  Everyone else is bustling around Olivia and her labor and delivery needs.

Alice:  “Did you kill the Mama bear?”  She asks mournfully.

Sam: “Damn!  Don’t sneak up on a person.”

Alice: “Sorry Uncle Sam.”

Sam:  “And no, we didn’t kill the Mother bear.  I tranqed her for the trip to the Natural Resources facility in Valley View for medical attention.”

The Mama bear’s eyes are riveted to Alice holding her baby bear cub.  Sniffing for her baby cub’s scent, knowing that is her baby bear cub.

Kevin looks back and for the between the Mama bear and Alice holding the baby bear cub.

Kevin:  “I think we have a match!”  Kevin gestures to the two bears.

Alice: “Ohhh!  Look!  She recognizes her baby bear cub.”  Alice gushes.  Then she lifts the baby bear cub’s arm and flops it up and down.  “Wave to your Mama.”

Sam:  Taking the baby bear cub from his niece, he admonishes her.  “That will be enough of that, Alice.  Wild animals are not pets—nor do they become them.  They are feral creatures–especially, grizzly bears [(3)] .  I will set the cub near its mother and then maybe she will succumb to the tranquilizer that I gave her.”

Almost instantly after Sam does this, the Mother Bear cuddles her baby bear cub in her arms.  And the baby bear clings to his mother bear.  And the mother bear falls asleep contentedly—as does the baby bear cub.  So they use another tarp and wrap up the mother bear—with Alice once again carrying the baby bear cub behind to the truck.

Kevin: “Sam?  I’ll take the bears to Valley View in your truck. You can take my truck at the Lumber Mill until I get back.”  The two men swap car keys.  “I’ll drop you there, then you can drive back up here to take Olivia home after her shower.  We can swap back keys and cars later.”

Alice: “But Uncle Sam, what about Aunt Olivia?”

Sam: “Right!  Of course.  Kevin, let me me make sure Olivia isn’t having a panic attack about the attacking bear, and then we can go.”  Though she hasn’t had an attack  in quite a while.

Alice :  “You can’t leave, Uncle Sam.”   His niece beseeches plaintively.  “Aunt Olivia needs you.”  Alice hands the baby bear cub to her Uncle Kevin.

Sam: “What do you mean?” He worries that his wife Olivia is having  a panic attack.

Alice: “She is in labor and going to birth the twins early!”  She squeals in delight—Alice not realizing that her Aunt Olivia giving birth to twins early in a cottage in the forest on Wakeforest Mountain is not the best medical option.

Sam sprints for his cottage—to head to his wife Olivia.

To be continued with Chapter 45


References for Ch. 44  by Gratiana Lovelace, July 12, 2016 (Post #937)

1)  The “Love in the Great Pine Woods” story cover is a composite of two images manipped by Grati:
a)the Richard Armitage portrait is from the 2011 Project Magazine photo shoot and article interview, that was found at http://www.richardarmitagenet.com/images/gallery/Richard/Promos/ProjectMagJuly2011/album/slides/ProjectMag-05.html;
b) the snowy Pine forest vertical image was found on Pinterest at https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/62/fa/ff/62faff1253d55f571eb3659cc7661e73.jpg 

2) For information about brown bears, you can visit http://www.nhptv.org/natureworks/grizzly.htm

3)  For information about grizzly bears, you can visit http://westernwildlife.org/grizzly-bear-outreach-project/biology-behavior/


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