Strike Back Origins Starring Richard Armitage as John Porter Begins Showing in the U.S., October 19, 2013 Gratiana Lovelace (Post #459)

Yayyyyy!  “Strike Back Origin”–a six part miniseries originally titled Chris Ryan’s Strike SBPromoDVDCover-35-RichardArmitageasJohnPorterOct1913ranetBack that aired on Sky1 in 2010–with British actor Richard Armitage starring as SAS Agent John Porter [center, image right] is finally showing in the U.S.

RANet has more info about the “Strike Back Origins’” broadcast and links in their October 19th News post for today–with interview caps noted to follow tomorrow.

Update!  The You  Tube video promo below shows Richard Armitage graciously promoting this six part series (thanks to M.I. Rogers of It’s an RA World for the link):

Original video with other info is found at:

Why was Richard Armitage gracious in the video interview?  Because as you saw in the video above, SB series director Daniel Percival does a copious amount of attempting to link Strike Back Origins–touted as a prequel, when Armitage’s SB was the original series adapted from Chris Ryan’s book Strike Back–to the subsequently U.S. made Cinemax versions of the series that were much more violent (needlessly so), and prurient.

But still, knowing a good thing in having Strike Back Origins’ Richard Armitage now starring as Thorin Oakenshield in the  wildly successfully The Hobbit Trilogy of films –and costar Andrew Lincoln starring in The Walking Dead–marketers for the whole Strike Back series are working in overdrive to gain a larger share of the U.S. audience.  So SAS Agent John Porter complexly portrayed by Richard Armitage will finally have his U.S. debut. [image below] It’s about time!


Here is a link to one of my earliest Richard Armitage career posts, “Strike Back’s John Porter:  Man of Honor”.  And here is a link to a later John Porter essay of mine, “Strike Back Saturday:  Richard Armitage ‘Fakes It’ Authentically while Portraying John Porter.”

P.S. And great thanks to M.I. Rogers who pointed me to her Its an RA World post with the original link to the Cinemax site for :Strike Back Origins” promo interview with Richard Armitage.  Snap!

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  2. Oct. 19, 2013–Ooooh! And M.I. Rogers made a gif of Richard in the SBO interview, too:


  3. Thank you, Grati. *curtseys* :-D


  4. phylly3 says:

    He is not only gracious, but also pretty cheeky! I enjoyed how he looked to be having fun with this interview! The whole “origins” retitle is kind of silly anyway.


    • Giggles Phyll3,
      I agree with you about RA being “cheeky”–he is such an imp with his sense of humor, not quite off color, but with a wink. The whole jest about him pranking the AD about RA saying he would actually put the knife up his bum, was hilarious!

      And the whole “Origins” titling is bizarre–especially when RA’s Strike Back series is so much more a compelling drama, rather than what followed after it. The subsequent series pales in comparison to SBO, IMHO.
      Cheers! Grati ;->


  5. Reblogged this on DistRActed musings of one ReAlity and commented:
    It’s about time! Love this new interview where Richard recalls filming Strike Back and is a cheeky devil. Please someone cast him in a rom com!


    • Hi Fanny,
      Thanks for the reblog! I wholeheartedly agree with you about finding a Rom Com for RA. Richard Armitage’s liltingly humorous side needs to be explored more on film. The man is a goldmine of filmic possibilities!
      Cheers! Grati ;->


  6. What a cheeky devil he is in that interview! He’s ready for a rom com I say :)


  7. Oct. 20, 2013–Update: M.I. Rogers shared the link for the Cinemax interview that is on You Tube. So I embedded it in my post above. Thanks!

    Here is M.I. Rogers blog post with the You Tube link:

    Please give her some love.


  8. Oct. 20, 2013–Incisive anaylsis by Armitage Agonistes blogger about a section of the interview that she saw where Richard Armitage became uncomfortable.


  9. Oct. 21, 2013–The Huffington Post has an article about Strike Back Origins (rather too much Andrew Lincoln mentioned and pictured for my tastes, ha!):

    And a link to a tv promo (needs more Armitage in it, but it’s darn fine what we do see of him):


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